Eric Bischoff Names The WWE Stars He Would Have Loved To Work With Had He Not Gotten Fired

Eric Bischoff must have at least a few regrets after getting axed by WWE just four months into his tenure as SmackDown's executive director. And missing out on the opportunity to work with certain wrestlers should be among them.

As it turns out, the former WCW chief had plans to work with a select number of stars and things could have gotten pretty interesting for them had he been allowed to remain with the company a bit longer.

Bischoff was a guest on the Pancakes and Powerslams podcast recently and named the roster members he would have loved to work with while part of the brand. He picked out Chad Gable  - now Shorty G - and Randy Orton, explaining that he really liked the former as a professional and admires Randy Orton's body of work. He added that Orton is a flawless performer.

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“There were certain talents like Chad Gable, I really dug him as a person and professional,” he said. “I love Randy Orton’s work, I didn’t get a chance to work with him, but I really admire his work. He’s flawless as a performer and I would have liked to work with him.”

The ex-director also pointed to Sheamus as another wrestler he would have enjoyed working with as he believes The Celtic Warrior has bags of talent.

Bischoff would also admit that he was only focused on SmackDown and was not monitoring NXT talent so it appears that, had he remained at the helm, someone else would have been in charge of scouting.

Given that he worked with WWE for four months, the 64-year old would have some inside knowledge and he revealed that the company is trying to develop the existing talent on its three brands whilst also keen on moving away from the reliance on legends and Hall of Famers, with many of them now unable to participate in anything too physical.

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A Return To Celtic Times?

It would have been interesting to see how things could have worked out for the aforementioned stars had Bischoff kept his job, especially Sheamus.

The Irish superstar is no longer at the forefront, far removed from the days when he reigned as World Heavyweight Champion. But it seems like he would have gotten another push under Bischoff, even more so now that he's back from an injury layoff.

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