Eric Bischoff Releases A Line Of "Fired" T-Shirts, CM Punk Responds

Eric Bischoff had a rep for having fired talent via fax. CM Punk was similarly fired by WWE. So with Bischoff now out of WWE, a "fired" t-shirt fits.

The account for 83 Weeks is the mastermind behind the new line of shirts and considering podcast host Conrad Thompson and Eric Bischoff are the names behind the show, one has to assume Bischoff is having a little fun with the news of his recent release from WWE.

Bischoff was fired as Executive Director for SmackDown when reports surfaced he wasn't assimilating himself well to the locker room or the product. Bruce Prichard has taken over the role moving forward and Bischoff will reportedly head back to Wyoming and likely get back into the podcast game, specifically with Thompson on 83 Weeks.

There is sure to be a story behind the firing and the speculation over Bischoff's release and fans will eagerly tune into the show that talks about what happened, should Bischoff choose to do so.

In the meantime, Thompson and Bischoff will try to cash-in on the news, selling "Fired" tees designed to look like the Fed-Ex logo and available at EricBischoff.com. Of course, the design hints at the rumors that Bischoff was known for firing people via fax, including Steve Austin who might have been one of the worst firings in the history of professional wrestling.

CM Punk Gets In On The Fun

The best part about the tweet showing the tees are now available is that CM Punk got in on the action and replied with a joke that he was released by WWE on his wedding day via fax. He wrote, "Wedding day or nah?"

As became public knowledge, Punk was sent a fax on the day he was getting married to AJ Lee saying his employment with WWE were being terminated. He was upset about that for a long time, but these days, seems to be more open to a WWE return.

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