Enzo Amore Makes His Debut On 205 Live

WWE’s 205 Live cruiserweight show has been the low-man on the totem pole of WWE shows. When compared to Raw and SmackDown, the ratings have been bad and back in May WrestlingNewsWorld.com reported that it had even fallen out of the list of top 20 most watched shows on the WWE Network itself.

Well, the company seems to hope that adding the Certified G to the show will boost its fortunes because last night, after SmackDown, Enzo Amore made his 205 Live debut, making 205 Live, as he put it before dropping the mic, “the realest show in the room!”

via: wwe.com

While this could be good for 205 Live, it could also be very good for Amore. Ever since his tag-team partner, Big Cass, turned on him a couple months ago, Amore hasn’t been much more than a punching bag and a rag doll for Cass to beat up and throw around – a tradition that continued at SummerSlam last Sunday night when Amore escaped from the confines of the shark cage hanging above the ring during the Big Cass v. Big Show match and got himself knocked out in about 30 seconds.


Also, even if he wanted to continue getting knocked out and thrown around by Big Cass every Monday night, that would have to be put on hold for a while due to the injury Cass suffered during their Brooklyn Street Fight match a couple nights ago.

Big Cass tore his ACL and the WWE has confirmed, on their website, that Cass will undergo surgery this week for what WWE ringside physician DR. Chris Robinson describes as “a typical ACL tear takes about nine months [to recover from].”

On last night’s edition of 205 Live, Neville regained his Cruiserweight Title by defeating Akira Tozawa. Following the victory, the King of the Cruiserweights was cutting a promo in the middle of the ring when, to the overwhelming delight of the fans in the Barclays Center, Amore’s music hit and out came Enzo with a “how you doin’?” to the crowd and Neville and 205 Live!


Neville didn’t bite and instead just turned around and walked out of the ring. But Amore and the entire crowd hit Neville with an “S-A-W-F-T” as he walked out so it looks like they are hinting at an Amore/Neville feud right off the bat, which would put Enzo in the Cruiserweight title picture right away.

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