Every Divas Wardrobe Malfunction In WWE History

The alluring world in which beauty, athleticism, grace, and violence intersect is the world of WWE Divas. Ages ago the word "Diva" wasn't used, as the original female performers such as Judy Grable an

The alluring world in which beauty, athleticism, grace, and violence intersect is the world of WWE Divas. Ages ago the word "Diva" wasn't used, as the original female performers such as Judy Grable and Mary "The Fabulous Moolah" Ellison were just female talents. That was back in the 1950s. Since then, there have been periods in which the women's division and the belt have been inactive, such as 1990-1993, but these days it is impossible to imagine the promotion without a thriving and eventful Diva presence, even though they're no longer going by that name (rightly), as they're now just Superstars. It was long overdue.

One of the best things about the last thirty years worth of action by women in WWE is those outfits. Made to be tight-fitting, they show off both the fit bodies of these stunning specimens, but also allow maximum flexibility...which is hot in its own right. At the same time, these outfits are designed to show off maximum skin while also covering up those glorious unmentionable body parts that the media fun police don't want us all to see. With all these things in mind, a good wardrobe malfunction is one of those rare treats that make many of us go crazy.

The wardrobe fail can be funny or embarrassing, like a busted shoe, or hot and mind-blowing, like a crotch shot. Of course, because there is no other way to do it, we decided to count down from the innocent and funny, to the awesome and hot. Here is our list of every memorable wardrobe malfunction in the history of women wrestling in WWE. If we missed any, please let us know. For our purposes, we'll include a few instances of scripted wardrobe mishaps and a few that were caused by opponents. Rather than sticking to an over-specific definition of these great events we tried to just come up with a great list with tons of women whose clothes, for whatever reason, stopped doing their jobs.

38 Stephanie McMahon: That Time She Wet Herself


Contrary to one of the more popular lines of Adam Sandler's movie Billy Madison, it's not cool to pee yourself. When you're young, it is acceptable and when you're so drunk there's no other option, it becomes tolerable but still frowned upon. When you're (probably) sober and in your late 30s, wetting yourself is no longer an option. It becomes okay again when you hit 75, but can be avoided mainly through lifestyle and exercise (some people are unlucky, however).

But going back to the point, back at 2014 at Payback, Stephanie McMahon was in a verbal altercation with Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan, and got slapped across the face. As she walked up the ramp, we all saw what looked like a stain on the back of her dress. The WWE tried to say it was a lighting and angle problem with regard to cameras but how stupid do they think fans are?

37 AJ Lee: Just a Bra


There are plenty of reasons to respect a guy like CM Punk. Whether we're discussing his personal life or his ring persona(s), he's an impressive, hard working guy, whose two WWE Championship reigns are well-earned. His UFC career looks like it may be up in the air right now, after getting torn to pieces by up-and-comer Mickey Gall, but how many of us could last two minutes with a brown belt? (None of us is the answer).

Another reason to be impressed by the life CM Punk has built for himself is that gorgeous lady he comes home to every night. AJ Lee is a gorgeous woman and probably one of the sexiest Divas of the last ten years. Back in 2013, she had just pinned Natalya on SmackDown and in so doing, her shirt had come up and exposed her bra. This barely counts as a wardrobe malfunction, but it wasn't planned and it was a pretty sexy moment.

36 Cameron: WrestleMania XXX Shirt Fail


This former Funkadactyl was released just a few months ago after a forgettable stint in the WWE. However, one of her more memorable career moments was her wardrobe malfunction a little over two years ago.

Back at WrestleMania XXX in 2014, one of the most eventful matches of the evening was a 14 wrestler single fall match for the Divas Championship. Known as the Vickie Guerrero Invitational, the match saw AJ Lee as the ultimate winner, submitting (albeit controversially) Naomi after catching her in a Black Widow hold. During the action, Cameron was in the middle of an exchange with Emma and had her top basically pop open. We didn't see much and the picture is of her back, but chances are, at least a few lucky fans were able to catch a glimpse of what she has going on.

35 Lilian Garcia: The Shoe


Spanish babe Lilian Garcia started out as a model, competing in beauty pageants and eventually made her way into a very lucrative career in which she achieved success in many parts of show business. She has worked as a singer and has produced her own album and sung for WWE, along with her services as a ring announcer for the promotion. Most of you probably know this stuff, as she's been a regular up until August of this year when she finally retired.

