Eric Bischoff Discusses Possibility Of Joining AEW's Commentary Team

Eric Bischoff has opened up on the possibility of joining All Elite Wrestling as a commentator.

Bischoff, who was fired from his post as SmackDown's executive director a few weeks ago, is technically a free agent where the wrestling industry is concerned. And there has been a bit of talk over a potential move to AEW.

It has been suggested that Bischoff would be a great fit as a commentator, with claims that he was out of his depth at WWE. And while he isn't ruling out the possibility, he claims to be doubtful as he reckons it would be a "back to the future" sort of thing given that he's been there before.

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"I hate to be so coy, but never say never. But highly doubtful as it's been there done that," the former WCW chief told reporters at a media scrum at Starrcast. "If I'm gonna engage in something, it's gotta be something that I really feel challenged by and excited about. That [AEW commentary] is like going back to the future and I'm not sure that would be a good fit for anybody."

Bischoff would also agree with the notion of authority figures being necessary in today's wrestling, although he feels that it's been pushed too hard.

"I think the authority figure is still necessary. Look, I'm 64 years old and when I was a wrestling fan back in Detroit or Minneapolis as a young boy, you had your commissioner that would come in and make that final rule or one match," he explained. "So, the authority figure has been a really good part of the industry.

"But I think has been overdone to the point where it's challenging to come up with a way to do it that's effective and entertaining without the audience feeling been there, done that."

What's Next For Eric?

So we're still no closer to knowing what's next for Bischoff but it's not like he really needs a job at this point in time and he could be fine with just speaking on his podcast for the time being.

A move to AEW, though, remains a possibility as he hasn't closed the door on it completely. However, he doesn't seem like a man who's keen on commentary right now.

Source: Wrestling Inc. (transcription)

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