Eva Marie Feels She Can Contribute to the Main Roster

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In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Eva Marie discussed her place within WWE and where she feels she would fit in on the main roster:

"So much has changed. I’m a pretty big bad guy, so that would definitely transpire on the main roster. I’d be coming in as a major heel. I think they need some heel blood for sure, so hopefully that can happen."

The thing about this statement is that she is not wrong. Eva Marie would garner some major heel heat on the main roster. Marie is loathed throughout the WWE Universe and should the company bring her up, the heat would prove scorching.

However, is Eva Marie ready for the main roster? No. Marie still has a lot of work ahead in NXT before she can be considered for a main roster spot. Marie would not be able to hang with the likes of Becky Lynch and Charlotte.

In a recent Battle Royal, Eva Marie was kicked at the start, rolled out of the ring, and kept out of the match until the very end. Thankfully, Carmella would eliminate Marie to become the new #1 Contender for the NXT Women's Championship.

There is clearly a lack of confidence in Eva Marie's in-ring ability if the match was booked to specifically keep her away from the action. Those who are ready to shine are usual placed center of the ring and middle of the action.

The possibility of Eva Marie one day contributing to the main roster is real but that time is not near. Marie needs to remain in NXT where she can continue to hone her wrestling abilities. Then, perhaps someday, the main roster will come calling.

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