Exposed! 15 Things The WWE Lies To Their Fans About

WWE runs the wrestling industry with zero legitimate competitors over the past sixteen years. The death of WCW saw the final chance of any promotion being able to compete with WWE. Impact Wrestling tried and suffered a long, humiliating defeat. We are now in a wrestling world where WWE controls the landscape along with pushing their narratives as fact. WWE isn’t known for being the most honest source when it comes to giving information to the fans. Some would go as far as to say WWE are huge liars that enjoy manipulating things to fool the viewers.

If a fan only watches the WWE product and doesn’t go out of their way to find the truth, it is very likely that these lies from WWE will be believed without question. WWE knows this and that is the reason they can sneak in little false tidbits into their shows and production without most being aware of it. We'll expose WWE regarding some of the things they have fooled people into believing. All of these are things the company doesn’t want fans to question. Let’s take a deep look for the truth with fifteen things that WWE lies to the fans about.

15 Women's Empowerment

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WWE has recently gone all the way in marketing their Women’s Division. Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks, Alexa Bliss and many others are stars on WWE television right now. The Women’s Division is stronger than ever with the women finally being treated as respected athletes. WWE pat their own backs through this entire process celebrating their approach.

However, the reason the women are being given a fair shot to compete and is such a huge accomplishment is due to how WWE treated the ladies of past eras. Women were used as second class performers meant to take their clothes off and perform in insulting matches. Vince McMahon was the person behind this and he is still running the company. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon deserve credit for the changes, but they also were there for the horrible treatment of women taking place. The difference is WWE can now use this talk of women’s empowerment to add to their branding.

14 Wrestlers' Lifestyle

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The life of a WWE wrestler is portrayed as glamorous. It is the dream job for millions of people all over the world. However, there are a lot of negatives associated with the life of a WWE Superstar. Wrestlers work a ridiculous schedule that only allows them to see their loved ones two or three times per week. Two of those days are usually interrupted by their travel schedule.

Fans also get manipulated into thinking the dream job of WWE means everyone will be rich. WWE does pay the main roster wrestlers very well, but the wrestlers have to take care of their own hotels and car services. The lower tier performers and the Cruiserweights reportedly make low income totals in the WWE landscape. Not everyone on television is rich and many of them have to budget their lives.

13 WCW's History

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Vince McMahon purchased WCW at a price way below its value in 2001. It ended up being one of the greatest business moves in wrestling history. WWE killed any and all forms of competition to put itself in the position of complete dominance. There is also the bonus of making money off the WCW history by putting the shows on WWE Network and producing DVDs about the company.

Sadly, WWE often skews from reality to create lies about how the Monday Night Wars went. WCW is viewed as getting lucky with the New World Order, but they really had one of the deepest rosters in wrestling history. The wrestlers and ideas created by WCW also get disrespected or slighted in WWE productions rewriting history. For all they did wrong, WCW delivered great entertainment to fans and should be celebrated for their positives.

12 Attendance Figures

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WWE will always attempt to inflate their attendance numbers regarding PPVs, television episodes and house shows. The most debated instance of this came with the record setting WrestleMania 32 becoming the most attended show in wrestling history. This fact is true regardless of the attendance numbers, but WWE reportedly still lied about it.

WWE reported that 101,763 fans attended the event. Wrestling insider Dave Meltzer claimed that was incorrect with his sources from the venue telling him that the confirmed number was 93,730 and that WWE lied about it to make it look like they hit the 100,000+ mark. Most attendance numbers announced by WWE are inflated to look better in the public eye. Unless Meltzer or another reporter confirms it with the venue, no one will ever be able to call out WWE on the lies.

11 The Size Of Wrestlers

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The wrestling business has changed and the performers no longer have to be giants or bodybuilders to thrive in WWE. Fans have fallen in love with the work of Daniel Bryan, A.J. Styles and Finn Balor proving the smaller man can become a major star today. Vince McMahon however still prefers the larger men and WWE will often show this by lying about the sizes of their performers.

This is something WWE has been doing for years in an attempt to fool the fans into buying the wrestlers as larger than they are. Kane and Undertaker each get referred to as being over seven feet tall but both men are just shorter than that height. Daniel Bryan has admitted that both his height and weight were smaller than what WWE listed.

10 Hall of Fame Criteria

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WWE tries to present their Hall of Fame as being of equal importance to the Hall of Fame ceremonies in other forms of sports and entertainment. Most sports leagues use historical stats and facts to prove the worth of a performer. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame looks at the impact made by a musician. WWE however just picks the people they feel could give them a good moment and that they have a good relationship with.

Michael Cole and other broadcasters often refer to current wrestlers as having Hall of Fame worthy careers. There’s not a real criteria for the WWE Hall of Fame. The company wants to make it seem like winning World Titles is the way to get there. Sycho Sid was one of the few wrestlers to make history winning World Titles in both WWE and WCW during the Monday Night Wars. Meanwhile, he is nowhere near the HOF radar while a lower card act like Koko B. Ware was inducted.

9 Well-Organized Machine

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The WWE's machine is often referred to as a professional operation. Specials about the Monday Night Wars will always compliment Vince McMahon on running a tight ship with a committed staff of workers that keep everything running smoothly. People have the idea that WWE is run with complete efficacy to put together shows ahead of time.

Recent years have shown that WWE is all over the place and can be quite sloppy. Big Show has made it public in interviews that the writers sometimes forget what happened the prior week and the shows are put together hours before the show starts. The lazy process is a detriment to the product and many wrestlers are upset with how the WWE machine has slowed down. WWE is way too big of a company to be this hectic on the day of a show.

