Exposed: 15 Photos Of Female Wrestlers Revealing More Than They Wanted To

As a female wrestler in WWE, all eyes are on you. This means that the cameras catch your every move, including some very revealing moments!

Due to the power of social media and the fact that everyone from fans, hopeful paparazzi and even fellow WWE Superstars has a smartphone to hand, WWE Superstars can constantly be snapped at any moment. Sometimes these can work great, taking photos of them doing a great move or meeting a fan at ringside. Other times they can catch them at their very worst, in moments that they would never want to see again let alone have millions of fans see on the internet.

With the women's roster, fans tend to try and expose them even more due to the fact they are females, snapping them in moments without makeup or exposing private photos of them online, the WWE Women have had many moments where pictures have left them feeling totally embarrassed. Sometimes these images are very serious and can have a damaging effect on their personal lives or careers, and sometimes they can be less important. Perhaps an image of them just being a bit less than sober on holiday. Either way, there have been countless embarrassing photos throughout the years of the WWE women.

That is where this list comes in, which will delve into the world of embarrassing photographs, looking at 15 examples of photos that the women of WWE would never want to be shown, revealing more than they would want fans to see.

15 Cameron's WrestleMania Moment


WWE fans could be forgiven for not remembering former WWE Diva, Cameron, but she did work for the company for several years and was part of the Funcadactlys alongside current SmackDown Live star Naomi. Cameron didn't get much in-ring time to really showcase what she could do as she was quite green and was mainly brought in for her looks and dancing ability to go along with the gimmick. But she did get an opportunity to wrestle on the grandest stage of them all, WrestleMania XXX.

An opportunity to show everybody what she could do on the big stage, things didn't exactly go to plan for Cameron. Instead of putting on a wrestling clinic, she was forced to roll out of the match and cover herself up after her ring gear bust during the bout, revealing a little too much.

14 Suspicious Stain


Stephanie McMahon is a dominant and feared character on television, as one of WWE's top heels she always comes across in control and looks good while doing it. She has a certain look and it works well for her gimmick.

However, during Payback 2014, her dress choice came back to bite her. While the dress itself looked great on her, the color was a very light blue, the sort of blue which shows up any stain. After being slapped by Brie Bella, Stephanie fled to the back and images quickly popped up online as she dashed to the back of a very suspicious stain on the back of her dress, leaving the WWE Universe's imaginations to run wild.

13 Slip Of The Nip


Nikki Bella isn't the only one with embarrassing photos that she would prefer didn't exist. Her twin sister, Brie Bella also has one major image that she would likely want to be removed from all of time.

Occasionally things come out of place in the ring and people show more than they had intended. This applies to both men and women. While that is expected on the rare occasion during a match, it isn't expected in a sit down talking segment. However, that is what happened to Brie Bella when she showed the world more than she had hoped when her dress didn't quite perform its duties and her  live television. With the power of the pause button, this moment was caught by many fans with a keen eye.

12 Trish Stratus Follows Orders


When you think about the greatest female wrestlers of all time, Trish Stratus is likely going to be one of the first names that springs to mind as she really did make a mark on the industry, proving that women could be main event level talent.

Stratus was known for her wrestling ability and connection with the fans and always wore rather conservative ring attire in comparison to her fellow female workers, something she intentionally did. Trish wanted the focus to be on her work, not her body, and that was a method that worked out for her. That was until an awful angle with Vince McMahon which saw her be forced to strip down to her underwear and get on all fours and bark like a dog. Not exactly a moment that Trish wants to be remembered for.

11 A Forbidden Kiss


Kissing a married man is never a wise idea kids, if you take away one thing from this article, let it be that. What a shame that popular Diva, Kelly Kelly didn't have the chance to read this before she went against that advice during her time with WWE.

Not only did she plant her lips on WWE legend, Chris Jericho, but she (and he for that matter) allowed an image to be taken of them doing it, which quickly found its way onto the internet (of course) and likely left Y2J in a tough spot. Thankfully, this situation never grew into something that could have been a major problem, but the image did take away from Kelly's 'good girl' persona and left a lot of fans questioning why they were so close.

10 The Live Celebration


Much like Trish Stratus earlier in the list, Lita is one of the greatest workers in the business and their feud together is still seen as one of the best in women's history. Lita, unlike Stratus, did promote her physical appeal. From her passionate kisses with Edge to showing her thongs, Lita made it part of her act.

Because of that, there are likely not many photos that leave her embarrassed. But the images of the famous, live "intimate" celebration between the couple might just prove to be one that does the trick. That moment is still one of the moments that fans remember most about Lita, which is a shame given the quality matches and moves she displayed throughout her career. While this was an iconic moment, it's probably not one she wants to show the in-laws, is it?

9 Public Confession


If you have watched any of Total Divas you will know that Natalya is quite uptight and doesn't often break out of her comfort zone, which is why the image of her being kissed by Rosa Mendes is one that left her very embarrassed.

