Enzo Amore Wasn't In WWE's Good Books Before Allegations

Following allegations that he raped a girl in Phoenix, Enzo Amore was fired by the WWE on Tuesday afternoon - just a day after being suspended indefinitely. The Cruiserweight Champion has not been charged with any crime yet.

The accuser went to Twitter on Monday and alleged that Amore raped her in a Phoenix Hotel on Oct. 19, and the incident was set up by two of his friends. Amore's Instagram account confirms he was in Phoenix the day before. The accuser also claimed to have spent 45 days in a mental hospital.

David Bixenspan of Deadspin reported that nothing has changed in the case:

Mike Johnson of PWInsider.com brought plenty of updates on Enzo's firing. He reported that Amore was not fired  "due to an internal belief within WWE," that he's guilty of a crime.

As Johnson noted, the WWE's wellness policy, a superstar is automatically terminated from his/her contract if they are convicted of a crime. They are automatically suspended if they're arrested, then free to return if charges are dropped.


Citing sources, Johnson also said WWE opted to suspend Amore and send him home from the Raw 25th Anniversary show for his refusal to notify them about the criminal investigation.

WWE then opted to fire Amore, saying it was "the last straw," by not telling officials about the case. Given all his other troubles outside of the locker room, WWE simply had enough and decided to cut him loose.

via wwe.com

Amore was reportedly kicked off a tour bus by Roman Reigns in Europe, after the latter heard him badmouthing the company and bragging to a friend about how much money he made. Amore was then later ordered to stay away from the WWE locker room, and received his own to avoid interaction with other superstars.

Going by Johnson's report, Amore had simply done too much damage for far too long. Given his microphone skills and status as a main event draw, WWE seemed to put up with his behavior until this incident.

On Twitter, Amore released a statement from his counsel. He denied any allegations, said he's cooperated with the investigation and will not be commenting any further for the time being.



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