ESPN Announcer Boycotting WWE due to Triple H's Support of Mayweather

ESPN broadcaster Michelle Beadle says she's done with WWE due to Triple H's unwavering support of Floyd Mayweather. Beadle of course was barred from the Mayweather/Pacquiao fight this past weekend due to her reporting on Mayweather's history of domestic violence and how the media turned a blind eye to it due to the superfight happening.

Beadle has always been a fan of WWE but says she's calling it quits with the company. Triple H has always shown unwavering support of Mayweather and Beadle simply feels she can't be a fan of a company with a high ranking official like Triple H could throw his support behind Mayweather.

I've loved @WWE for a long time. But @TripleH and his love for a serial abuser is too much. I'm turning in my fan card. #WasFunWhileItLasted

— Michelle Beadle (@MichelleDBeadle) May 3, 2015

Beadle, along with Rachel Nichols had been barred. The decision was eventually reversed, but they decided to not bother with the event. Beadle explained that HBO had been able to get her media pass re-approved, but she had already gone home. Beadle had urged viewers on The Fight Game not to buy the fight.

"I didn’t pay for it. I wouldn’t pay for it. I, along with many, many, many, many people – we were aware, somewhat, of his past, that he had a pretty bad past. I think in light of everything that’s happened across the board in the NFL and the comments that Mayweather had, I think more research had been done. Now I am FULLY aware of how bad a past this guy has. So, no, I will not be spending any of my money."

So WWE, and Triple H, is this support for Mayweather worth a boycott of coverage for your product by a member (and probably several more) of the highest sports power in North America?

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