5 Things Enzo Amore's Heat Made Us Realize

If it isn't one thing with Enzo Amore it's another. He's become the Miley Cyrus, the Lindsay Lohan or the Danny Bonaduce of the WWE (well, maybe that last one isn't fair). The bottom line is, Amore is getting press for all the wrong reasons, and the last bit of news to come out about the trash-talking WWE Superstar is that he's already irked the talent on 205 Live and he's only been a part of the show for two weeks.

Despite all the press surrounding Amore, the WWE placed him front and center in a lot of their programming. Most assumed Amore is barely treading water but is everyone wrong? How can a guy so widely viewed as terrible at wrestling, annoying, and isolated be such a focal point of two shows?

Here are 5 Things Enzo's Heat Made Us Realize.

5. Enzo Sucks As A Wrestler

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Where there's smoke there is often fire. Far too many people have come out to suggest that Amore is about the worst in-ring talent in the company, and while the WWE Universe has known for a while that he's not the best the industry has to offer inside the squared-circle, many might not have realized just how poorly he's thought of as a wrestler.

Chris Jericho, Shawn Daivari, X-Pac, and others have gone on record to discuss his ability, and that for all the talking Amore does, he needs a wake-up call.

4. The Boys Are Quick To Out One Of Their Own

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If you can't keep up or you don't abide by the unwritten rules of the WWE and its locker room, you can expect people will trash your reputation and rather quickly. Amore hasn't seemed to learn that by saying the things he says on social media or running his mouth behind the scenes, he's making enemies and these enemies will out him as a fraud and not one of the boys.

The hope by these other wrestlers both past and present must be that in doing so, the WWE realizes it can't keep a talent employed that is hated by almost everyone. They don't appreciate having to lower themselves to a certain standard.


3. The WWE Doesn't Seem To Care

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They say any press is good press, and in the case of the WWE, that might be true. Amore caught heat for spending thousands of dollars on his ring attire and shoes, but the WWE promoted it with a story on WWE.com. He spent $10K to say the Mayweather versus McGregor fight and WWE issued a press release on it.

Everyone seems to hate Amore except the WWE who continues to focus on him during Raw and now 205 Live. In fact, they're pushing him as a contender. Perhaps Amore learned that the short-term attention he's getting outweighs the potential long-term downside of being ostracised by the locker room.


2. Talking Means More Than Wrestling

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If Amore is as bad at wrestling as they say he is, why is he still so popular with the fans? Even when he's on the verge of annoying, he still receives one of the biggest pops of the night for any show he's on and the WWE Universe hangs on every word.

His gift of gab is making him money, and he intends to use that skill to continue cashing checks. Even if he loses nine out of 10 matches, he can talk his way into being considered watchable. For any other superstar, it would spell the end. For some reason, Enzo's skillset makes you believe his career isn't nearly over.


1. Enzo Just Doesn't Care

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Enzo Amore doesn't care about anyone or anything that isn't Enzo. He bashed his former partner after a legit injury, he posted pics of himself spending crazy money, bragged about wearing thousands of dollars worth of ring gear, would wear out a $10k pair of shoes by wearing them to the ring if he could, and doesn't give two $h!t$ about who he offends along the way.

There is something to admire there even if it means his career may be short-lived should he wear out his welcome. He seems to view this opportunity as once in a lifetime, and he intends to make the most of it. Maybe he's got the right frame of mind and everyone else is just nuts.

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