8 House Show Ads

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One shady tactic that WWE loves to do is promoting matches for live events that don’t take place. WWE will sometimes go out of their way to advertise a big main event for a house show in hopes of convincing fans to come to the venue. The stipulation of the card being subject to change means they can easily switch out the match for a less impressive combination.

John Cena versus Roman Reigns is currently being advertised as the headlining match for a holiday show at Madison Square Garden. The match can easily change at any point despite the fact that many fans have paid top dollar to see this major attraction. WWE has this as a marketing tool in their back pocket for dates or markets they know will be a tough sell.

7 Wrestlers' Hometowns

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The ring announcer will announce where a wrestler is from during introductions before every match. WWE usually is honest about where a wrestler is from most of the time, but there are some occasions where they will lie for various reasons.

Kofi Kingston’s early career featured this as he was announced as being from Jamaica. WWE wanted him to be a Jamaican character so they lied during his introduction. This has been corrected as Kingston is now correctly being announced as being from Ghana.

The most recent instance of this comes when Jinder Mahal is being introduced. WWE is trying to get Mahal over as a major star to improve their status India. Despite the fact that Jinder was born and raised in Canada, they announce him as being from India because it benefits them.

6 Wrestlers Not Yet Arriving To Shows

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A silly instance of WWE lying to the fans will see them claim a wrestler has yet to show up to the venue during an episode of Raw or SmackDown. This typically occurs when a wrestler is challenged by his or her enemy. Announcers will say the wrestler in question has yet to show up and we patiently await them showing up later in the night.

All of the wrestlers are required to show up to the arena many hours before the show starts. Big Show has ranted about having to be at the venue for five hours plus waiting to hear what the plans are for the show. Everyone is there for the majority of the day interacting with each other and the writers about what they will be doing. The idea of a wrestler being unprofessional enough to show up hours into the show is a stupid lie WWE loves to use.

5 WrestleMania Main Events

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The biggest goal a wrestler can achieve each year is main eventing WrestleMania. WWE has seen WrestleMania grow into an even bigger event each single year over the past decade. Tens of thousands of fans travel from all over the world to witness the major event. This is WWE’s version of the Super Bowl and every wrestler dreams of being in the match that closes this night.

WWE however has tried to fool both fans and wrestlers into thinking there are multiple main events for each WrestleMania. Despite many matches having great importance, only one will close the show and that is the dream. CM Punk specifically walked out after the frustration of not being in the main event at any point during his peak. WWE has tried to convince us that some WrestleMania opening matches were main events, and that is just not true.

4 Taped Shows Being Live

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WWE has always tried to portray all of their shows as being live. This goes back to the 90s when the majority of shows were taped. Eric Bischoff turned their world upside down when revealing WWE show results on live WCW television due to the results leaking from WWE’s tapings. That is no longer a worry, but WWE still attempts to act like taped shows are live.

NXT is the main example of this. Most months are taped in one night as WWE will usually have all of the episodes filmed at Full Sail University. Despite this being accepted by fans at this point, WWE will have Mauro Ranallo and the other announcers shoehorn in topical references of the week while the episode is airing to make it seem live.

3 Vince Likes Competition

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One huge lie that WWE employees love to state in documentaries is about Vince McMahon and how much he loves competition. The claims are that he enjoyed competing with Ted Turner and Eric Bischoff during the Monday Night Wars. Some people even believe that McMahon misses having a viable competitor to push him, but that’s just not true.

Even before the Monday Night Wars, Vince tried to kill as many territories as possible when taking WWE mainstream. McMahon established WCW as being dead within a year of purchasing it rather than continuing it as another promotion owned by him, because he didn’t want the possibility of the WWE brand losing. Recent stories have seen him fire Jimmy Jacobs and send the Young Bucks cease and desist letters for using the “too sweet” hand sign. All of this is because he hates the Bullet Club brand starting to get over in a mainstream way.

2 Why Bret Hart Refused To Lose WWE Championship Before The Montreal Screwjob

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The Montreal Screwjob is still among the most controversial moments to ever take place in WWE. Both sides will argue their respective points. One reason people say the Montreal Screwjob was the right way to go was due to WWE stating Vince McMahon had no choice. McMahon, Triple H and various others make it seem like Bret Hart was just being a jerk and had no right to refuse to lose to Michaels.

However, the forgotten element to this situation is that Bret had a contract clause that stipulated he had creative control over how his time in WWE would end if ending his contract early. Hart already was doing a favor to WWE by ending his guaranteed 20-year contract and had all the rights to refuse an idea given the clause. WWE never mentions that and portrays the story as Bret was just saying no to his boss for the sake of it rather than it being his legal right.

1 "Fans Make The Stars"

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Triple H has started using the motto of “the fans make the stars” as WWE’s approach to answer how they decide who to push. This has been a WWE statement for years claiming the fans hold all the power in regards to who becomes a big star and who fades away. Recent years have shown that just isn’t true in the slightest when it comes to Vince McMahon.

Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman are regarded as McMahon’s two biggest projects in recent years. Both men received massive pushes and opportunities. Raw is currently built around the two of them. Finn Balor still gets huge pops and you can visibly see many fans rocking his merchandise yet McMahon’s hesitation on pushing him is sinking his chances of moving up. Fans can change plans, but ultimately, McMahon is the one deciding who is made into a star.

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