Every Current WWE Main Roster Championship Title Belt, Ranked

Some WWE fans complain there are too many titles right now in the promotion and that waters down the importance of the belts. With two main shows in Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live plus the 205 Live brand, which airs its matches on major PPVs as well, there are 11 titles on the main roster, with seven more on the NXT brands.

With 11 titles on the main rosters, there is no chance that they are all defended monthly on the PPV events and some titles are almost neglected at times, lowering their values. While a few of the titles have decades of legacy behind them, others are brand-new. Here is a look at every current WWE main roster championship title, ranked based on their worth to the company at this time.


Every Current WWE Main Roster Championship Title Belt, Ranked

The newest title on the WWE main roster is the WWE 24.7 Championship, and it was met by fans with ridicule and jokes online when it debuted. WWE brought in hardcore legend Mick Foley to introduce the new title, which many fans immediately dismissed due to its cheap look.

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However, the WWE 24/7 title has an interesting lineage, as WWE wants it to be this era's version of the hardcore title, which was defended 24/7 as well. The hardcore title had a dedicated fanbase, but there is no way the hardcore aspects will play into this belt, and it has been used for comedic purposes so far. The fact it has changed hands five times in two weeks makes it the least stable title in WWE.


Every Current WWE Main Roster Championship Title Belt, Ranked

When WWE announced they were going to introduce tag team titles for the women's division, it made it look like many women would get a chance to compete for something even if they were not in a feud for the main women's world titles. Sasha Banks and Bayley won the titles and promised they would remain relevant, defended on all brands, including NXT.

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Then, The IIconics won the titles at WrestleMania 35 and have not defended them at a significant event since that time. Right now, the WWE women's tag team titles are props around the waste of Peyton Royce and Billie Kay, and until they defend them regularly, they mean very little.


Every Current WWE Main Roster Championship Title Belt, Ranked

The Monday Night Raw tag team titles used to be one of the best on the roster. However, something happened over the last two years, and the titles ended up passed around to makeshift teams and used in comedy routines. When was the last time current champions, Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder, on Monday Night Raw?

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Past champions include The B-Team, Bobby Roode and Chad Gable, and Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre, two teams that are broke up and one that is a comedy duo. Braun Strowman won the titles with a 10-year-old child at WrestleMania 34, proving how little these titles mean anymore.


Every Current WWE Main Roster Championship Title Belt, Ranked

The WWE Cruiserweight Championship is the one title that always promises excellent matches from two amazing wrestlers. However, during the fantastic reign of Buddy Murphy, the matches were on PPV pre-shows. The title finally got onto the main PPV broadcast at Money in the Bank this year and disappointed.

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Tony Nese is a good champion, but he is not what fans expect from a cruiserweight. There was a time where the title took a considerable drop in prestige when Enzo Amore was the champion, but with guys like Neville, Cedric Alexander, Kalisto, Buddy Murphy and more fighting for it, it at least remains entertaining, even if mainstream fans still ignore it.


Every Current WWE Main Roster Championship Title Belt, Ranked

The SmackDown Live tag team scene was amazing as early as the beginning of 2019. The Usos, The Bar, and New Day all fought for it, and last year, the Bludgen Brothers were terrific champions. However, the WWE Superstar Shakeup took away The Usos and split up The Bar and injuries sidelined New Day.

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As a result, the only real tag team left on SmackDown Live is Daniel Bryan and Rowan -- a makeshift team that currently holds the titles. The SmackDown Live tag team scene is so bad that they had to bring in The Usos from Raw to give the champions someone to fight on a PPV.


Every Current WWE Main Roster Championship Title Belt, Ranked

The WWE United States Championship is the one title in the company that traces its history back to the NWA. Harley Race was the first champion in 1975, and names like Ric Flair, Ricky Steamboat, Lex Luger, and Roddy Piper held the title while it was in the NWA. Now it is one of the top second-tier championships in WWE and is rarely seen.

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Samoa Joe has tried to bring some prestige back to the title by just being Samoa Joe but that resulted in a squash match at WrestleMania 35 and then him losing it in a squash match at Money in the Bank. Two PPV events and three minutes of action. Regardless, it has a long history and is still considered a prestigious title when WWE cares to push it.


Every Current WWE Main Roster Championship Title Belt, Ranked

Like the United States Championship, the Intercontinental Championship has a long lineage, stretching back to the '70s in WWE. Pat Patterson was the first champion, and names like Ricky Steamboat, Macho Man Randy Savage, Ultimate Warrior, and Chris Jericho have all held this title -- one of WWE's most celebrated championships.

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Finn Balor is the current champion, and it is on the SmackDown Live brand, so it seems a little less since Monday Night Raw is still the flagship show. However, WWE created this title so they will always consider it the more important secondary title and will always push it as such.


Every Current WWE Main Roster Championship Title Belt, Ranked

The SmackDown Live and Monday Night Raw women's titles are about the same in prestige, as both have had similar champions in Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch, although there is a new SmackDown champion now in Bayley. Asuka had a real chance to elevate the title but lost it, and now it is up to the Hugger to do what she can to make it important.

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What makes it sit below the Raw version of the women's title is Becky Lynch. While Bayley is great, the fact is that a title is only as important as the champion and Becky Lynch is still the biggest name in the women's division right now. If Charlotte Flair held the SmackDown Live title, it might be a closer choice, but for now, SmackDown is second to Raw.


Every Current WWE Main Roster Championship Title Belt, Ranked

Becky Lynch is the Monday Night Raw women's champion and is still one of the top female stars in professional wrestling -- possibly one of the top stars regardless of gender. As long as Becky is on Raw and competing for the Raw women's title, it will hold a lot of value for WWE.

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That is nothing new. Even when Lynch was on SmackDown Live, Ronda Rousey held the Raw women's title, and that alone made it the number one title for women in the company. There are top stars on SmackDown Live (Charlotte, Bayley, Asuka), but Raw is still the top of the mountain for the women's titles.


Every Current WWE Main Roster Championship Title Belt, Ranked

There are two world titles in WWE for the men. The Universal Championship is the Monday Night Raw version, but the truth is there is no lineage there. WWE introduced the title in 2016 and from March 2017 until April 2019, the three men who held the title were Brock Lesnar, Bill Goldberg, and Roman Reigns.

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Reigns had to give it up when he left to battle leukemia, and all Lesnar and Goldberg did was devalue the title by ensuring it never appeared on television, was rarely defended, and lost worth as the months moved on. Seth Rollins is trying to add value back to the Universal Championship, but it is still a relatively new belt with no history and a bad past.


Every Current WWE Main Roster Championship Title Belt, Ranked

Kofi Kingston is the WWE Champion, something he worked for 11 years to gain. While many consider Seth Rollins the bigger star, there is one thing that makes the WWE Championship more important than the Universal Championship -- this is the original WWE world title. Buddy Rogers held it in 1963, and this is the title that Bruno Sammartino held for almost a decade.

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Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and The Rock all held this title. This championship is the only world title in WWE that has lineage through the entire history of the company, and that alone makes it the most important title in the company, no matter which TV show it is on and no matter who holds it.

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