Her wardrobe malfunction was probably the most tame that will be on this list and while we'll mostly be dealing with non-covering bras and panties in this magical list, Garcia's involved a faulty shoe. The 2012 event saw her walking down the ramp at SmackDown when the strap on one of her high heels broke and the shoe ended up swinging around her ankle. She stumbled, laughed at her bad luck, but kept her composure.

34 Natalya: Boot Problem


For those of you looking for a magnificent underwear and bra blow out in which the beautiful third generation stunner Natalya Neidhart ends up completely nude in ring, look elsewhere, even if we could find that, we wouldn't share. Just over a year ago in May 2015, she dealt with a boot that had partially come apart during a match, somewhat inhibiting her acrobatics and athleticism. Honestly, this one looked less like a wardrobe malfunction and more like an injury, but we're glad it wasn't serious.

Now we know what you're thinking: "what the hell? I came here for nip-slips and rear shots." Relax and exercise patience, the good stuff is yet to come and we said we're looking at every malfunction, not just those!

33 Paige: Not What We Wanted to See


Just a day after Natalya had her minor boot problem, the stunning Paige had a very minor wardrobe malfunction in which some decorative sequins (sequins are shiny accessories that are sewn or stuck onto women's clothing) did not stay attached to her in-ring outfit. She was fed up and realized that she was not much of a seamstress.

She was also involved in a scripted "wardrobe malfunction" in February of last year. While filming an edition of Raw, Nikki and Brie Bella stole her clothing from her dressing room and Paige was seen running after them in nothing but a towel. The sequence was shot live and according to Paige herself, Vince McMahon said that if she dropped the towel while filming live, everyone on set would be fired. Good for her not cracking under pressure, bad for us not seeing a nude Paige.

32 Trish Stratus - Half Wedgie


Trish Stratus had a storied WWE career and is considered by many to be the greatest female wrestler in WWE history. On the other hand, she's also had some terrible moments in the WWE, like the time that Vince McMahon forced her to strip and bark like a dog while on all fours. This wardrobe malfunction happened a little before that horrible moment, as Trish was facing Stephanie McMahon was upset that Trish was her father's mistress.

During the match, Stephanie got a handful of Trish's shorts, causing a half wedgie on the left side of Trish's butt. Needless to say, the fans were ecstatic, even though they were praying for a full wedgie. Remember guys, the glass is half full, not half empty.

31 Natalya: Edited Out Wardrobe Fail


This is a big tease, but it is widely believed that Natalya had an unidentified wardrobe malfunction during Monday Night Raw back in August 2014. She was trending on Twitter shortly after the event and while people in house know what happened, the production truck was able to edit the footage out before it went to air. Lucky for Natalya, not so lucky for the rest of us.

We are unable to find an actual video or picture of the malfunction itself, and we apologize, (more accurately, we apologize on behalf of the WWE no longer letting Divas let their parts air out), but instead we just decided to include a sexy shot of her on a beach somewhere.

30 Michelle McCool: Nip Slip


These days many of us don't remember Michelle McCool as a Diva, but more so for the tragic news she received a few months ago. Mrs. Calaway (wife of Mark Calaway, AKA The Undertaker, as we all know) was diagnosed with skin cancer and has since been uploading pictures here and there of her treatments, urging everyone to diligently wear sunscreen. We wish her the best in her treatments!

Her embarrassing wardrobe malfunction happened at Survivor Series back in 2007 and seems to have been caused by a poor fitting top. Twice during her match she had one of her sweater cans exposed. Once is more than enough, but twice within a short period of time is a sign of a poorly designed costume. Granted, it did seem kind of loose fitting, given that she was performing a lot of arm movement.

29 Ivory: Full Boob Slip


This happened shortly after a match between D'Lo Brown and Jeff Jarrett. D'Lo won the match, but in the aftermath, Ivory and Debra decided that would not be all the action the fans would get. They both entered the ring and had a physical exchange that didn't turn out as intended. After a few choice words that should not be uttered in polite company, they upgraded their altercation to physical contact. It started with Ivory winding up and smacking Debra in the face, which turned into Debra pulling Ivory's hair. During this hair pull, Ivory jerked her body in such a way that her breast fell partially out of her top. It was quickly covered up, but plenty of people saw it before she got covered up by D'Lo.

28 Nikki Bella: Upskirt Shot


Because we know everyone loves spoilers, this is the first but definitely not the last time a Bella will be on this list. As if you guys needed more of a reason to stick around and keep reading, right? You animals...

