Eva Marie Training Extra Hard: Is She Improving?

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Eva Marie has not endeared herself to wrestling fans since her time in WWE. The main issue with her was that despite not having any wrestling experience, the WWE inexplicably brought her up to the main roster less than three months after signing her.

Her performances in the ring have been cringe-worthy, her use on TV mostly being limited to Total Divas. The WWE has mostly kept her out of the ring on main programming lately and it seems she's taking the time to really work on the craft. In an interview with the Miami Herald, Eva explained her quick rise to the roster and taking time to improve now.

“I got my developmental deal first, and I got ‘Total Divas.’ Everything from there it just went, boom! I was living my life on reality TV. I had to perform for WWE, as well as show that to the whole world."

Eva also gave some details on how she's improved her skills in training.

"If you follow me on social media you are going to see the clips of me training and progressing. Then you will see me back in the ring, hopefully in a few weeks. Triple H has definitely been helping me out, and I appreciate that. I bounce ideas off of him. Brian Kendrick is amazing. I’m asking him a bunch of different questions. Then when I get in the ring with him, I’ll improve my skills right there.”

Even though we fans had a negative perception of Eva from the get-go, I'd fault management for bringing her in too fast. Would you blame a 18-year-old college athlete if they were to struggle when thrust into a professional league before they were ready?

Anyway, good on Eva for making the effort and fans should be willing to give her a chance if in fact she's been serious about improving. As seen in the video above, her work already looks much sharper. Hopefully the WWE learns from the mistake of rushing talent to the main roster before they're ready.

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