Everyone's Favorite Hugger: 15 Hottest GIFs Of Bayley

Bayley is currently one of the top Women's Division wrestlers on Monday Night Raw, and she has already had one reign as the Raw Women's Champion. Although Bayley's often criticized for her lack of character and direction, there's no denying that Bayley's one of the most technically-sound female wrestlers on the WWE scene today. Sure, she may not have a very intriguing character at the moment like an Alexa Bliss, but Bayley's still a solid addition to the Raw roster and without her, the division would be extraordinarily thin.

When pro-wrestling fans gossip among each other as to who they believe to be the hottest Women's Division wrestler today, Bayley is very rarely (if ever) mentioned. Instead, the typical names such as Alexa Bliss, Nikki Bella, Maryse and Lana are often the Divas fans favor in terms of who's deserving of the "hottest Women's Division wrestler" award. However, that doesn't take away from the fact that Bayley is in fact quite attractive in her own quirky kind of way. No, she's not a glamorous Diva, but I think we can all agree that Bayley's still more attractive than the average.

Of course Bayley wasn't signed by the WWE based off her looks - she was signed based off of her incredible in-ring talent. That aside, Bayley's still quite hot, and if there's one aspect about Bayley that most fans couldn't deny, it's the fact that Bayley definitely has a great set of "glutes." If you're still not convinced, the following GIFs we've collected of Bayley may convince you to believe that "Everyone's Favorite Hugger" is indeed hot. Stay tuned, as this list divulges the 15 hottest GIFs of WWE's Bayley!

15  15. Getting Ready For Action

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Here we have the first GIF of Bayley on the list which highlights her energetic vibe whenever she steps into the squared circle. Very few Women's Division wrestlers can match Bayley in terms of positivity, and that's definitely one of the reasons as to why she's over to the degree she is with the WWE Universe despite not having a very thrilling or interesting character at the moment (not her own fault).

Regardless of the fact that Bayley's currently saddled down with a fairly boring character, there's no doubt in my mind that Bayley will get another shot at the Women's Championship sometime down the line, because she's by far one of the best in-ring Divas today. All that aside, this isn't the most revealing GIF of Bayley out there, but can you really deny the fact that she looked pretty great (and hot) here?

14 Preparing To Clothesline Charlotte

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This GIF showcases the moments prior to Bayley hitting Charlotte with a clothesline during one of their many battles against each other down in NXT. I think it's pretty clear that Bayley's obviously attractive "booty" is the highlight of this GIF by far. Although some fans like to argue that Bayley isn't anywhere close to being one of the most visually attractive Women's Division wrestlers today, when fans discuss the top surrounding "glutes" or "booties," I'm fairly certain that Bayley's name would pop up.

Despite not being quite as hot from the front-view as an Alexa Bliss, from behind (no pun intended), I'd say that they're neck and neck as far as their booties are concerned. Come to think of it, for all those who deny Bayley's beauty and hotness from the front view, the next GIF on this list may convince you otherwise. Speaking of Charlotte's and Bayley's clashes in the ring (especially down in NXT), they've put on some pretty fantastic matches over the years which garnered "this is awesome" chants on a regular basis.

13 Bayley And Her Suitcase

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Here we have the hot front-view GIF of Bayley that I had described in the previous list entry. I can't be for certain, but I believe this GIF originates from WWE's show "Breaking Ground" which starred Bayley among many other up-and-coming Superstars like Apollo Crews and Baron Corbin. To all the Bayley doubters out there, take a good and long look at this GIF and tell me if you're still not convinced that she's attractive. Bayley was definitely looking her best here, and her cute smile towards the end of the GIF sums up her incredibly upbeat and friendly personality.

Bayley's one of those Divas that not only has the looks (proof is above), but she also has the character, morals and just an overall positive vibe that only makes her more attractive. I'd argue that the WWE Universe is split down the middle when it comes to "Everyone's Favorite Hugger." There are those who absolutely adore Bayley and believe she's hot, and then you have those who completely disagree with her fans. Very few are ever "caught in the middle," as it's usually one or the other. For me personally, I feel as if Bayley's both underrated in the ring and in terms of hotness.

12 Try Not To Stare Challenge

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As you can probably tell from reading the heading for this article entry, I've titled this GIF to be Bayley's "try not to stare" challenge. If you happen to be reading this entry a minute after stumbling upon the GIF, then you probably ended up failing the challenge. Jokes aside, if there's one aspect regarding Bayley that almost no fan could deny, it's the fact that Bayley definitely has an attractive booty.

In theory (my imagination), perhaps Bayley walked into Vince McMahon's office once upon a time inquiring about a job opportunity, and after a short conversation, Vince stated in his gruff voice "sorry kid, you just don't have what it takes to be a Diva." However, if this scenario had actually occurred, I'm sure as soon as Bayley turned around to walk out the door, Vince's eyes popped open and he quickly changed his mind. Even if Bayley had no physically attractive qualities (which she definitely does), Bayley would still be a very valuable asset to the company considering her immense talent and personality.

