Eric Bischoff Comments On Giving Away Hogan/Goldberg On Nitro

Eric Bischoff is widely credited as the man who put WCW on the wrestling map during the '90s...and the guy who also destroyed it.

He signed away a ton of Vince McMahon's top former talents, but also created his own machine in Goldberg, who became the company's top babyface. Goldberg went on an impressive 173-0 streak and got over when he beat Hulk Hogan for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship on a 1998 edition of Nitro.

However, many criticize Bischoff for putting that on an episode of Nitro instead of putting the dream match on pay-per-view. But Bischoff has no regrets to this day. He discussed the matter on his Bischoff is Wrestling podcast, per Nick Hausman of WrestleZone.com:

"I defend that decision. Let me be clear, the decision to put that match in the ring was my decision. Hulk called me and was passionate about the idea. I could tell he was really excited about it...It put some of your hottest stuff on television."

He went further into detail about why he felt the pressure to do it:

"At that time things were so competitive and we were starting to lose a little bit of ground. The minute you (Hulk) painted that picture and your psychology behind it. Which I thoroughly agreed with and do to this day. If the situation was exactly the same today I would make the same decision right now."

So with that, it's easier to understand Bischoff's point of view. Nonetheless, it's something people will continue to talk about for years.

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