Enzo Amore Goes On Rant About Big Cass' Injury

Enzo Amore went on a very strange Twitter rant following this week's Raw running down Big Cass after the seven footer's in-ring injury.

Enzo Amore isn't exactly the most popular Superstar in the WWE locker room right now. The rumors about his unpopularity began when Amore was apparently kicked off of a European tour bus by Roman Reigns for being too annoying. Allegedly, the dislike for the Raw Superstar back stage has only gotten worse since then. By all accounts, the only person left that still liked Enzo is Big Cass, and now even that friendship might have gone down the drain.

On Raw this week, Amore and Cass squared off once again as a part of their ongoing rivalry, this time in a Brooklyn Street Fight. Mid-way through the match Cass delivered his patented Big Boot over the ropes to Amore, only to wind up landing extremely awkwardly on his leg. Cass tried to carry on, but his knee buckled underneath him and the referee had no choice but to bring the match to a premature close, awarding Amore the win in the process.


You would think Amore would say nothing considering the apparent legitimacy of the injury at this point in time, or maybe even send reluctant well-wishes via social media since he's the baby face and his real life friend. Instead, Enzo went on a confusing Twitter tirade following Raw, claiming Cass only lost because he quit and compared it to a time he himself got injured in NXT and carried on through the pain. In an even more bizarre twist, a few minutes after the string of tweets berating Cass, Amore back tracked saying he hoped he was okay and contrary to what he had tweeted minutes earlier he wouldn't be accepting the win.


Enzo and Cass were evidently more than just tag partners. They were paired together in NXT and have been close friends since then. Even when the seven footer turned on his friend and partner a couple of months ago, you could see Cass was fighting back tears as he said the things he needed to say while in character. It's that real life friendship that makes this bashing of Cass's injury so peculiar.


If all the hearsay from the WWE locker room about Amore's popularity, or lack thereof, is true then he really needs all the friends he can find right now. Taking shots at one of the few men who still considers him a friend when he's likely led up and devastated about the injury he's suffered seems like a very odd avenue to choose. For Amore's sake, here's hoping that it's all an extremely convincing work/shoot angle and that he was sat right alongside Cass while he was sending out these frankly baffling tweets.

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