11 Bayley's Weird (Yet Revealing) Pose

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Could this GIF of Bayley possibly be any weirder? When I first viewed this GIF, it immediately brought a flashback of a moment where the original Sin Cara had been in a very similar position. As I'm sure you can tell by viewing the replaying sequence, Bayley's choice to fall and then attempt a hand-stand after getting either clotheslined or punched made no sense other than for Bayley to show off her assets for the NXT fans in attendance and watching worldwide to witness.

Regardless of how awkward of a position Bayley was in this GIF, there's no denying that it was a quite revealing angle none the less. In regards to Bayley's in-ring career, it's been very sad to see her imminent de-push on the company's main roster. Down in NXT, Bayley was a top player who was protected, where as on Raw, she's constantly being exposed and quite honestly buried (repeatedly). Let's just hope that the WWE have bigger plans for Bayley down the road because right now, the future for "Everyone's Favorite Hugger" is fairly bleak.

10 Hugging AJ Lee

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This GIF showcases Bayley giving one of her classic hugs to former WWE Diva (and Divas Champion) AJ Lee down in NXT during one of their matches. There's no doubt that AJ's one of the hottest Women's Division wrestlers in recent memory, so she definitely adds to the "hotness" of the GIF by her presence alone (not to mention the quick glimpse of her booty we got to see towards the end of the GIF).

It's fairly clear that Bayley portrays a similar character on television to her real-life personality (fun spirited, energetic, friendly and confident), but despite not being your stereotypical Diva, Bayley is still attractive in a wholesome kind of way. Many of the WWE Divas past and present portray themselves as above all, self-important, materialistic and superficial which is the complete opposite when it comes to Bayley.

9 Bayley's Infamous Set Of "Glutes"

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The WWE Universe has one person to thank for making this GIF possible, and that person is none other than current Raw Women's Division wrestler, Sasha Banks. As a way to add "insult to injury" after Bayley had already taken a beating, Sasha proceeded to give Bayley a kick to the leg as a way to showcase her dominance over "Everyone's Favorite Hugger" in this NXT match. Probably not intentionally, but us fans got to witness a very revealing GIF of Bayley resulting from that kick.

I don't think I need to describe in such detail as to what the GIF showcases, as I believe you can probably see for yourself. Both Sasha Banks and Bayley are two of the most solid ring technicians in the Women's Division today, and they're both definitely contributors to the "Women's Revolution" in the WWE and Sport's Entertainment as a whole. I'm sure that we'll eventually have WWE's women main event WrestleMania sometime in the future, and it'll certainly be an exciting and monumental moment in WWE history, no doubt!

8 Bayley vs Sasha Banks GIF


Here we have yet another hot GIF of Bayley involving her arch-nemesis (or at least rival) "The Boss" Sasha Banks. As I'm sure most of you are beginning to see, the majority of the GIFs of Bayley which are widely considered by fans to be "hot" are in someway shape or form related to Bayley's booty. This doesn't mean that Bayley doesn't have a pretty face, all it really means is that her "set of glutes" are the most widely discussed aspect about Bayley when fans bring up the term "hot" to describe her.

Like the majority of current WWE fans, I'd say that the number one Women's Division wrestler who is associated with having the best (and hottest) set of glutes in the WWE is current Raw Women's Champion, Alexa Bliss. Obviously there's no denying that Alexa Bliss pretty much sums up what every male fans dream about in a woman, but if there's one Diva who could potentially rival Bliss in the "booty" department, then look no further than Bayley.

7 Bayley Showing Off Her "Assets"

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Although some of the other "booty" GIFs of Bayley on this list are hot and revealing, I doubt a single person could claim that they were more revealing than the Bayley GIF shown above. Yes, the NXT fans in attendance and watching worldwide most definitely got a good look at Bayley's "assets," and although fans had their three or four second thrill, someone obviously decided that wasn't enough and proceeded to make a GIF of the revealing moment for all too see. How considerate right?

Sarcasm aside, I bet the camera man who captured this footage was extremely thrilled with what he was filming. There are definitely "perks" to being a WWE camera guy, no doubt! However, WWE's brave camera crew sometimes end up in harms way and get wrecked as a result (think The Undertaker crashing down on that poor camera guy at WrestleMania XXV). Okay, that was obviously staged (the camera guy was Deuce from Deuce 'n Domino aka Jimmy Snuka's son), but it was a convincing example of what COULD happen to a cameraman!

6 Charlotte With Bayley In A Revealing Hold

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Before I get into this obviously revealing (and hot) GIF of Bayley, let's take a minute to thank Charlotte Flair for providing the WWE Universe with this GIF to begin with which resulted from Charlotte's leg hold. As I'm sure you can see by taking a good, long look at the GIF, Bayley was caught by the camera in a revealing position due to Charlotte's leg submission. However, just being in the position wasn't enough, as Bayley decided to take it one step further by stomping her leg which as you can see, enhanced the whole GIF.

