Enzo Amore Forced To Change Hilarious Driver's License Signature

WWE superstar Enzo Amore is a certified G and bonafide stud, and you can't teach that. Fellow wrestlers and fans have learned that he's the coolest guy in the room, but the state of Delaware apparently has not.

On his Instagram page, Amore posted a video and ranted about the state of Delaware, who asked him to change the signature on his drivers license. Amore claimed his phone has been "ringing off the hook," from the state. You can watch the full video below:

Amore also claims that he's been using the same signature since he was a kid. He also shared a photo, showing his signature more clearly while also telling the world how he responded to them:

With all due respect to Amore, the state of Delaware may have a point here. The signature appears to read "W.D.," even though his real life name is Eric Arndt. Nonetheless, this hasn't stopped the realest champ in the room from fighting for his own rights.

The certified G is known for standing his own ground and getting into quite heated arguments outside of the ring. Earlier this year, Roman Reigns kicked Amore off a tour bus for reportedly talking smack about the company on the phone. Amore was also given his own locker room and told to stay away from fellow superstars who have grown tired of his antics.

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Despite Amore's habit of getting into drama (be it with his coworkers or the state of Delaware), the creative team loves what they have in the Cruiserweight Champion. Since breaking up with long-time tag team partner Big Cass (who's recovering from a torn ACL), Amore has been pushed to lead the Cruiserweight divison.

With great pushes and championships come great responsibility. For Amore, that great responsibility seems to mean fighting for the right to keep the signature on his drivers license.


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