F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S: 15 Shocking Things You Didn't Know About Carmella

Carmella was selected to the SmackDown brand during the WWE Draft back in July and has since made a huge impact by entering into a feud with Nikki Bella.

Nikki has helped Carmella rise to the top in the SmackDown Women's Division and it has allowed other women to compete for the main Championship while Nikki and Carmella's feud became much more personal.

Carmella came through the ranks in NXT and was aligned with Enzo Amore and Big Cass. Carmella helped push her boys towards the NXT Tag Team Championship. The team became very popular while they were together in the developmental set up down in NXT and it was decided that they would be pushed up to the main roster because of this.

Sadly Enzo and Cass still await gold of any kind as a team, but they were promoted long before Carmella. She was left down in NXT while her boyfriend and friend became part of the Raw roster. Then, she was finally drafted to the SmackDown brand back in July.

It's been an exciting few months for Carmella, and as The Princess rises to fame on he Blue Brand, many fans are trying to find out more about the beautiful blonde Superstar. So, here are 15 facts about the former NXT star to get you started.

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15 Carmella, The Bootleg Bella?

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Ever since Nikki Bella made her return to WWE at SummerSlam this August, Carmella has made a beeline for her and the duo have been part of a hard hitting feud now for a few months.

Carmella now calls herself 'Mella, which rhymes with Bella and has been known to use The Facebuster finisher that was made famous by Brie Bella. Many fans have stated that the fact that she also comes to the ring in a cap like Nikki, it seems that she could just be the new generation version of 'The Total Diva.' These two linked up very well because Carmella's finisher was one that worked the neck and Nikki was just returning from neck surgery. Even if there is many similarities between them, Carmella has proved many times that she is her own woman.

14 Incredible Instagram

Like many fellow WWE Superstars, Carmella is very active on Social Media. The SmackDown star has both Twitter and Instagram, but it is the latter where she really shines (we all know how people get with their Instagram picture posting habit.).

Carmella loves taking selfies and often shares them on her Instagram account. She has an incredible amount of followers on her social media accounts as well, which shows that despite the fact that she plays a 'bad guy' in WWE, the fans know the difference between reality and the world of WWE. Carmella also uses Instagram to share cute pictures of herself and her boyfriend, WWE Raw Superstar Big Cass (even though, we tend to believe that Cass is dating out of his league).

13 Second Carmella In WWE


This is kind of an odd fact, but Carmella isn't the first Superstar with that name to walk through the WWE curtain. Back in 2004 Carmella DeCesare was part of the WWE Diva Search (she possessed none of the talent that 'The Princess' has and was merely around due to her looks).

She appeared on WWE TV under her real name and even though her stint with the company was only brief, she left a lasting impression. DeCesare's biggest match in WWE was a Lingerie Pillow Fight with Christy Hemme at Taboo Tuesday. After her WWE release she went on to be voted Playboy Playmate for 2004 following her magazine cover in 2003. So yeah, another Carmella was involved in the WWE Universe before the one you have come to know and love.

12 Her Team Were Promoted Without Her

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Sometimes teams are forced to split up in WWE and despite the fact that Enzo Amore, Big Cass, and Carmella were very popular down in NXT, Triple H decided that it wasn't time for Carmella to be promoted to the main roster (footage of Triple H explaining this to Enzo and Cass aired on Breaking Ground).

Instead he decided to call up Enzo and Cass without her following WrestleMania 32. He would only allowed Carmella to finally be promoted a few months later. Sadly the trio were unable to join up and recreate the NXT days because Carmella was drafted to SmackDown and Enzo and Cass were taken over to the Raw roster. All three stars are doing well alone, and hopefully they will join back up again in the future.

11 She Was Once Injured By Eva Marie

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Eva Marie is one of the most hated WWE Superstars on the current WWE roster. And she's rarely ever on WWE TV these days (partly due to a suspension, partly due to filming a movie). One of the reasons that the WWE Universe has turned against 'The Red Queen' is the fact that she is considered rather unsafe in the ring.

Back when Eva was in NXT, WWE released a documentary series entitled Breaking Ground and it was shown that Eva and Carmella had a match. Eva genuinely kicked Carmella in the face and knocked her out. The blonde beauty was out cold for a while after the kick from the Total Divas star and the match had to be ended. The WWE Universe are still yet to warm to the All Red Everything ambassador.

10 She Was Once A Backing Dancer For Rihanna


Ever Superstar has a career before they step through those WWE ropes. Many of the women in WWE right now have been working towards a career in the company for a good amount of years and have finally been given the opportunity they desired. But Carmella had a very different path.

Before she was signed to WWE's NXT brand Carmella was actually a backup dancer for Rihanna on her World Tour. That means she is the third Superstar to be signed with a background as a dancer. The other two being Naomi (who once danced for the Orlando Magic and was once a backup dancer for rapper, Flo Rida) and Lana who have also come from careers in the dance industry and made the switch over to WWE.

9 She Has Been Featured In Many Magazines

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Usually WWE are the ones who push their females forward and help them to be featured on the covers of magazines because of the platform that the company provides along the way. But Carmella has managed to appear in magazines all on her own and all before she was signed by WWE (talk about finding a way to get yourself out there).