If you take a quick look at the front row during this NXT match, partway through the GIF, you'll notice a lady taking a picture of the two performers. Although there's probably only a one percent chance that she was taking the photo for the most obvious reasons (also considering she was taking it from the opposite angle), I bet an NXT fan from the other side of the ring managed to capture this revealing sight. Judging by how many of these hot Bayley GIFs are involving Charlotte and Sasha Banks, it's becoming pretty clear that these talented Divas give us fans more than just solid in-ring performances.

5 Giving NXT Fans Their Money's Worth

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This GIF showcases Bayley recuperating from Sasha Banks' offense from one of their countless matches (many of which are now considered "classics") in NXT. There's also a good chance that Bayley had just planted Sasha with a Bayley-To-Belly Suplex considering Sasha looked completely out of it and ready to be pinned for the three count. Not only does this GIF qualify as one of the hottest Bayley GIFs out there, but it shows off one of Bayley's best traits, determination.

Sure, the actual matches are "fake," and no one is really getting injured, but Bayley portrays a very similar character (one who never gives up and keeps on fighting) on-screen as she does off-screen. Bayley had endured a grueling career prior to making it to the "big times," as it's very apparent that in a lineup with other women wrestlers who possessed the looks Vince appreciates like an Alexa Bliss or a Nikki Bella, Bayley would've instantly been overlooked. However, Bayley persevered and proved that hard work can truly pay off, and she's really a great role model for all!

4 Bayley Taking A Bump

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Aside from the fantastic matches that we all have witnessed put on by Bayley and Sasha Banks down in NXT, I think it's safe to say that all of these hot Bayley GIFs are the "icing on the cake" so to speak. This particular GIF captures Bayley taking a revealing bump in the corner (could have been from Sasha Banks diving double knee drop or a kick). Regardless of what caused Bayley to take the bump, let's just say that her set of glutes were showcased in all their glory.

Light commentary aside, I think it's pretty sad just how far both Sasha Banks and Bayley have fallen down the ranks following their jumps to the WWE's main roster. Down in NXT, they were both "Superstars" (and they were booked as such), where as on the main roster, both Bayley and Banks have been exposed and just aren't booked as big deals anymore. To put this very bluntly, both Bayley and Sasha have been buried pretty significantly despite the fact that they've both had runs with the Women's Championship.

3 Bayley Fighting Out Of Charlotte's Hold

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Here we have a GIF of "Everyone's Favorite Hugger" attempting to escape Charlotte's hold in an effort to regain dominance in the match. Although I touched upon Bayley's character on a couple other occasions throughout the article, I believe Bayley's character could be greatly improved if the WWE allowed Bayley a bit of creative freedom and control, as her promos come across as very cringey and forced quite often (this is actually the case for the majority of WWE's talents now a days).

Bayley undoubtedly has the connection with the fans, but up to this point, the "main roster" version of Bayley just hasn't clicked/caught on with the fans. Sure, Bayley has her legion of loyal fans and supporters from her NXT days, but I don't think she has really increased her fan-base all too much. If the WWE allow more creative freedom when it comes to Bayley, I think that she'll prosper hugely and refrain from going down in the history books as a "flop," because if she does, that's entirely the company's fault.

2 Interview In A Stunning Outfit

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Despite the fact that the majority of the hot Bayley GIFs are in some way, shape or form related to her booty, here we have something to "spice things up," a GIF of Bayley which showcases and highlights her overall hotness. Although many fans criticize Bayley for appearing way too goofy and acting like a 14-year old (even though it's her character), the Bayley pictured above gives off a much more mature and sexy vibe. Yes I said it, and it's true, the word "sexy" is rarely if ever brought up in regards to Bayley.

However, after giving this GIF a good look, do you honestly still feel as if Bayley's "ugly" or unattractive? I know many of you fans probably came into this article as doubters, but I'm sure I've at least convinced a few of you into believing that Bayley's actually quite attractive. Although many fans prefer or favor the looks of a stereotypical "WWE Diva" like a Lana or Nikki Bella for example, Bayley's hot in a wholesome sort of way, and she seems way more genuine and authentic than most other Divas.

1 Engaging With The NXT Universe

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Here we have the final GIF of Bayley which obviously showcases her incredibly hot set of glutes as she walks around the ring embracing her legions of fans down in NXT. In my opinion, Bayley comes across as attractive based off her attitude alone. Very few Women's Division wrestlers are very receptive to their fans praise and support, where as Bayley shows her fans that she really does care about them (and appreciates them).  As we wrap up this top 15 hottest GIFs of Bayley article, if you're still a doubter when it comes to the words "hot" and "Bayley," then I'm afraid there's nothing out there that will convince you otherwise, and that's fine.

As I've stated before, everyone has their own personal tastes and preferences in women, and I don't think that it's right or fair to say ones opinion is "wrong" (which is something many fans do when others call Bayley hot). Sure, Bayley isn't as flashy as Alexa Bliss or Nikki Bella, but I'm sure many would prefer her authenticity and overall friendly demeanor over all the flash. All that said, the main purpose of this article was to provide viewer entertainment, so if it did, then I've succeeded!

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