In February of 2015, Paige met Alicia Fox on Raw and pulled out a miraculous win, while it looked like she was in danger of losing a couple of times. The Bella Twins were ringside for the match and after Paige's win, they and Fox spray-painted the lovely Brit (classic Hollywood Hogan move). Because of brilliant camera work, we all got to see up Nikki Bella's sexy beige dress. On the other hand, because there is no justice in the world, she was wearing underwear.

27 Stephanie McMahon: Upskirt Shot


Similar to Nikki Bella, this is an upskirt shot of Stephanie McMahon and also isn't the last we'll see of her on the list (though she's already popped up once).

Now, a theme of this article will be angles and Stephanie McMahon falls victim to that here. As she's entering the ring in this picture under the middle rope, her jean shorts hike up and the fan who takes a quick picture gets a glimpse of what The Billion Dollar Princess is wearing under her shorts.

Unfortunately for Stephanie McMahon, this is the tamest of her wardrobe malfunctions that involve showing a little bit of skin. At least she can take comfort in the fact that she's rich, right?

26 Naomi: Nip Slip


Current roster hottie Naomi, who used to be a Funkadactyl, had a match against Natalya a couple of years ago that involved a very brief fraction of a second worth of nipple exposure. This was during the period when Naomi was managing Jey and Jimmy Uso. Naomi was getting handily beaten and after eating a drop kick to the chest, she was pinned and between her being kicked to the mat and pinned, part of her top slid to the side of her chest, exposing her for just enough time for the keen eye to catch. The malfunction was quickly corrected and the match went on. No, we can't show an uncensored picture or a video, because the rules of the internet and Google doesn't want you to be happy. Blame them, not us.

25 Mae Young Bikini Contest: Does This Count as a Malfunction?


This was a messed up, disturbing and unpleasant moment in the Attitude Era and something most fans wish they could forget. Sure, there is the idea of "beauty at any age," but in this instance, Mae Young, who was in her late 70s at the time, removed her top during the bikini contest at the 2000 Royal Rumble. Of course the promotion said that she was wearing a prosthesis and didn't actually expose herself, but in a sport like wrestling, who knows what you can believe.

To call this a proper wardrobe malfunction wherein the attire suffers a catastrophic failure and exposes a part of the Diva would be false, but Mae Young stripping during the bikini contest seems like enough of a lapse in judgement by the WWE that this slice of awkward nudity deserves a spot on this list.

24 Charlotte: Nip Slip Jumping off the Corner


Gorgeous Ashley Fleihr, the daughter of legend Ric Flair, who we know as Charlotte in the WWE, has spent a good part of 2016 as the Divas or Women's Champion and is the current Women's Champion at the moment. During one of her runs as Champion, she feuded against Natalya for the belt. During said match, Charlotte climbed atop the ropes and onto the top turnbuckle and attempted a backflip, which ultimately failed to land on her opponent. While attempting the maneuver however, her top was positioned suspiciously low on her chest and it looked like a little more than top-breast was popping out. It may have been shadows at work or maybe there was a little something extra. Let us know what you think in the comments section.

23 Sasha Banks: Awesome Wedgie


A relative newcomer to WWE, Sasha Banks has been on Raw for just over a year now, having been brought up from NXT back in the summer of 2015. She's quickly made an impact, joining Team B.A.D. and winning the Raw Women's Champion twice earlier this year. Between the purple hair, cute face and flawless body, she is one of the hottest women on the roster these days. During a match against Charlotte, she was in the process of being tossed back in the ring and received a wedgie that showed off far more of her butt than her outfit had ever intended.

While it is hard to determine where a wedgie crosses the line between mildly uncomfortable and wardrobe malfunction, Sasha's shows off enough here that we're very comfortable saying this is a serious and awesome wardrobe malfunction.

She's also rapper Snoop Dogg's first cousin, which we think is pretty crazy and deserves a mention. So if you're one of the few wrestling fans who doesn't know that're welcome.

22 Mickie James: Spanking


This is one of many examples of a (probably) scripted moment of clothing problems but for our purposes, we like it here because a Divas themed article about exposed skin and parts isn't complete without an appearance by Mickie James. Her stalker gimmick and obsession with Trish Stratus was gold (both hot and just awkward enough to be funny). She wore skimpy, sexy outfits every time she entered the ring, but when she was getting spanked by Torrie Wilson and her skirt was pulled down, we all saw enough skin and buns that it can be considered a great wardrobe malfunction, even if it was caused by her competitor. James even had a sense of humor about the moment, tweeting this out with a photo of the incident: "TTDub!!! @Torrie11 (Torrie Wilson) my butt still hurts."

