Eva Marie Gets An Offer From An Adult Company

.@natalieevamarie when this whole wrestling thing blows up in your face, give us a call

— Brazzers (@Brazzers) November 19, 2015

Eva Marie sure has her share of critics in the world of wrestling. She's currently aiming for the NXT Women's Title against Bayley, but her in-ring skills have led many to question whether she would make a worthy champion.

She has worked harder in training and trying to improve, but the work rate still isn't there, as she frequently botches moves in the ring. Her promo skills haven't quite improved either, but that hasn't stopped her from getting a job offer from a well-known adult magnate. The company, Brazzers, actually reached out to Eva Marie on Twitter, saying they have a job waiting for her when her wrestling career fizzles out.

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