Eva Marie might not have been the most loved WWE Superstar during her time in the company, but the former “red everything” made a few friends recently when she appeared on the YouTube show Out of Bounds and got in the face of the adult film star and social media darling Mia Khalifa.

Khalifa made news recently when she used her platform on the YouTube show to mock and insult the WWE. The topic was Ronda Rousey potentially signing with the company and Khalifa’s response was “this is where Rousey’s career will go to die”. She explained that she had no respect for the WWE because it was not “a sport” and that Rousey was showing no integrity in choosing now to go there. Those comments did not sit well with professional wrestling and Rousey fans around the Internet.

Khalifa was lit up by fans who went to bat for Rousey and the WWE. Former wrestlers like Hurricane Shane Helms also got in on the action and took a more unethical approach by ridiculing Khalifa’s choice of career and her past as an adult film star. Eva Marie took a more impactful approach and accepted an invitation to be on the YouTube show.

Not known as the most talented performer WWE ever employed, Eva Marie was knowledgeable about all sorts of sports topics and well-spoken during her appearance. What started with Marie explaining the basics of wrestling and how a match unfolds, at one point she told Khalifa that she might have a problem if Khalifa continued to suggest WWE stars weren’t athletes and that the WWE wasn’t a sport.


Going to bat for the WWE, Marie explained the travel schedule, the amount of athleticism the industry requires from its performers and the commitment needed to make it in that business. Marie suggested that most people would fold if asked to do what these WWE stars are being asked to do.

Khalifa actually admitted that she accepted an invitation to a wrestling show to see more about it. Understanding how much hate she received for her comments, the social media celeb decided to check things out in person.

It appears that while Khalifa hasn’t changed her approach to social media and the antics she employs on the platforms, perhaps she has a bit of a better understanding of professional wrestling and might not be so quick to jump all over it.

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