Enzo Amore Flirts With Nia Jax On Twitter, Jax Responds

This week's Monday Night Raw saw some rather unusual character development in play for one of WWE's smaller men and its most physically-imposing female Superstar. Right after WWE Cruiserweight Champion Enzo Amore scolded Noam Dar and Ariya Daivari for losing a Fatal Four-Way match on last week's Raw and pep-talked 'Zo Train allies Drew Gulak and Tony Nese for their own upcoming four-way match, he was approached by Nia Jax who gave the Certified G a flirtatious look before asking him how he was doing. It appears that this may be the start of a possible team-up and/or kayfabe romance, with Amore and Jax's recent Twitter exchange seemingly starting where they left off on television.

As noted by WrestleZone, the sparks continued flying between Amore and Jax after Enzo made reference to Nia’s “not like most girls” tag line on Twitter, saying that “all girls wanna be with a champion.” This was followed up by a tweet from Jax, who merely replied about 10 minutes later with two eyeball emojis.


By the looks of things, the above exchange was a perfect showcase of both Superstars' contrasting personalities –  Amore being the loudmouthed little heel who runs at the first sight of danger, and Jax being the strong and silent butt-kicker. But could this be a case of "opposites attract" for Enzo and Nia? According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter's Dave Meltzer (c/o Sportskeeda), it might be, as WWE is apparently having Jax in a "comedy/romance angle" with Amore to keep her busy, while newcomers Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville are given a better chance of getting over as two-thirds of Paige's new Absolution faction.

A look at Jax's Twitter feed suggests that the WWE Universe isn't loving what could be the start of a storyline relationship with Amore. One fan said that he'd rather see Jax winning the Raw Women's Championship, while another, possibly happy as well that Matt Hardy finally got "woken" on Monday Night Raw, reacted with a GIF of The Hardy Boyz and Reby Sky doing the "delete" gesture in a TNA ring. Yet another fan suggested that Jax should Samoan Drop Amore through not just one, but three tables.

via sportskeeda.com

On one end, the passionate reactions of the fans mentioned above are a sign that Enzo Amore's heel act as Cruiserweight Champion is still ticking off the WWE Universe.  But it's also a sign that fans believe Nia Jax can do so much better than be the love interest of an annoying little pest like Amore. Yes, it could be interesting to see Jax play a female heel version of Big Cass, but at the end of the day, her potential is wasted on a possible alliance/romance storyline with the Smacktalker Skywalker.


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