Enzo Amore Busted Open On Raw [PHOTOS]

Enzo Amore was busted open on Raw during a Cruiserweight Championship match and it seemingly led to the end of the bout.

Cedric Alexander recently won the right to face Enzo Amore for the Cruiserweight Championship by defeating Drew Gulak. The title match was actually supposed to take place last week, however due to Amore being absent from both Raw and 205 Live thanks to a legitimate illness, the bout had to be put on hold and instead Alexander took his frustrations out on Gulak.

Despite being removed from the Mixed Match Challenge, which doesn't begin for another week and might have suggested Amore was going to be out for a while, the title match took place this past Monday night on Raw. It really was a bout that could have gone either way considering the wave of momentum Alexander is riding right now, however Muscles Marinara is still 205 Live's champion.

The challenger was actually the winner of the match though, and the only reason he doesn't have the title right now is because Amore couldn't answer a ten count. Unfortunately a championship can't change hands via a count out, unless there's a specific stipulation stating otherwise, and despite Amore's heelish mannerisms it doesn't seem like that's how he wanted things to go down. Alexander landed on the champ after diving out of the ring, buckling Amore's ankle in the process.

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Despite all of that action and controversy none of it was the stand out moment of the match. That came briefly before when Smacktaker Skywalker took an extremely stiff kick to the head. When Amore recovered from the kick it became clear very quickly that he had been busted wide open. Just seconds later there was blood pouring down the champ's face. In fact there was so much blood that even the announcers couldn't ignore it, something they try desperately to do in the present day.

Amid the chaos that was the ending of the Cruiserweight Championship match on Monday night it appeared as if the cut above Amore's eye might have been an intentional one. The recognition of it combined with the count out ending made it seem that way. The segment shortly after focusing on the former NXT star's 'busted' ankle however proved otherwise. The blood was simply the result of a misplaced kick leading to a nasty cut.


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