21 Dawn Marie: Torn Pants


Even if we wanted to, it would be hard to forget what Dawn Marie looked like in the late 1990s in ECW and the early 2000s when she started out with WWE. She had one of the finest bodies of anyone in Diva competition at the time. Despite that fantastic figure that she could have shown off, her outfit normally consisted of a top that covered what it had to, along with tight pants. In this match she was up against Torrie Wilson, who attempted a pin, but tore Dawn's pants in the process, exposing most of her bottom at the rear and her thong at the front. The show went on and fans got to see far more than they expected, and it was a wonderful moment in wrestling nudity.

20 Cameron: Left Cheek Sneak


This is another one that is difficult to categorize as a wardrobe malfunction. AJ Lee pulled Cameron up off the mat by her booty shorts and in the process, exposed Cameron's butt for half the audience (and anyone watching through the camera's view) to see. An accurate definition of "wardrobe malfunction" is hard to achieve. Is it defined by the article of clothing failing on its own or can one happen when an opponent causes the garment to fail to cover up what was intended. These are silly questions, however, and miss the point entirely. The point is of course, Cameron's butt. While we don't see as much as many of us want, we see more than we were supposed to, giving it a spot on this list.

19 Eva Marie: Top Down at Smackdown


Sure, this one was scripted, but it was well done, so as far as we're concerned, it is welcome on this list and any other list like it. For a couple of weeks back in August of this year, Eva Marie found reasons not to compete in the ring. One week it was a hamstring injury while jumping down from the second turnbuckle before her match started. The next time it was a "wardrobe malfunction" when her top simply failed to stay on her body, that allowed her out of her match against Becky Lynch.

Lynch then invited any woman on the roster to take the place of Marie and we got the stunning Alexa Bliss. When she reappeared during the match, Marie was able to distract Lynch enough for Bliss to get her first in-ring win.

18 Francine: Throwback to ECW


Hottie Francine Fournier only worked on a WWE contract briefly and late into her career and her wardrobe malfunction occurred in ECW in the 1990s, but we'll include her on this list anyway as throwback to the great company. This one goes way back and during an ECW match she was picked up by her waist, upside down, and with her front facing the crowd, her top started to get pulled away down (up in this case), and she ended up showing the entire crowd her left shirt-puppy before being on the receiving end of a vicious piledriver from Tommy Dreamer. ECW was a different kind of wrestling promotion and this brutal piledriver is a prime example as to why.

17 Sable: Parking Lot Mishap


Yes it was totally scripted, of course. This was back when anything was allowed in WWE and above the belt nudity was no problemo. Way back in the early 2000s, there came a storyline in which Sable was Vince McMahon's mistress. Stephanie hated that and the two had a memorable feud that lasted a few months in 2003. One of their catfights took place backstage and the two ended up in the parking lot, scrapping around a limo.

Around the end of the scene, Stephanie got ahold of Sable's blouse and tore the whole thing off. Her entire set was on display, but because of the poor quality of television cameras at the time it was somewhat hard to see all there was to see.

16 Aksana: Monday Night Raw


Who can forget Zivile Raudoniene, the Lithuanian Goddess who wrestled in Florida Championship Wrestling, NXT and WWE under the name Aksana? While her career prior to stepping in the ring was in bodybuilding and fitness competitions, she wasn't bulky or particularly intimidating. Rather, just a stunning, busty, European babe.

During a match in 2013 on Raw, she had what we'll call a two-in-one wardrobe malfunction. The bottom of her outfit was pulled back as she was on her hands and knees, exposing a nice helping bottom, along with a ton of sideboob and when she flipped over onto her back, most of her boob popped out. The footage is somewhat unclear, but we like to think that there is a bit of a nip-shot in there.

15 Kaitlyn: Pop Out


Bodybuilder/fitness model Celeste Braun joined the world of wrestling back in 2010, but is now retired. She built her name and skills up in the developmental promotions, winning the third season of NXT (when it was still a competition) and joined the main roster in 2012. By early 2013, she had already won the WWE Divas Championship. Her title reign lasted a little under a half a year and by January 2014 she had left the wrestling world, preferring to focus on bodybuilding and a clothing line she had started.

Her biggest feud was with AJ Lee and during one segment on Raw the two had a nasty scuffle that left Kaitlyn's top out of place, exposing her right breast to everyone watching.