During an episode of the reality show, Rosa confessed her attraction to Nattie and made a move on the veteran wrestler, which she quickly rejected. This made for a rather awkward moment on the show. This wasn't the only time she has been involved in a similar type of situation either. Paige once seductively licked her in another image that has gone down in history, and likely another Natalya is embarrassed of.

8 Kelly Kelly Needs To Go


This definitely classifies as showing more than Kelly Kelly wanted to. In fact, this is probably more than anyone in photo along with their entire family would ever want to show. They all clearly had a great time, until this photo surfaced for the whole world to see.

Given that Kelly Kelly has already gotten into hot water over other photos of her in a less than sober state, you would think she would tone it down a little! Apparently not, and in this photo she is clearly confused as to where the toilet is. If she uses the sink for this, what happens when she needs to wash her hand? We probably don't want to know...

7 Emma's Mug Shot


Even though WWE Superstars have a fantastic life, they are paid well, have adoring fans  all over the world and get to travel the globe as their job. For some reason, many of them still see the need to break the law for things.

In one of the most embarrassing moments of her career, Emma was arrested for stealing an iPad case. That's right, a case for an iPad. Given the amount of money that she earned in WWE, there is no way that she needed to do this, but still, she did. In all likelihood, her mugshot's being released are likely a simple reminder of how stupid the crime was that got her in that place, but the images aren't exactly flattering either and left her feeling a little red in the face when it was picked up by WWE fans.

6 Previous Relationships


It's fair to say that Nikki Bella is head over heels in love with her current fiance, John Cena, as evidenced in any episode of Total Divas or Total Bellas. Nikki got her fairytale moment at WrestleMania 33 when Cena proposed in the middle of the ring, and everything is sunshine and roses right now.

However, that doesn't mean there aren't any skeletons in her closet or photos in an album she wouldn't want her future husband to stumble across. Everyone has past relationships, but not everyone's ex also works in the same company and has wrestled your current boyfriend countless times. Seeing images of her and Dolph Ziggler from when they were an item are probably ones that she will not want to see again, but sadly for her, the internet is likely to be around forever, so she can't escape them.

5 Love Triangle


AJ Lee is now a happily married woman to former WWE Superstar, CM Punk, which is strange given how the situation she might be embarrassed about could also be what brought them together.

During the peak of her craziness storyline, Lee would find attraction in three men, one of which was Punk, while the others were Kane and Daniel Bryan, with AJ falling for all of them in a short period of time. Not to mention her love story with Dolph Ziggler, she managed to rack up quite an impressive list of on-screen lovers, creating a catalog of images she would probably rather not be spoken about.

4 Championship In The Trash


At the time, Alundra Blayze putting the WWE Women's Championship in the trash on an episode of WCW probably felt like the right thing to her and certainly caused a rating spike for her new company.

However, the move was incredibly disrespectful and rude to her ex-employers and fellow wrestlers and really did tarnish her reputation in the eyes of a lot of people who used to respect her. With that said, it was a moment that will always be talked about, but now in the WWE Hall of Fame and back working with the company, she is probably a little embarrassed when the image is spoke about.

3 Don't Be A Lemon... Be A Rosebud


Now, this image is embarrassing for several people and actually includes some of WWE's top male talents too, such as Braun Strowman and Elias, but seeing as though this article is focusing on the women, we will do exactly that. During the peak of his powers, Adam Rose was a popular act in NXT and saw many of his fellow superstars dress up as his 'rosebuds' before they got their opportunity to prove themselves to be bigger stars than him.

Several women became a rosebud during their time in developmental, with this particular image highlighting both Carmella and Becky Lynch. When you think about how they are now in WWE, they will likely not want to think of this moment, let alone be reminded of it.

2 Piggy James


Not all of the embarrassing photos on this list see the women in question naked or in their underwear, and this is one of them. Mickie James is one of the greatest female wrestlers of all time and one of the most respected women in the business.

So, when she was subjected to very obvious bullying as part of a storyline, it was something that didn't sit right with fans and left James feeling embarrassed about the entire situation, as she promptly left WWE soon after. Being called 'Piggy James' with a focus being on her looks and in particular, her weight (which nobody thought was an issue) the storyline saw her being bullied on a weekly basis and left her looking ridiculous, pointing out any flaws which weren't pleasant viewing.

1 Paige's Private Photo's Leak


One of the biggest news stories of 2017 in wrestling came from embarrassing photos that someone wouldn't want you to see. Those images were of WWE's Absolution leader, Paige. Thankfully she has come out of the situation stronger than ever with terrific fan support and a new faction on Raw, but it did sink her to a low personal moment.

Paige has admitted to collapsing from not eating enough due to the situation that saw many of her private photos and videos be shared online for the world to see her in sexual acts. This caused huge news and sadly these leaks still continue to happen, although they thankfully get less fanfare. The images didn't just damage Paige but also Xavier Woods and her boyfriend at the time Alberto El Patron and really exposed Paige in a way that nobody should have to go through, famous or not.

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Exposed: 15 Photos Of Female Wrestlers Revealing More Than They Wanted To