Enzo Amore Went To INSANE Lengths To Try And Be On Raw

Though Enzo Amore missed Raw this week, no one can say the Cruiserweight Champion didn't try.

It's been quite a while since the wrestling world has had such a charismatic wrestler as Enzo Amore, who fits the larger than life character perfectly. He was destined to hold a belt in the WWE, and his time came just in time last year when he won the Cruiserweight belt. Everything seems to be going Amore's way so far. He has a championship and an apparent on-screen love interest with Nia Jax. He must be under a tremendous amount of pressure with all of the attention he is getting, especially from Nia Jax.

Amore's charisma is not the only thing that is noticeable about him. Along with his intensity in the ring, it has apparently carried over into real life. According to PWInsider, Enzo Amore more than likely has the most amazing work ethic of any WWE wrestler. He is so much into his character it spilled over into his real-life past Monday as the flu season is among us.



What Enzo Amore did was downright insane this past Monday night. Conspicuous by his absence, or lack thereof, Enzo Amore made an attempt to appear on Monday Night Raw this past Monday in Miami. Before the show began, Enzo Amore was sick with Influenza at Jackson Memorial/UM Hospital in Miami. He recorded himself on Instagram with tubes in his arm and sticking his tongue out at the camera while laying on a gurney. He then does the most insane act of employee loyalty ever. Amore checked himself out of the hospital. He hopped into his car and even had enough strength to cut a promo on Cedric Alexander in his car while making his way to the arena.

The WWE took advantage of Amore's on-screen absence which involved Nia Jax and Alexa Bliss. As the humor between Nia Jax and her best friend forever Alexa Bliss was going on for millions to see, what we did not see was Enzo Amore being turned away by doctors at this past Monday's Raw. In his Instagram video, Amore is seen sitting in a parking garage saying that doctors would not allow him to come inside of the American Airlines Arena. He then cuts another promo on Cedric Alexander saying that is was "the luckiest day of your life".

It seems like a little kayfabe soup from Nia Jax might help Enzo Amore heal after all. It would be hilarious to see if the WWE shows Amore's Instagram footage on Raw next week. It would be even more hilarious if Enzo Amore actually showed his encounter with the doctors at the American Airlines Arena.


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