Enzo Amore Reveals What Music WWE Superstars Listen To

Enzo Amore has had many traveling buddies throughout NXT and WWE, and The Certified G reveals the favorite music of his fellow WWE Superstars.

WWE Superstars have a lot of time to listen to music because of their travel schedule and Enzo Amore has revealed what some of them listen to.

Music plays a very big role in the world of professional wrestling and the relationship between the two industries has changed and evolved over the past few decades. During the Attitude Era and into the early 2000s heavy rock music was the order of the day for WWE. Nowadays hip hop and RnB has sort of taken the genre's place with stars such as Flo Rida performing at WrestleMania.

The most important music in pro wrestling of course is entrance music. The man behind that music for many years was Jim Johnston although he was recently released and now CFO$ are the ones composing Superstars' entrances. The trend of rock shifting to RnB is also reflected in many of the current day themes of WWE's wrestlers.



Most WWE Superstars are likely heavily influenced by music. Admittedly most people are, but considering how much time pro wrestlers spend traveling, needless to say they spend a lot of time listening to music. Enzo Amore recently spoke to British newspaper The Sun and enlightened fans on what some of their favorite Superstars listen to, and some of the info he divulged may surprise you.

Amore spoke mainly about his relationship with the currently AWOL Neville, revealing that the two of them traveled together during NXT and it was then that the Brit got the current Cruiserweight Champion into reggae. Not many would have necessarily had Neville pegged as a reggae guy. Amore also revealed that Big Cass is very into Bruce Springsteen and Billy Joel, no real surprised there, and Braun Strowman has been opening him up to the wonders of country music.


While the information about Superstars and their music habits is intriguing, what's more eye opening about this interview is Amore's various relationships with certain wrestlers. The general consensus is that he and Neville aren't on good terms, yet judging by these comments the two of them are actually very close. Perhaps the current king of 205 Live isn't the one to blame for Neville's continued absence from WWE television after all.

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Enzo Amore Reveals What Music WWE Superstars Listen To