Carmella has a background in fitness and has been featured in magazines like Esquire, Fitness, and Maxim, which are considered high end magazines for females to be chosen for. Carmella technically already made a name for herself before she was even approached by WWE. But now that she is employed by the largest sports entertainment company in the world, they sky is the limit for Carmella.

8 She Is Certified In A Different Way

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As already stated, Carmella had a career path before she was signed to WWE and she became a certified personal trainer and instructor. This means that she can use her time in WWE to help herself and to help other stars remain fit and healthy (obviously the company provide their own trainers but having this background must be beneficial).

Many WWE Superstars are certified in fitness and personal training because it is an easy thing for WWE stars to be able to move on to after their careers are over. Carmella started out this way (and could always go back if something should happen to her WWE career), but it is something that she could easily adapt into her WWE career and use to ensure that she is always in great shape.

7 Big Aspirations and Inspirations


Like many women who are coming through WWE's ranks right now, Carmella was inspired by the women who came before her in WWE. She was inspired by the women who paved the path for her. Trish Stratus and Miss Elizabeth were the women who Carmella looked up to when she was younger and are the ones she hopes to live up to. And as we all know, these are some big shoes to fill.

Trish Stratus is the most decorated female in the history of WWE as a seven-time WWE Women's Champion and for Carmella to aspire to be just like her, would mean that she would have to follow in the path of the absolute top female performer the WWE has ever seen. But everything is possible for the current Women of WWE.

6 Former Cheerleader

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There is a reason that Carmella has adapted so well to life as a WWE Superstar. She was already a recognized athlete before she was signed by WWE. Carmella was a cheerleader with the New England Patriots for three seasons before switching sports from football to basketball and joining the Los Angeles Lakers Dance Team.

It seems that Carmella already had her heart set on a career before WWE made an offer. And looking back at some of Carmella's videos, she seems to have been quite a talented dancer, something that she has incorporated into her WWE character. Cheerleaders are taught to be competitive and are trained as actual athletes, so this is a great beginning for Carmella to build on and create a WWE career from.

5 Carmella with Enzo?

Unless you are living under a rock, you will know that Carmella and Big Cass are currently in a relationship. The duo have been dating now for more than two years and seem happier than ever despite the fact that they perform on different brands.

Even though when she began to appear on NXT TV, all signs pointed to Carmella and Enzo Amore getting together (in storyline at least), it seems that Carmella and Cass hit it off and have been together ever since. If you want to see just how cute they are, head over to Carmella's Instagram and look at their adorable couple updates. Even though the couple are not on the same roster, they still manage to find the time they need to spend together. The saying clearly states that 'absence makes the heart grow fonder' and maybe that is helping this young couple through.

4 Second Generation Superstar


There are many second generation Superstars in WWE (the whole 'business in the blood' theory continues to ring true). But Carmella is hardly recognized as one because unlike Charlotte and Natalya, she doesn't come from a family that are known as wrestling royalty.

Carmella's father Paul Van Dale was actually signed by WWE in the 1990 and worked on WWE TV many times. He isn't fondly remembered by many of the WWE Universe though, because he was never used effectively. He wasonly used as a jobber with the company for a few years. This has been mentioned a few times on WWE TV, but many of the WWE Universe fail to remember her father, so WWE doesn't use him as a way to help Carmella's career.

3 She's Not The Princess Of Staten Island

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In character, Carmella is the 'Princess of Staten Island.' But in reality Carmella isn't actually from there. Carmella is actually from Worcester, Massachusetts and not New York. The whole Staten Island thing was incorporated into her gimmick when she was paired with Enzo Amore and Big Cass in NXT.

It seems that WWE liked this addition to her character and decided to keep it after she was drafted to SmackDown. They could easily have changed it to her real hometown, but it seems that like many little girls, Carmella enjoys being a princess 9and she plays it well). 'Mella also has a lot of new merchandise that has been made with 'Princess of Staten Island' printed on, so it seems that this won't be changing anytime soon.

2 She Has A Degree

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There was once a saying, that many 'athletes became athletes because they weren't very good at anything else.' Many footballers become athletes because it is the only thing they are good at and sometimes it's the same for wrestlers. But Carmella is an exception to this. So are many others, like fellow SmackDown star Becky Lynch, who actually has an acting degree. Eva Marie also has a degree in Business Management.

As for Carmella, the former NXT Superstar actually has a degree in Marketing and worked and earned her certified level in personal training and instructing. Carmella wasn't always looking down the road at WWE but she has now given herself a huge amount of options for when her WWE career begins winding down. Which we hope is not any time soon.

1 She Had No Wrestling Experience When She Was Hired

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This isn't and shouldn't be a shock to the WWE Universe. WWE used to hire females all the time based on what they looked like, and in the hope that the company could train them to become some of the best female stars in the business.

Trish Stratus is a great example of this. She was hired with lack of wrestling experience and became one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. WWE have changed their outlook on this a lot and have more recently begun hiring women with wrestling experience. Allowing them to mold their own paths. Carmella obviously had the fact that her father worked for the company in her favour, but she needed to prove herself as well, and has definitely done that in recent months.

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