Enzo Amore Spoiler For Tonight's Raw

Enzo Amore's beatdown last week has fans talking, and apparently, WWE has plans for an angle regarding the Certified G and the 205 Live Division.

Last Monday on Raw, Enzo Amore and the Cruiserweight Division closed the program. It was the first time the red brand showcased the Cruiserweights in such a high-profile way, and it can be argued that if not for Amore, this kind of spotlight would never have been shined on the division.

Enzo's short tenure in the WWE is wrought with controversy. That said, the one thing that can't be argued is that he's drawing attention to the Cruiserweight Division and 205 Live (that division's dedicated show). More eyeballs are on some of the most talented performers the company offers than ever before and with the "Certified G" as the champion, more and more of the WWE Universe want to see where this story goes.

Last week, the Cruiserweights teamed up against their title holder and started a beat down that took Raw off the air. The beat down continued well after the show went off camera and Braun Strowman finally finished him off. Many viewed it as punishment by the WWE, but was more likely meant to advance the storyline the company plans to run on tonight's show.


As is being reported by PWInsider, there will be a segment on tonight's WWE Raw where Amore plans to address the entire Cruiserweight Division. The idea is that he'll address the beat down he received and let the division know that he doesn't care if they're all against him and that he's the best thing to happen to the division.


WWE is trying to push Enzo as an all-out heel character while turning Neville babyface. The fans already hinted the change was inevitable when they cheered Neville after the "King of the Cruiserweights" played such an effective heel for so long.

Will Enzo survive another attack from the division? Will anyone think things have gone too far? Will the Cruiserweights occupying another prime slot on the show?

It appears all of that will be answered tonight.

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Enzo Amore Spoiler For Tonight's Raw