Every Current Female WWE Superstar: Who Are They Dating?

For the most part, WWE seems to be filled with powerful male athletes. However, there are some awesome women who have had a great amount of influence over this sport for quite some time now, and many of them are truly fascinating.

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The women of WWE are courageous, intelligent people, and they lead very interesting lives. Fans of WWE often want to know what their favorite wrestlers do when the cameras aren’t rolling, and who they are dating. Also, some of them are married. Here are the people the current female WWE Superstars are with these days.

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28 Alexa Bliss Is Dating Buddy Murphy


Being in a relationship isn’t always easy when both people are in the WWE. Alexa Bliss and Buddy Murphy don’t have schedules that allow them to see each other very often, but somehow they are making it work. But Murphy says their schedules aren’t permanent, which makes it much easier.

27 Bayley Is Engaged To Aaron Solow

A lot of WWE fans adore Bayley, and apparently, they aren’t the only ones. Fellow wrestler Aaron Solow is planning to marry her.

However, it’s not always easy for Aaron. In the past, some sports fans have addressed him as “Mr. Bayley,” which he really does not seem happy about.

26 Becky Lynch Is Going Out With Seth Rollins

There were some rumors about whether or not WWE Superstars Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins are dating. But these days, that is no longer just a rumor. The pair confirmed that rumor by appearing at a Taking Back Sunday concert together recently, where they showed quite a bit of affection.

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25 Brie Bella And Daniel Bryan Are Married

Usually when two celebrities get married, the wedding is massive. But that was not the case for WWE Superstars Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan, who had a small and elegant wedding a few years ago. One fun fact about their special day was that Brie walked down the aisle barefoot.

24 There Is A Rumor That Carmella May Be Dating Corey Graves

Nearly all celebrities experience some type of scandal at one point or another. For example, there is a rumor going around that Carmella came between WWE announcer Corey Graves and his wife, whose name is Amy Polinsky. Polinsky posted about it on Instagram, but the post has since been deleted.

23 Charlotte Flair And Andrade Are Seeing Each Other

There are quite a few WWE power couples these days, and one of them is Charlotte Flair and Andrade. Until recently, fans had been wondering if the pair were seeing each other. The two professional wrestlers appeared together at Superstars For Hope, and they seemed very happy with one another.

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22 Ember Moon Is Married To Matthew Palmer

When Matthew Palmer, who is also known as “The Son Of Anarchy,” asked Ember Moon to marry him, he didn’t exactly plan a small or private event. They got engaged in a wrestling ring, where they were surrounding by hundreds of people who were watching them and cheering for them.

21 Lana Is Married To Rusev

CJ “Lana” Perry and her husband, Miroslav “Rusev” Barnyashev appear to be very happy together. In fact, the couple plans to have children at some point. But since they are both extremely busy, the pair have decided to put off their plans to have a family for a little while.

20 Liv Morgan Is Dating Tyler Bate

WWE Superstar Liv Morgan has not had it easy when it comes to dating. However, things do seem to be going well for her since she and NXT’s Tyler Bate, at least for now. They have been known to be occasionally flirtatious with each other on their social media accounts.

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19 Mandy Rose Is Dating Tino Sabbatelli

Mandy Rose’s professional life seems to be improving. In addition, her personal life appears to be seeing improvement also.

Rose made her past relationships public. But lately, she has been rather private about her love life. But she has been seen alongside Tony Sabatelli in public, suggesting that they’re together.

18 Maria Kanellis Is Married To Mike Bennett

It seems that there are quite a few happy couples who are involved with the WWE. Maria Kanellis and Mike Bennett are married to one another, and they have been for a few years. When they met, the two were seeing other people, but they had a connection right away.

17 Maryse Is Married To The Miz

2014 was a popular year for celebrities to get married. Along with a few other athletes, Maryse Ouellet and Mike “The Miz” Mizanin got married then.

The event was full of athletes. Two of the people who attended the wedding were WWE Diva Kelly Kelly and hockey player Sheldon Souray.

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16 Mickie James Is Married To Nick Aldis

WWE Superstar Mickie James got hitched to wrestler Nick Aldis. While the couple seems to be happy together, it seems that Aldis does believe that their marriage has held him back. Aldis claims that being known as James’ husband is what is keeping him from reaching the success he craves.

