Eva Marie Discusses Whether She'll Ever Be Back In A WWE Ring

Eva Marie finally spoke about her current status with WWE and whether we're likely to see her on either Raw or SmackDown Live anytime soon.

Eva Marie has been suspiciously absent from WWE television—not including the reality show Total Divas—for around a year now. "All Red Everything" was suspended under WWE's Wellness Policy in August last year, and has not been a part of the proceedings on either Raw or SmackDown Live ever since. This led fans to speculate on her future with the company. For now, that speculation can come to an end as Eva Marie spoke during an interview with Wrestling Observer Live, answering some questions about her current status with the company. While she isn't going anywhere outside of the WWE, she doesn't believe she'll return to the weekly shows in the near future.

Eva Marie's main role in WWE has been part of the Total Divas cast, and that's why she is still being kept under contract. Her focus seems to be outside of a wrestling ring, but her recent comments would make that not seem necessarily true. While she's set for a role in upcoming movie Inconceivable, the Total Divas star certainly seems to think her time in the squared circle isn't completely behind her.


In that same interview, Eva Marie said that she won't be appearing on TV as much, but fans shouldn't be surprised if she shows up on Raw or SmackDown Live, and that she may even 'snatch the title'. She did add that other projects she's working on at the moment—such as the film mentioned above—make it difficult to dedicate the time needed to be a full-time WWE talent travelling around the world.

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Eva Marie's suspension from the company came at a time in 2016 when many other Superstars were also being caught by WWE's Wellness Policy. That summer, former champions like Roman Reigns, Paige, and Alberto Del Rio were also suspended, and only one Superstar from that wave has actually appeared on WWE TV since. It doesn't seem like it's the suspension keeping Eva Marie out of the ring though. Instead, it seems her desire to be involved in other ventures outside of pro wrestling has kept her busy.

While Eva Marie was wrestling on a semi-regular basis, it's fair to say she wasn't exactly the most popular Superstar with the fans. In many ways, Eva Marie seems like a product of a bygone era. A female talent hired by WWE for her looks rather than her in-ring ability, something that she was lacking even up until her latest WWE appearance. Judging by footage shown of her training on Total Divas though, Eva Marie did at one time seem determined to improve and make a better wrestler of herself. However, now it seems like she isn't actually all that phased about returning to the ring at all after finding success in other ventures.

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