Everybody Loves Sami Zayn. But Does Vince McMahon?

It's not that he doesn't like Sami Zayn, it's just that he doesn't understand why everyone else likes him so much.

Sami Zayn is easily one of the most popular NXT superstars ever and he got over with WWE fans very quickly upon his promotion to the main roster. However, according to, Vince McMahon doesn't understand why he's over with the WWE Universe the way he is - and there is speculation that that is why he hasn't been booked as strongly as a face as you would have expected given his popularity with the fans.

The good news is that, as you might remember, McMahon wasn't particularly fond of Kevin Owens either at the beginning, but KO has really grown on Vince, so let's hope that the same will be true for Zayn in the future as well.

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Everybody Loves Sami Zayn. But Does Vince McMahon?