Every Member Of The Corporation, Ranked By How Successful They Were

The Corporation remains a top underrated wrestling faction from the Attitude Era. Vince McMahon’s rise as a heel character made him the perfect villain for Steve Austin and a few other top faces on the roster. It led to the formation of The Corporation faction to help provide a great opportunity for some of the underrated heel wrestlers on the roster. McMahon essentially put together a team that would do his bidding and protect him from Austin even though that plan did not always work.

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We will look at all the relevant members from The Corporation along with the insight of how their careers all played out in the long run. Secondary members like the Mean Street Posse and the Stooges will not be ranked since they had such an irrelevant role in the group. The important members of the Corporation will all be ranked here to find out who had the best career.

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11 Test

WWE viewed Test as a potential top star for the future of the company, but he never could reach that potential. The size, look and athleticism of Test all impressed Vince McMahon enough to add him to The Corporation faction.

Test received a few solid pushes from WWE, but none of them would break him out of the mid-card picture. The career of Test was not a failure by any means. However, the rest of The Corporation had better overall futures than him.

10 Ken Shamrock

The background of Ken Shamrock in UFC would see him jump to the WWE in the 90s. This was an important first in wrestling history given the future of crossover MMA/wrestling stars, but Shamrock did it before anyone else could.

WWE added Shamrock to The Corporation faction after his face run fizzled out. Shamrock had a successful run in WWE enough to be remembered fondly today. His general impact was not as important as most other members of the group, so he is ranked lower than most.

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9 Big Boss Man

The Big Boss Man was already a successful WWE wrestler before the run that brought him back in The Corporation. WWE found success with him in the early 90s before he made the move to WCW. A return would see him playing a darker version of his cop character now defending Vince McMahon.

Boss Man was one of the first few members of The Corporation when McMahon started the faction. Steve Austin, The Rock and others were the ones to combat the Big Boss Man to get to Vince. The late legend was inducted into the Hall of Fame for the ultimate honor of his career.

8 Chyna

The legendary career of Chyna showcased her importance as one of the first few credible female performers. Chyna joined The Corporation in 1999 after turning on D-Generation X in shocking fashion.

Triple H and Chyna continued their bond as a dynamic duo in The Corporation faction until the end. Chyna often took part in matches against her former DX friends X-Pac and Road Dogg during her time in The Corporation faction.

7 Big Show

The introduction of Big Show in WWE after leaving WCW featured him attempting help Vince McMahon in a cage match against Steve Austin. Big Show came from under the ring to throw Austin into the cage, but Austin’s momentum pushed the cage open to score the win.

The size of the Big Show made him a valuable commodity to The Corporation during his short run in the group. Big Show would spend the next two decades in WWE and is now transitioning into retirement after a Hall of Fame worthy career.

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6 Kane

Kane had a unique role in The Corporation that provided another dynamic to his character. Vince and Shane McMahon attempted to manipulate Kane into serving as their walking weapon to take down the top faces.

The run in The Corporation for Kane ended quickly as he turned face and started to showcase more elements to his personality. Kane’s career was another massive success story as he is semi-retired as the Mayor of Knox County after a legendary run in WWE.

5 Shane McMahon

The introduction of Shane McMahon as a character on WWE television would see him double cross Steve Austin. Shane was the referee of Austin’s match vowing to make things right unlike his dad, but he instead turned on Austin to unite with Vince.

The McMahon father and son duo created The Corporation faction with the heel wrestlers joining them. Shane became a successful character that is still a huge part of WWE today. We will likely see him holding down an important spot in WWE for at least the next decade.

4 Mr. McMahon

The character of Mr. McMahon allowed Vince McMahon to become a top character on his own show. Fans naturally disliked McMahon after the Montreal Screwjob and the heel character was born shortly after to feud with Steve Austin.

The Corporation allowed McMahon to get away with provoking Austin while giving wrestlers a chance to be utilized in an important role. Vince is still occasionally television today, but the character seems to be fading out after a legendary run for many years.

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3 Shawn Michaels

Shawn Michaels retired from WWE in 1998 due to back issues taking him out of the ring. WWE brought Michaels back for a role as the Commissioner. Michaels would swerve everyone by aligning with The Corporation to bring the power back to Vince McMahon working as his follower.

The time for Michaels in The Corporation did not last long as he would turn on Vince on-screen before the end of his run. Michaels thankfully did return to the company in a wrestling capacity in the 2000s to add another legendary run to his career further creating an argument as the greatest wrestler in WWE history.

2 Triple H

The heel turn for Triple H in 1999 to join The Corporation played a huge role in his eventual success as a main eventer. WWE always looked at Triple H as a future star, but he was never presented on that level until joining The Corporation with Chyna after turning on D-Generation X.

Triple H would win his first WWE Championship shortly after the end of The Corporation proving it did set him up for success. The future would see Triple H become one of the most successful wrestlers of all time leading to him now having a powerful position running the company.

1 The Rock

No wrestler benefited more from The Corporation than The Rock. The ascension of The Rock started when he joined the Nation of Domination as a heel. Rock would continue moving up and found his way into the main event picture as a face. A heel turn would see him unite with the McMahon’s to cost both Mick Foley and Steve Austin title wins.

Rock became the leader of The Corporation with Vince McMahon doing everything in his power to have him retain the title. Austin and Rock started their iconic rivalry during this time frame as Rock emerged into a legend after the stint with The Corporation.

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