Every Charlotte Flair Title Reign, Ranked

At Hell in a Cell, Charlotte Flair was able to capture the SmackDown Women's Championship, earning her tenth Women's Championship already in her WWE career as she seems set to chase her own father's record.

Because she has won ten titles already in WWE, many people believe that she is already the greatest women's wrestler of all time. However, if you break down all ten of those title reigns, they haven't all been memorable.

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In fact, quite a few of her title runs have been very underwhelming, which are mixed with a few great runs as well, and within this article, we will rank all ten of her championship reigns so far.

10 Minutes Long

This is an example of how some of Charlotte Flair's reigns as champion really have not been memorable, with the Queen having quite a few short runs, with this one being the shortest and most pointless.

At the 2019 Money in the Bank event, Flair was able to defeat Becky Lynch in order to gain the SmackDown Live Women's Championship, bringing an end to 'Becky Two Belts' after her WrestleMania 35 success.

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However, Flair held the title for literally minutes as Bayley made her way down to the ring and cashed in her Money in the Bank contract successfully, beating Charlotte to become the new champion.

9 The Historic 10th

Charlotte Flair's most recent title reign saw her hit double digits as a World Champion, winning the SmackDown Women's Championship by defeating Bayley at Hell in a Cell in a match that was added to the show at the last minute.

Their match on the PPV was very entertaining and it seemed like WWE was ready to give Flair another run on top, however, that was only for a few days as Flair has already lost this championship again.

This is another example of a short run that is simply to rack up the numbers, with Flair being beaten just five days later on SmackDown by Bayley, who turned heel in the process, at least making the moment memorable.

8 Road To WrestleMania 35

On the road to WrestleMania 35 it seemed like Ronda Rousey and Becky Lynch were set to headline the PPV in a singles match for the Raw Women's Championship, but WWE made the decision to work in Charlotte Flair.

That decision made sense due to her impact on the women's division and having a triple threat certainly enhanced the storyline, but in order to get Flair in the match, WWE decided to have her randomly win the SmackDown Women's Title.

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Flair brought Asuka's run as a champion to an end prematurely on an episode of SmackDown, only to get her in the WrestleMania 35 match to drop the title to Lynch just 12 days after she had won it.

7 SummerSlam Success

Unfortunately for Charlotte Flair, a lot of her title reigns have not been lengthy ones, and this run as SmackDown Live Women's Champion is another example of that, with her second reign as SmackDown Women's Champion only lasting 28 days.

Flair was interjected into the SummerSlam match at the last second, turning it into a triple threat between herself, Becky Lynch, and the champion, Carmella, and in the end, it was Flair who left with the title.

While her run as champion was short, this was the start of Becky Lynch's major storyline as it was here that The Man first snapped, attacking Flair after she stole her moment, but this ended up being memorable for Lynch and not Charlotte.

6 Hell In A Cell

Charlotte Flair has been part of many different historic moments over the course of her career and being part of the first-ever female Hell in a Cell match was certainly one of them as she faced Sasha Banks.

Their rivalry was an epic one that saw the two women trade the title back and forth (a few too many times), and one of those exchanges took place inside the steel structure as the Queen was able to topple the Legit Boss inside hell itself.

Unfortunately, Flair would only hold onto the title for 29 days until she dropped it back to Sasha Banks during their epic Raw Falls Count Anywhere match, rendering the title run itself quite forgettable.

5 Raw Women's Title Debuts

While Charlotte Flair was the first person to hold the Women's Championship when it returned to the company, that title was first a dual-branded title, but when the brand split returned the company decided to create specific titles for each show.

That change took place at SummerSlam in 2016 and led to Flair becoming the first person to ever hold the Raw specific Women's Championship after she was able to defeat Sasha Banks at the PPV.

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Flair went on to hold the title for 43 days before losing the title back to Sasha Banks again in what was one of her better reigns as champion, helping to establish the new Raw title early on.

4 Iron Women

Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks finally brought their rivalry to an end back at the Roadblock: End Of The Line PPV where they competed in a brilliant 30-minute Iron Woman match.

The Queen ended up coming out on top with a 3-2 victory after sudden death as the two women pushed each other to the very end, bringing the best out of each other for their final epic moment.

Following the victory, Charlotte held the title for almost 60 days, stepping up and having a solid run once her spell with Banks ended, eventually losing the title to Alexa Bliss.

3 Dominant Diva

When Charlotte Flair first arrived on the main roster there was no 'Women's Championship' for her to win, with the only title on the roster for women being the old Divas Championship.

While many people hated the title, Nikki Bella really made it mean something with an over 300-day reign, which was the longest in the history of the title, and because of that lengthy run, the fact that Flair defeated Nikki really put her over and established her.

Flair then held the championship for just short of 200 days until it was retired at WrestleMania 32, meaning she stamped her place in history and quickly proved to the world just how talented she is as a performer.

2 First SmackDown Title

Charlotte Flair's first-ever time as SmackDown Live Women's Champion remains one of her greatest ever runs at the top of the mountain, with an incredible 146 day run as champion, dominating everyone on the roster.

Flair won the title in an excellent match on SmackDown against one of her greatest rivals, Natalya, in what was an emotional moment for Charlotte Flair, finally establishing herself as a top star on the blue brand as well.

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The victory was epic and the title reign that followed was equally as exciting, eventually being brought to an end by Carmella, who cashed in the Money in the Bank, marking the first time that ever happened in women's wrestling, creating a historic end to her run.

1 WrestleMania Moment

At WrestleMania 32, wrestling history was changed forever as the Divas Championship was finally retired as the transition was made back to the Women's Championship, which Charlotte Flair became the first holder of.

Flair transitioned from Divas Champion to Women's Champion by defending/winning the title in an amazing triple threat match which is still considered to be the best women's match in WrestleMania history.

Flair then went on to have a fantastic reign as champion, holding the belt for 113 days, which was really a much longer run if you added in her time as Divas Champion beforehand.

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