Every Vince McMahon Kiss My Ass Club Segment, Ranked

We have all sorts of clubs like the Bullet Club or the O.C. in the world of pro-wrestling, with the performers lining up to be a part of them. But that was not the case in the early 2000s where the performers had to face their worst fears of having to join the most notorious club in history, Vince McMahon's "Kiss My Ass Club."

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Those who end up on the wrong side of Mr. McMahon has to do the ultimate penance if they want to keep their job. The person has to kiss the rear end of the chairman for the forgiveness of their transgressions. With that said, let's take a look at the rankings for every one of Vince McMahon's Kiss My Ass Club segments.

11 Hornswoggle Takes A Piece Out Of His Dad

On the April 2, 2008, episode of Raw, Vince McMahon ordered his illegitimate son Hornswoggle to join the club to show his loyalty to the McMahon family. McMahon wanted to teach his son some tough love by making Hornswoggle join the club.

When McMahon lowered his pants to proceed with the ceremony Hornswoggle who was supposed to kiss McMahon's buttocks, took a bite from it instead and escaped the ring to avoid the humiliation.

But McMahon claimed that since Hornswoggle's lips came in contact with his rear end, he was an official member of the club.

10 Eric Bischoff Makes A Narrow Escape

Eric Bischoff almost paid the ultimate price for giving Vince McMahon headaches with WCW on the February 10, 2003, episode of Raw. McMahon fired Bischoff as the General Manager of Raw earlier the same night, and when Bischoff came out and requested his job back, McMahon offered to consent under the condition that he joins the Kiss My Ass club.

Bischoff refused to join the club, and McMahon took it as an insult and made his former rival join the "Get My Ass Kicked Club," by forcing him to face Stone Cold Steve Austin at No Way Out 2002.

9 Zach Gowen - Down But Not Beaten

Zach Gowen was the first one-legged competitor in WWE history, performing in the company from 2003 to 2004. Gowen landed on the wrong side of Mr. McMahon after becoming an ally of Mr. America. On the June 26, 2003, episode of SmackDown, McMahon offered a WWE contract to Gowen if he joins the Kiss My Ass Club.

McMahon got in position and asked Gowen to pucker up, but things didn't go well for McMahon as Gowen refused to lose his pride and gave McMahon a low blow instead to end the segment.

8 Trish Stratus Almost Became The First Female Member Of The Club

On the November 29, 2001, episode of Smackdown, Vince McMahon wanted to remind everyone of his history with Trish Stratus by making her a member of his Kiss My Ass club.

The Rock came down to make the save and laid a verbal smackdown on the chairman before giving him a Rock Bottom & a People's Elbow for good measure. But Vince McMahon got the best of the Rock that night after he & Chris Jericho took him out.

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But McMahon paid his dues a week later after the Rock & Trish Stratus forced him into a Rikishi stink face.

7 Triple H Exposes McMahon's Thong

Triple H entered into a heated rivalry with the McMahon's in 2006 and almost joined the Kiss My Ass club for his deeds. On the June 5, 2006, episode of Raw, Vince McMahon called for Triple H to join the club but made sure his son-in-law wouldn't turn the tables.

Shane McMahon had laced Triple H's water to make him faint during the segment, but he didn't know that Triple H had switched the bottles. Vince McMahon took the bait, and Shane fainted during the segment. Triple H gave a pedigree with McMahon's pants around his ankles, exposing the boss' buttocks with a thong.

6 Stone Cold Steve Austin Is Too Tough To Be A Member

Vince McMahon once tried to make his toughest rival, Stone Cold Steve Austin, to join the club on the November 26, 2001, episode of Raw, but instantly regretted the decision.

Austin refused to join the club and unleashed hell on the chairman with a low blow and repeated shots to the back with a leather belt. The Dudley Boys & Kurt Angle came out to save McMahon from Austin, and the segment saw McMahon retreating to the back with Angle while Austin brawled with the rest of the chairman's henchmen throughout the arena.

5 Good Ol JR Join The Club

Legendary commentator Jim Ross was never a Mr. McMahon guy and has landed in hot water with the chairman on multiple occasions throughout his career. JR was having a good laugh at McMahon's failed attempt at making Stone Cold join the Kiss My Ass club, but little did he know that it would lead himself to become a member.

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McMahon forced JR to join the club and said everyone who laughed could kiss his ass through Ross. Undertaker came out appearing to save Ross but instead joined with McMahon & Angle to plant JR's face on McMahon's buttocks.

4 Shane McMahon Embraces Daddy's Buttocks

Vince McMahon's own son Shane became an unexpected member of the Kiss My Ass club at WrestleMania 22. During Vince McMahon's No Holds Barred Match with Shawn Michaels, the boss tried various underhanded tactics to pick up the win.

During the match, Vince tried to make Michaels join the Kiss My Ass club with help from his son Shane. Shane tried to shove Michaels' face into Vince's buttocks, but Michaels overpowered at the last minute and shoved Shane's face into Vince's rear end.

Vince, unaware that it was his son who had joined the club, was taking in the crowd's cheers while releasing gas into his helpless son's face.

3 Mick Foley Feels Melina's Betrayal

Mick Foley became the second person to join the Vince McMahon Kiss My Ass club on the August 21, 2006, episode of Raw. McMahon wanted Foley to join the club to save Melina's job, and Foley did the ultimate- sacrifice for his friend by joining the club.

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Foley gave a good long kiss to the chairman's bare buttocks, and when he thought things are over, he suffered a betrayal at the hands of Melina, receiving a low blow at the hands of the same person for whom he joined the club.

2 William Regal Becomes The First Member

William Regal became the very first member of the Kiss My Ass club on November 19, 2001, episode of Raw. Regal requested McMahon to give his job back as he had joined forces with the Alliance in the Invasion storyline. McMahon offered to rehire Regal on the condition that he becomes the first member of the Vince McMahon's Kiss My Ass club.

McMahon made the situation worse by doing tricks with his buttocks and making Regal put on lip balm before finally making him kiss his bare bottom to end the segment.

1 A Heart Break For The Heart Break Kid

Shawn Michaels became a member of the Kiss My Ass club on February 27, 2006, episode of Raw trying to save his old friend Marty Jannetty.

McMahon offered a WWE contract to Marty Jannetty under the condition that he joins the club, Jannetty refused to do so and took the master lock challenge instead. McMahon gave a low blow to Jannetty and tried to make him a member of the club by force, but Shawn Michaels came out to make the save.

Shane McMahon, who was hiding under the ring, took out Michaels with a chair shot and shoved his face into his dad’s buttocks, making the Hall of Famer an official member of the club.

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