Enzo Amore's Original Role For Raw 25 Revealed

It was a huge shock when WWE decided to indefinitely suspend Raw superstar Enzo Amore after a woman came forward alleging that he raped her. So he was never able to make an appearance at the company's Raw 25th Anniversary show this past Monday in New York City.

WWE's creative team had to get creative, since Amore was no longer a part of the show. He was supposed to interact with Goldust and was supposed to take a shot to the groin from the Dudley’s “Whassup?" head butt. Instead Heath Slater was given that honor, according to SI.com.

What's really interesting is that Amore was in attendance at the Barclay's Center in Brooklyn, but was sent home when WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon told him to leave after hearing the news of the rape allegations, according to Sportskeeda.com.

Amore even interacted with fans prior to the event, as you can see by the Facebook post  below.

When Enzo arrived to Barclays yesterday he wore a shirt saying Front:"Today is the best day of my life." Back: "Can't wait for tomorrow" How ironic Jjl

Posted by The Spotlight on Tuesday, January 23, 2018

SI also says that WWE had no idea that a woman would come forward claiming Amore had raped her after he never informed the company of what was going on, even though he knew for the past three months.

It's safe to say that if WWE knew about Amore's actions outside of the ring, the company wouldn't have made him the headliner for the cruiserweight division as well as the champion on 205 Live. They also probably wouldn't have released him so quickly after finding out. They might have been patient with him and allowed the legal process to play out. Of course they decided to release Amore from his contract on Tuesday.


Now Amore doesn't have a job and is dealing with a serious legal situation. At this point I'm sure every indie promotion won't dare to touch him and sign him to a contract.

The 31 year-old Amore quickly became a star with WWE after developing with NXT Wrestling and signing with the Raw brand in 2016. During his short stint he was able to win the Cruiserweight Championship twice.

This is truly an unfortunate situation and hopefully the truth can come and justice will be served either way.

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