Enzo Amore: Political Voice?

Enzo Amore certainly stands out from the bunch with his unique look, sound, and personality. Amore represents something New during a time when most fans of WWE hold on to desperate hope that the company will truly move away from its Old views.

Last week, Enzo Amore was hanging around backstage at the Cruiserweight Classic where he provided his insights into a number of topics. Firstly, Amore's choice to win the inaugural Cruiserweight Classic: Rich Swann.

From there, Enzo Amore would engage in a fiery political-laced freestyle-speech when asked about the current state of affairs in WWE. Amore would cover everything from Marxism to the current Presidential Election to the McMahon siblings.

Perhaps you're not sold on Enzo Amore? Perhaps you can't accept what is new and will ultimately prefer the old logic of Big Cass receiving the harder push of the duo when the time comes? Regardless, you can't deny that Amore can entertain.

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