Enzo Amore Was Planning His WWE Exit Before Release

Enzo Amore was fired by the WWE earlier this week, following news that he was being investigated for an alleged raping incident in Phoenix this past October. PW Insider reported that WWE's reason for firing Amore was reportedly due to his failure to report the investigation to company officials, and not because of their belief that he's guilty.

But as it turns out, the former Cruiserweight Champion was planning to leave the WWE in the immediate future. According to Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio, Amore was hoping to get out of his contract soon so that he could pursue a career in rapping. He is now free to do that, and Meltzer noted that he can still work other shows in the independent circuit to make more cash.

Amore was just entering the prime years of his WWE career before his firing. After his tag team partnership with Big Cass ended, Amore headlined the Cruiserweight Champion and showed his ability to shine in the singles competition.


But the alleged rape isn't the first time Amore has been in hot water. It's been known for a while now that Amore has clashed with a number of fellow superstars backstage, and has not been easy to get along with.


Amore ripped Cass on Twitter for not being able to finish their match in August, when the latter tore his ACL and had to exit the ring. It was also alleged that Roman Reigns kicked Amore off a tour bus in Europe for badmouthing the company and bragging to a friend on the phone about how much money he makes. Backstage tension between Amore and fellow wrestlers kept growing, so the WWE gave Enzo his own locker and told him to stay away from the others.

Amore's WWE career ended abruptly, but we'll see if he manages to make it big in the rapping industry.


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