Eric Bischoff Comments On Idea Of Illuminati Symbolism In nWo Storyline

There are plenty of conspiracy theories out there and wrestling has had a few over its long history. One of the big ones was the idea of the Illuminati symbolism and messages in the nWo storyline. Well, on the latest episode of Bischoff on Wrestling, Eric Bischoff addresses that conspiracy:

"I would (like to comment) if I could but I’m not allowed to. There are certain rules and I can’t break them. Even at this late stage. (Laughs) It’s a ridiculous conspiracy. No, it had nothing to do with the illuminati group or anybody else. There was no big underlying message there. It was really just a spontaneous thought. The basic story concept, the premise if you will, of the NWO was just a couple guys that were in WCW. They got pissed off because they didn’t get treated fairly or appropriately. Went to the WWE and became big stars and then came back to seek revenge. That was the basic premise of that storyline. It obviously grew from there but I think because we called it the NWO and there’s a certain kind of inference associated with the “New World Order” that it took on this life of it’s own but… it’s not true."

That would seem to put an end to it. But we all know that conspiracy theories tend to live on no matter what anyone says - which is why they are called conspiracy theories.

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