Eric Bischoff Denies Claims He Bought A Wrestling Company

Rumors abound that former World Championship Wrestling president Eric Bischoff is getting back into the wrestling game, but he’s taken to Twitter to say that those rumors are simply untrue.

Bischoff is best known for being the executive producer and then-president of WCW during the Monday Night Wars of the 1990s. For a while it looked like WCW would unseat WWE (then known as the WWF) as the world’s pre-eminent wrestling promotion, but then the infamous Fingerpoke of Doom episode of Nitro aired and WCW became history almost overnight.

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Following WCW’s collapse, Bischoff was hired by the WWE as the manager for their Raw brand. Although the role was primarily on-screen, Bischoff had numerous contacts within WWE’s creative department to pitch ideas. His influence created "Raw Roulette" as well as the Elimination Chamber and numerous storylines between himself and WWE's biggest stars.


After his time with WWE, Bischoff moved on to Impact, where he became executive producer tasked with rebuilding the franchise. Things didn’t go quite as planned and Bischoff ended up sitting out the bulk of his contract which ended in 2014. Since then he hasn’t been involved with any wrestling promotion.

Then, just a few days ago, rumors began to circulate that Bischoff was getting back into the game and purchasing his own indie wrestling promotion. He’d made cryptic tweets over the weekend about how the “game just changed” and to “stay tuned” for more news.

Promotional material started appearing for a little-known promotion in Ohio called Cleveland Knights Championship Wrestling which featured Bischoff for their February 9th New World Rising event. Some made the leap that his appearance at the event would be to announce his purchase of the promotion, and his return to professional wrestling.

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The CKCW twitter added fuel to the rumor fire by initially confirming the rumor, but then backpedaled and clarified that Bischoff would only be serving as the Director of Operations for the event.

Bischoff himself also quelled the rumors by stating in no uncertain terms he wasn’t purchasing any wrestling promotions.

But if Bischoff isn’t purchasing a promotion, what could his tweets have been about? The gossip mill is still chattering away, but nobody is certain of anything. We’ll all just have to keep an eye on Bischoff’s twitter to see what the big reveal will be.


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