Enzo Amore Reveals He Is No Longer Speaking To Big Cass

Enzo and Cass were one of the most dynamic and popular tag teams in the WWE for four years. The Certified G and 7-foot giant first debuted in NXT, and later spent just over a year together on the Raw roster.

But last year, Cass turned on Amore when it was revealed that he was secretly attacking his partner from behind multiple times. The two men began feuding, but Cass tore his ACL during a Street Fight match, and has been sidelined since August. The hope is that he'll be able to return in time for WrestleMania 34.

With Cass out for nearly a half-year now, Enzo had the chance to talk about his real-life relationship with his old friend. Appearing on WWE Network's Straight To The Source show, Enzo told Corey Graves about real-life tension between the two:

"Me and Cass don’t talk anymore. I wish him nothing but the best, honestly. Nobody ever wants to see a guy get hurt because this is how we feed our families. This is how you do it – you get paid to wrestle, alright?

And the WWE provides great healthcare and when you’re injured, they take care of you when you’re not on the road. But you’re not making the same money as the damn champ, not when you’re not on the road.”


Enzo also talked about his frustration with Cass not being able to finish the match in which he tore his ACL. Amore said there was frustration, as he as able to "finish the match," like he always does.


Assuming this wasn't a work, then it wouldn't be surprising if Enzo legitimately feels beef with Cass. The Cruiserweight Champion has been in the news a lot due to constant feuding with fellow wrestlers.

Roman Reigns allegedly kicked Amore off a tour bus for badmouthing the company. Enzo also said he was given his own locker room, and ordered to stay away from his peers. So should anyone be surprised if he has tension with his old tag team partner? Even if he and Cass spent four years together, Enzo has still been a tough person to work with.


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