Enzo Amore Says He's Hardest Worker in WWE

WWE Cruiserweight Champion Enzo Amore has come under a lot of fire for his attitude backstage, which has reportedly caused a lot of tension between him and other members of the locker room.

Amore's beef with some co-workers appears to be so serious that he was banned from the company's locker room. Amore did add that he has his own locker and that he "don't talk to nobody."

And it doesn't appear as though Amore has plans to stop running his mouth any time soon, even if it's on social media.

As you can see, Amore calls himself the" hardest working man in the WWE." That's sure to the light a fire under the bellies of some other wrestlers who have personal heat with Amore.

Muscles Marinara hasn't stopped bragging about himself despite a number of incidents with other stars. Over the summer, it was reported that Roman Reigns kicked Amore off a tour bus, though details weren't immediately made clear of the incident and why it happened.

It was later reported by Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Newsletter (subscription required_ that Amore was "saying something perceived as negative about the wrestling business, as well as bragging about the money he makes." That's what caused the Big Dog to take action and stand up for the company, it appears.

Amore is fortunate that the WWE has pushed him to lead the Cruiserweight Division ever since his breakup with Big Cass. Thus far, Amore has done fine faring in singles competition, while Cass continues to recover from a legitimate ACL tear he suffered in a match two months ago.

If Amore doesn't start playing nice in the locker room, it'll be interesting to see if the WWE has no choice but to let him go. But Amore probably isn't worried about that, which is why he's been running his mouth so much in recent weeks.

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