8 Ex-WWE Stars That Are Definitely Following Workout Plans (And 7 That Aren’t)

The life after WWE for a wrestler can see things go in many different directions. Many wrestlers continue working in other promotions while there are those that leave the business altogether. Another major change for many wrestlers after they are done with WWE is letting their looks decline. Many wrestlers stop working out religiously and begin to see their incredible physiques diminish. Others work harder than ever to improve and go against the belief that time will see it fade away. There have been wrestlers to both improve and decline their bodies since parting ways with WWE.

We will look at the changes older wrestlers have gone through in recent years. The transformations range from shocking to depressing when looking at their physiques compared to the glory days. Wrestlers to decline will be viewed as to what they are doing these days that saw a change occur for the worse. Those to become more jacked than ever will also be examined as to just how hard they’ve been training. Find out if your favorite wrestler has improved or declined physically with time passing by. These are eight former WWE stars that are definitely following strong workout plans and seven that aren’t.

15 Working Out: Kevin Nash

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Kevin Nash is in outstanding shape today despite all the injuries he sustained during his career. According to a recent interview, Nash had four different surgeries in 2017. The health issues of Nash come after his wrestling career saw his tear his quad in brutal fashion along with various other injuries. Nash has tried to continue training following the end of his career.

The hard work has paid off as Nash is one of the most jacked retired wrestlers right now. In fact, he’s probably working out as hard as many of the current WWE stars today. Nash will likely have to work harder than ever following his most recent surgery if wanting to continue to keep up this level of being in shape. Regardless, he deserves to be commended for working so hard.

14 Not: Lex Luger

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One former WWE and WCW star to go downhill following his wrestling career is Lex Luger. The physique of Luger made him a huge star in the 90s back when it was more important to look jacked than wrestle well. Luger even received the opportunity to replace Hulk Hogan as the face of WWE solely due to how he looked.

The career of Luger ended shortly after WCW went out of business with his life falling apart as well. Luger got into trouble with the law for owning illegal drugs, including ones that enhanced his look. Various physical issues have followed Lex over the past fifteen years forcing him to stop working out. Luger spent time in a wheel chair making it impossible for him to work out the same. Most fans that remember him from the 90s would be stunned to see him today.

13 Working Out: Torrie Wilson

Former WWE Diva Torrie Wilson was always in great shape as a former fitness model entering the industry. The main job of Wilson was to look good back in the time where looks were all that mattered for most of the women on the roster. Torrie took part in bikini contests and matches that involved stripping down to her underwear.

Following her departure from the wrestling business, Wilson has gone back into the fitness world. Torrie’s social media pages consists of her sharing her various workout regiments. The physique of Wilson is stronger than ever as she has clearly never been in better shape. Despite aging, she looks as great as ever over a decade removed from her prime in WWE. There are few wrestlers to get in better overall shape as Torrie has since leaving wrestling.

12 Not: Sunny

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Tammy “Sunny” Sytch has gone the opposite route of Torrie Wilson since leaving the wrestling world. Many poor personal decisions have seen Sytch become one of the biggest train wrecks in wrestling history. Sunny was once considered the best looking woman in wrestling, but time and bad choices have made her lose her way over the years.

The addiction issues of Sytch along with negative controversy after negative controversy all led to her downfall. Sunny is trying to get fans to pay for dirty shows on Skype along with attempting to start a porn career. Unfortunately for her, it comes at the worst possible time when there’s not a market to see her. Sunny went from the woman every wrestling fan most desired to the one everyone now feels sorry for.

11 Working Out: Al Snow

The wrestling career of Al Snow is still going on the independent circuit after running out of options. Snow worked backstage in WWE as a trainer and in Impact Wrestling as an agent for many years following the end of his WWE in-ring career. Impact parting ways with Snow led to him trying to become a full-time wrestler on the independent scene again.

Snow has taken his training to another level in recent years before more jacked than ever. The current physique of Snow has him stronger than any point during his peak years in WWE or ECW. Many have speculated if Snow is using any enhancement options to cheat his way to this physique. Regardless, a lot of hard work still must go into being this jacked and Snow has done it.

10 Not: Dean Malenko

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Dean Malenko was arguably the best Cruiserweight in the loaded WCW division back in the 90s. A move to WWE saw him have another year in a major promotion. Despite having a couple of very good matches, Malenko didn’t do well in WWE and appeared to be a poor fit. The lack of charisma held Malenko from moving up the totem pole.

Malenko left WWE after a few years. His independent wrestling career ended quickly, and he retired from the ring. WWE hired Dean back for a role backstage as an agent. Malenko has been in the position of an agent for over a decade now. Despite working with the talent, Malenko doesn’t work out as much as he did during his career. You can see him transition from a super athlete to an average person when you compare old wrestling pictures to the current look we see when he appears in the rare WWE segment breaking up a fight.

9 Working Out: Diamond Dallas Page

Diamond Dallas Page is one of the wrestlers most well known for working out hard these days. In fact, it has become his brand outside of the ring. Page has been taking his DDP Yoga to the mainstream for years and it finally broke out in recent years. Scott Hall and Jake Roberts each overcame addiction along with physical issues by following DDP’s plan.