14 The Kat: Arm Wrestling


While as scripted as they come, it was still a great moment in wardrobe mishap history of the WWE. But it leaves us asking, does it truly count as a "malfunction" if it is caused by one's opponent? For our purposes, why the heck not?

This gem of a moment goes back to Insurrextion (whoever was spelling things for Vince McMahon back around the turn of the century was either dyslexic or a temp with a bad attitude) in 2000. Stacy Carter, as The Kat, was arm wrestling Terri Runnels during their feud that was ongoing at the time. The Kat won (thanks to some interference by Mae Young) but had the string on her bikini top pulled by Terri after the match, exposing herself very temporarily.

13 Stephanie McMahon: The Pedigree


This took place in the buildup to WrestleMania X8 in Toronto in 2002. This was at the height of conflict during the relationship between Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. They were setting up for the WM's main event between Triple H and Chris Jericho for the Undisputed WWE Championship on Raw when this happened. During a match, Triple H had to defend himself from both Stephanie and Jericho. He would then attack his real-life wife and look to give her his finisher on a table. With Stephanie ready for a Pedigree on one of the announcing tables, her chest became exposed for a few seconds. It's hard to see because tech wasn't as advanced in 2002, but everyone knows what's going on here.

12 Brie Bella: Clapping Nip Slip


We, like so many fans of WWE, have nothing but love for The Bella Twins. No matter what the story is, they're so hot and they're twins, we can't help but just love the crap out of these girls. The world of WWE fandom got to see a whole new few inches of Brie's body back in 2013 when she and the rest of the cast of Total Divas were guests on RawHere's the crazy and amazing part: she was literally just sitting there and clapping. Almost every other malfunction in this article happened when the hottie was carrying out some acrobatic feat or being pinned. No, Brie Bella's boob came loose while clapping for one of her coworkers. The world can be a crazy place sometimes.

11 Nikki Bella: Mid-Beatdown Nip Slip


From one Bella back to the other, we already saw one Nikki Bella wardrobe malfunction and here's another. The earlier one was an up-dress hot and while it was pretty great and we have no complaints, her boob came out on Raw a few years ago. Stephanie McMahon was in the middle of a nasty feud with Brie and in this case (like a few similar cases) took it out on Nikki. During this handicap match, Stephanie and a few other divas were absolutely taking it to Nikki and she ended up getting rolled out of the ring. While moaning and groaning in pain on the floor, we all couldn't help but notice that her top was slightly out of place.

10 Stephanie McMahon: Mid-Wedding Mishap


If Stephanie McMahon wasn't in the business of wrestling, her love life would have her spending the next four decades in thrice daily therapy sessions. One of the prime examples for this was her televised wedding to Triple H. Remember, Triple H, that dude who gave her the ol' Pedigree on a table? Yeah, she married him, I'm no psychoanalyst or psychologist, but...

Anyway, their wedding turned into the kind of mess that most people would trip over themselves to get away from. Triple H acted like an absolute neanderthal and brutalized a few people, throwing around Pedigrees like it was cool and, of course, shoving Stephanie to the ground. As she was rolling around, we all saw that her dress had fallen out of place and her chest was on full display for a couple of seconds.

9 Rosa Mendes: Full Backend


Sometimes, there's really nothing as amazing as a Latina posterior. Let us rephrase; most times there is nothing so amazing as a Latina posterior. There we go, far more accurate.

While she's actually Canadian and Czech/Costa Rican by ancestry, according to her own website, part of her gimmick is being a full-blown Latina stunner from Costa Rica (she has sometimes been billed from Puerto Rico). All of these minute details don't matter much, because we have a brilliant wardrobe malfunction to show you.

Back in September 2014, on an episode of WWE Main Eventfans were treated to a Divas tag team match between Mendes and Natalya, and Summer Rae and Layla. At one point, Mendes was scrambling to get back into the ring and Layla pulled at her tights to keep her from doing so. The result was Mendes' butt being on display for the entire viewing audience. It was something special.

8 Miss Kitty: Armageddon 1999


I'll admit that this is really stretching the limits of what can be considered a wardrobe malfunction, but at the time WWE's story was that Miss Kitty/Stacy Carter's flashing the crowd after her WWE Women's Championship win at Armageddon in 1999 was the start of something special. While it was a scripted "malfunction," it more than deserves a spot on this list. This would not be an isolated event and is widely considered the first intentional shot of "unintentional" nudity that sparked a period of hypersexualization of WWE divas.

