Eric Bischoff Comments On His Departure From WWE

With the news that Bruce Prichard is replacing Eric Bischoff as Executive Director of SmackDown, it didn't talk long for Bischoff to comment.

It was reported that Prichard would be replacing Bischoff in his role as Executive Director but the immediate future for Bischoff within WWE was not known. Reports then started to surface that Bischoff was not just done as in the role, but done in WWE. WWE then confirmed the speculation.

Not long after it was revealed Bischoff was moving on from the company, he commented on social media, taking the high road.

Bischoff commented:

Bruce is a great producer, good friend and I am certain he is going to thrive in his position. He’s going to be working with a great team of the most dedicated and hard working people I have had the pleasure of working with and getting to know.

The move is surprising and what Bischoff didn't say was whether or not this was a move that he'd requested or a WWE initiated move to change things up, thinking that Prichard was better-suited for the position. It was apparent Biscoff was taking his time getting his feet wet running the show and it is assumed Prichard will be more hands on right away.

What's Next For Bischoff?

Another thing that wasn't revealed was whether or not Bischoff has a non-compete clause that kicks in. Being only back with WWE for 12 weeks and having moved out to Stamford to get closer to WWE Headquarters, he might not have worked long enough to require such a clause.

This doesn't mean that he'll be AEW bound even if the rumors persist. It might mean, he'll go back to his podcast with Conrad Thompson and it will be interesting to see what he discusses, should he choose to.

Will they rename the show "12 Weeks"?

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