The workout routine of Page has helped various wrestling fans from all over the world. It clearly has something going for it that other workout plans seem to lack. DDP being in such great shape makes it more obvious that he knows what he is doing. At the age of 59 years old, Page was able to enter the Royal Rumble thanks to WWE believing he’d stay safe thanks to being in such great shape.

8 Not: The Sandman

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ECW icon The Sandman worked for WWE following the ECW relaunch under the WWE banner. Eventually, he moved over to the Raw roster and was another member of the WWE roster. The act just didn’t work the same and he found his way getting released sooner than later. Sandman was never in the best shape compared to other wrestlers, but he was respectable enough to compete.

That is a different story these days as Sandman is in pretty bad shape. Tommy Dreamer books him for House of Hardcore shows and he often wrestles for other independent promotions. It is a depressing visual for fans to witness Sandman try to take part in any physical action. Sandman and everyone else may be better off if he stayed away from the ring.

7 Working Out: Bob Holly

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Bob Holly had the reputation of being one of the toughest guys in the WWE locker room for many years. The role of Holly in the locker room saw him make life tough for any wrestlers that crossed the line of disrespecting others. Many wrestlers believed he was a bully while others felt he was always fair. WWE eventually let Holly go after about fifteen years on the roster.

Holly has continued wrestling on the independent circuit with an improved reputation with both the talent and fans. The look of Holly has improved as well with him being in great shape. Holly’s current physique may be more impressive than it was during his prime in the Attitude Era. According to all interviews he has done in recent years, Holly is also happier than ever.

6 Not: Damien Sandow

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The talent of Damien Sandow was showcased during his recent WWE run. Sandow got over as a great heel with the arrogant genius character before finding popularity as a face playing the stunt double of The Miz. Fans supported him vocally for years, but he never received a major push. Sandow is someone that fans believed could have done better outside of WWE.

Following his release from WWE, Sandow went to Impact Wrestling and proved us all wrong. The look of Sandow saw him look out of shape just a few months after leaving WWE. Sandow no longer worked out at the same level and it hurt him during a terrible Impact run. It ended quickly and Sandow has since left the wrestling business looking to start another chapter.

5 Working Out: Sycho Sid

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Sycho Sid had a very successful career working as a top star for both WWE and WCW in the 90s thanks to his look. The height and physique of Sid made him the dream of a wrestling promoter at the time. Sid was selected as the man to defeat both Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels to win the WWE Championship. It is hard to process that today since both of those guys are legends and Sid is barely discussed.

Sid never had passion for the wrestling business and often no-showed events to play softball and do other things he enjoyed. Life after WWE saw him suffer a brutal leg injury in WCW that made fans believe he’d never wrestle again. Sid however continued wrestling on the independent circuit and still takes bookings today. The physique of Sid is more impressive than ever, and it may convince promoters to take the chance on him.

4 Not: Raven

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Raven is one of the few wrestlers to spend time in WWE, WCW and ECW all during their hottest periods. WWE never booked him strong with his place in the mid-card being forgotten most of his time in the promotion. Raven was primarily wrestling in the hardcore division despite having the skills to work against better performs and being a relatively great promo.

The wrestling career of Raven is still going today as he takes independent bookings. However, he doesn’t appear to be in any shape to perform. Raven has lost the look fans remember him for as he has lightened up on his working out. A weight gain and the aging process also factor in him letting himself go. Raven is one popular 90s wrestler that fans would be depressed to see today.

3 Working Out: Shawn Michaels

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The legendary Shawn Michaels was never known for being the most muscular man in the wrestling business. At his peak in the 90s, Michaels was considered one of the smaller and skinnier wrestlers to get a chance in the main event picture. Michaels played a huge role in WWE pushing talents of his size and eventually smaller rather than only going for the muscle heads.

In a funny twist, Michaels has started working out harder than ever during his time away from the ring. The body of Michaels has never been more jacked than he is these days. WrestleMania 32 featured Michaels in the best shape of his life when coming to the ring shirtless for a legends spot. Michaels is keeping this up as he uses his free time away from the ring to stay in great shape.

2 Not: Ahmed Johnson

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Ahmed Johnson had the opportunity to become the next big star for WWE in the 90s. Vince McMahon pushed him based off his impressive physique. Johnson may have been the most jacked man in the wrestling business back then when he was getting pushed as the Intercontinental Champion. WWE intentionally paired him with Shawn Michaels and Diesel at the time to try to present him as an equal to the top two faces in the company.

Johnson’s below average work along with injuries ended his push after he spent time on the shelf and other stars stepped up. A failed run in WCW was the last time stint with relevancy in wrestling after leaving WWE. Johnson gained a lot of weight and lost the physique fans remembered him for. The look of Johnson is almost impossible to believe if you look at him now and compare him to his WWE physique

1 Working Out: Billy Gunn

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The career of Billy Gunn peaked in the late 90s about two decades ago as a member of D-Generation X. Gunn and Road Dogg made up the popular New Age Outlaws tag team. WWE employed Gunn for many years and he clearly had a great career with them. The relationship resurfaced when WWE hired him for a trainer position at the Performance Center.

Gunn would get fired from WWE for failing a drug test. The side hobby of competing in powerlifting contests saw him use substances banned from WWE. Gunn is currently one of the most jacked men in all of wrestling at the age of 54. Despite getting help from PEDs, there’s no doubt he works out like a mad man. Gunn is wrestling on the independent circuit and his physique is still shocking to witness at this stage of his career.

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