Enzo Amore Cuts Promo After Losing His Voice

Enzo Amore didn't let the fact that he had no voice stop him from cutting one of his signature promos pre-match at TLC on Sunday.

The Cruiserweight Championship picture has been shaken up somewhat in the last couple of weeks. Enzo Amore had the title and was scheduled to defend it against Kalisto at TLC, then Neville walking out threw WWE's plans up in the air so that the TLC match was moved ahead and the luchador took the gold from Muscles Marinara on Raw instead. That meant Amore was the challenger at TLC on Sunday night instead of walking in as champion.

Amore wasn't just a challenger for long, of course, and following his match on Sunday night, he is now the Cruiserweight Champion once again. Smacktalker Skywalker continued his recent heel facade and facilitated a thumb to the eye into his arsenal while the referee's back was turned. As newsworthy as crowning a new champion is, it wasn't the only attention-grabbing aspect of Amore's match with Kalisto at TLC.


Something you're guaranteed with an Amore match is a killer promo. Well, the new champ delivered that both before his title match and after his win on Sunday night despite losing his voice. The now two-time Cruiserweight Champ clearly struggled to give his usual schtick before the bout, but that was never going to stop him. It also didn't stop him from rubbing salt into Kalisto's wounds after the match was done.

Many fans may have been shocked when they heard Amore's voice at TLC, especially with the virus making its way through the Raw locker room, causing multiple changes to Sunday's pay-per-view card. Well, rest assured that if Amore was showing any symptoms of what rendered Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt housebound, then they would not have let him within 50 miles of the building in Minneapolis on Sunday night.

Amore loves to talk. So much so, in fact, that he'll shout insults to the WWE Universe and his opponents through a microphone even if it causes him pain in the process. Now that he's champion once again, you can rest assured that there will only be more croaky promos from Amore on Raw and 205 Live this coming week.


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