15 Naomi Is Married To Jimmy Uso

There seems to be a lot of controversy that surrounds couples who live their lives in the spotlight. WWE Superstar Naomi and her husband Smackdown Live star Jimmy Uso are a great example of this. They recently made headlines when Uso got into some legal trouble after getting pulled over.

14 Natalya Is Married To Tyson Kidd

Nothing brings a couple together quite like wrestling each other. At least that seems to have been the case for Tyson Kidd and his wife Natalya. According to Kidd, she snubbed him at first. But then they had to wrestle with each other, and that changed things for the better.

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13 Nikki Bella Is Dating Artem Chigvintsev

Nikki Bella was recently engaged to John Cena. However, that didn’t work out quite like they had planned, and they broke up twice. Since then, she has been dating her former Dancing With The Stars partner Artem Chigvintsev. Bella and Chigvintsev aren’t serious, but they are enjoying each other’s company.

12 Nikki Cross Is Married To Killian Dain

It takes a long time to get to truly know a person. For example, WWE Superstar Nikki Cross and fellow wrestler Killian Dain knew each other for at least eleven years before they ended up marrying one another earlier this year. They showed off their wedding rings on social media.

11 Paige And Ronnie Radke Are Dating

As far as dating goes, WWE Superstar Paige has had a somewhat rough time. But things appear to be going well with her new boyfriend, Ronnie Radke, who is a singer and a songwriter. The two of them have appeared together in numerous images on the wrestler’s social media accounts.

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10 Peyton Royce Is Dating Tye Dillinger

NXT has made a lot of people famous, including Peyton Royce, who is paired up with Billie Kay as part of The IIconics. Royce also has a partner in her personal life. Her boyfriend is Tye Dillinger. Dillinger is also a part of the NXT. This couple is very private.

9 Renee Young Is Married To Dean Ambrose

Apparently, there are times when being in the same field of work can have a negative impact on a couple’s marriage. RAW commentator Renee Young and RAW star Dean Ambrose are married to one another, and sometimes that can make her job a bit harder. But she’s doing it well.

8 Ronda Rousey Is Married To Travis Browne

A couple of years ago, Ronda Rousey and mixed martial artist Travis Browne got hitched. The pair had a fun and elegant wedding in Hawaii. The happy couple posted images from their wedding day on social media, and they captioned those images by saying how much they love one another.

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7 Ruby Riott Is Dating Jake Something

While some of the women of WWE are dating (or married to) people that are also a part of it, others are choosing to be with people outside of the WWE. Ruby Riott is one of them, since she is currently dating Jake Something, who is a wrestler as well.

6 Sarah Logan Is Married To Raymond Rowe

A lot of couples have weddings that are unique, and Sarah Logan and Raymond Rowe are no different. They recently got hitched in Ohio, and the happy couple had a Viking themed wedding day. Some of the attendees dressed up as Vikings. At the reception, they also had shield cakes.

5 Sasha Banks Is Married To Mikaze

Getting married is wonderful, but being a famous athlete makes it a bit stressful. That is increasingly true when both parties are celebrities.

That is why WWE Superstar Sasha Banks kept her wedding to Sarath “Mikaze” Ton a secret. She doesn’t like it when fans say negative things about him.

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4 Sonya Deville Is Dating Zahra Schreiber

There are some pretty awesome power couples in the WWE, and then there are some that fans aren’t exactly excited about. That is where Sonya Deville and Zahra Schreiber come in.

Sonya is dating Zahra, who used to date Seth Rollins. Apparently, not everyone is a fan of this relationship.

3 Stephanie McMahon Is Married To Triple H

Triple H is one of the most famous wrestlers in the history of wrestling. However, his wife has accomplished quite a lot herself.

Initially, their relationship wasn’t real. It started out as something scripted for viewers to enjoy. But over time, they ended up sharing real feelings for one another.

2 Zelina Vega Is Married To Aleister Black

Keeping personal details private is hard for celebrities, but some have done it. For instance, the marriage between WWE Superstars Zelina Vega and Aleister Black was a surprise to some. Black didn’t even appear on Vega’s Instagram until a week before the public found out that they married one another.

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1 Dana Brooke Is Dating Enes Kanter

Recently, basketball player Enes Kanter has been spending quite a bit of time with WWE Superstar Dana Brooke. Apparently, the two of them met at a wrestling event and they really seemed to hit it off. Brooke has been spotted at a few of his games since they got together.

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