As has become a sad reality of this article and others like it, we can't show you the whole picture, video, or even a GIF of The Kat strutting around, undressing and showing herself off.

7 Eve Torres: Tough Angle


Now just 32 years old, Eve Torres is retired from wrestling and married with a kid. For those of you who are wondering and don't know yet, her husband is Rener Gracie of the Gracie Jiu-Jitsu family. She is also rocking a purple belt in BJJ these days and lives in California. Since her time as Divas Champion in 2010 and then again in 2011, she has developed an acting career and helps run a self defense school for women under the Gracie name.

Back in 2010, during a match, she was being pinned and this unfortunate scenario played out. We're not doctors, but it certainly looks like some lady parts were showing or very close to showing at this point.

6 Becky Lynch: Bad Angle/Panty Problem


The Irish Lass-Kicker is one of the hottest women on the WWE roster today and plays up her Irish roots with that accent and striking red hair. A little over a month ago she won a six-pack challenge at Backlash to become the SmackDown Women's Champion.

About a year and a half ago on Raw, she was caught in a choke hold and was sitting on the ground. Her legs were open and it looked like her tights had moved in such a way that she was showing more than she wanted to. Some will argue that it looks like part of her tights bunched up while others argue that we got to see downtown Dublin on this one. What do you guys think? This one is firmly in the "maybe pile," but most definitely at the top of said pile.

5 Jacqueline: Full-On Topless


Jacqueline Moore, whose de facto retirement took place back in 2013, has had a twenty-five year career that started out back in the late 1980s. Her time in the ring saw her working on and off for WWE, a brief stint in WCW and a lengthy stay in TNA.

Her wardrobe malfunction took place after a mixed tag team match in which she and Marc Mero lost to Sable and Christian. She wasn't too pleased after the pinfall and decided that the best way to rectify the situation was to start wailing on the ref. She was picked up and ended up on his shoulders and while there, Sable pulled off her top, exposing her entire upper body to the crowd and no one is sure if it was planned. While this is the kind of thing that would see Vince McMahon spontaneously combust these days, this was really just another day at the office in the Attitude Era.

4 Jacqueline - This Was Definitely Not Planned...


We'll go right back to Jacqueline on our list and this moment was definitely not planned. During the same feud with Sable that spawned the last entry on our list, Jacqueline was facing off against Sable in a bikini contest, which was a staple of the Attitude Era.

Let's take a break from the malfunctions and discuss Jacqueline's impressive career a little more. She actually won the WWE Cruiserweight Championship once, defeating Chavo Guerrero and won the Women's Championship on two occasions.

Now, back to the slip. During the bikini contest at Fully Loaded 1998, Jacqueline was dancing for the crowd in her very skimpy bikini when he right breast popped right out for the entire crowd to see.

3 Lita: Edge's WWE Championship Celebration


There really are only so many ways a man can celebrate a major achievement. Beer and pizza are a great pair and constitute a decent celebration. A party in honor of an achievement is a good bet too, as is love making. But taking it to another level and having a live sex show, as Lita and Edge did in early 2006 on Raw to celebrate Edge's victory over John Cena for the WWE Championship, is as good as it gets.

A bed was brought into the middle of the ring, they went under the covers and did some undressing and simulated fooling around. There was not nudity intended, but during this "show," the blanket was moved and exposed one of Lita's breasts for the whole crowd to see.

2 Maryse: Pin Mishap


Currently partially retired and managing her husband Michael "The Miz" Mizanin, Maryse has an eventful life outside the ring, having started her own fashion and jewelry business, along with a small film and television career. She has also worked in real estate following her release from WWE in 2011.

Back in April 2010, Maryse was involved in a fatal four-way for the Divas Championship. Eve, Gail Kim and Alicia Fox were her competitors, and Fox came away with the victory. However, while Fox pinned her, her bottoms ended up out of place, exposing something most definitely not allowed on a PG program.

1 Melina: Pantyless Splits?


Angles, angles, angles.

Model-turned-wrestler Melina was known for flexibility. Most divas are incredibly fit and very flexible, but few showcased these attributes like this stunning Californian. She was known for doing the splits upon reaching the ring before matches. It was sexy and fans came to love it. There are lengthy YouTube videos that are just compilations of her doing this.

There was one event, however, at which it looked suspiciously like she wasn't wearing any underwear. There's a variety of pictures of the moment and most of them tend to point to the fact that she's wearing anything under her shorts.

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