10 Factions WWE Should Form And 10 That They Never Should've Created

Factions in wrestling have been around since the beginning of the business, The Four Horseman The Fabulous Freebirds, Evolution and even The Shield and The Wyatt Family in recent years have proved that there is still a place in WWE for these kinds of groups, but despite WWE getting it so right with the factions mentioned above, they have also managed to get it so wrong on so many different occasions.

Many WWE fans will be able to name their favorite faction in WWE history off the top of their head, but for every dominant, memorable faction that fans beg for a reunion, there are many that bombed, were forced to split and are ultimately deemed as forgettable in the overall history of the business. Many current WWE stars were once in a faction but sadly, they were forced to split just so that they could be taken seriously by the WWE Universe once again.

WWE has the biggest roster that they have ever had right now and employs more wrestlers than ever before, which could be why there are so many options when it comes to creating factions in the future that could go on to dominate the Women's Division, Raw and SmackDown Live.

The following list looks at just 10 factions that WWE should create in the coming months given the talent that is currently being overlooked on the main roster as well as 10 that the company should never have created, to begin with. These are the factions that many fans have already forgotten because they only served to hold back the talent that was showcased within them and these stars have since struggled to move forward from what was deemed a creative error.

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20 Should Form: The MMA Four Horsewomen

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The Four Horsewomen of MMA could easily dominate the Women's Division on the main roster, but it appears that WWE is holding back on putting Ronda Rousey, Shayna Baszler, Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir together right now. An MMA invasion is exactly what WWE's main roster needs right now and since Duke and Shafir have now had their debut WWE matches in NXT now is the perfect time to give the women the green light.

There are enough women in the company now that could combat the efforts of these four women and WWE fans would finally be given the Four Horsewomen showdown, with Charlotte, Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks and Bayley stating that they are the Four Horsewomen of NXT.

19 Never Should've Formed: League Of Nations

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The League of Nations was a heel team that consisted of Irish Sheamus, British Wade Barrett, Bulgarian Rusev and Mexican Alberto Del Rio who looked to take the fight to the large American population of the WWE roster.

The group made their debut back in November 2015 following Sheamus' World Championship win, but were poorly received by the WWE Universe and ultimately didn't last very long.

Merely four months later, after primarily feuding with Roman Reigns throughout their union the group decided to turn on each other and went their separate ways, Rusev and Sheamus are the only members still contracted to WWE.

18 Should Form: The Cruiserweight Corporation

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The 2016 Cruiserweight Classic introduced a number of exciting names to WWE and the entire 205 Live brand was once showcased on WWE TV, but now they have been pushed to the sidelines and any fans who don't have the Network are unable to see the high flying weekly action.

A 205 Live invasion that included the likes of Cedric Alexander, Mustafa Ali, Gran Metalik and Kalisto would be a fantastic way to get more eyes on the Cruiserweight brand. It would also give a number of stars like Mike Kanellis, Zack Ryder, Apollo Crews, and Mojo Rawley a storyline moving forward.

17 Never Should've Formed: Titus Worldwide

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WWE obviously had good intentions with Titus Worldwide since it would have allowed a number of stars to be taken under Titus's wing but the issue is that Titus wasn't a big enough star to help the likes of Dana Brooke, Apollo Crews and Akira Tozawa, which is why the group has fallen apart.

Titus's slip at The Greatest Royal Rumble was one of the things that saw him turn into a laughing stock in WWE and the WWE Universe have been unable to take him seriously as a businessman. Dana Brooke recently split off from the group, and it's pretty clear the faction hasn't elevated anybody.

16 Should Form: The Flamboyant Faction

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Velveteen Dream has definitely become one of the stand out stars on the NXT roster over the past few years which is why WWE has to make his promotion to the main roster count.

Dream is a talent that could be the future of WWE and a faction could be the way to elevate him moving forward.

Tyler Breeze, Velveteen Dream, Fandango and even Goldust would be fantastic additions to what could be called The Flamboyant Faction and it would allow all three men to keep the characters that they currently have and have the backup of the rest of the group if they need it.

15 Never Should've Formed: The Cosmic Wasteland

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The Ascension really has had a bad time on the main roster, the former NXT Tag Team Champions have been lost amongst the shuffle since their promotion and for some reason, WWE thought that the best thing they could do for Konnor and Viktor was put them into a faction with Stardust which became known as The Cosmic Wasteland.

The group was only together for a few months and were only able to win one match throughout their alliance, back at Night of Champions 2015. Following their loss at Survivor Series 2015, the group went their separate ways, Stardust has since left WWE and The Ascension have returned to the shadows.

14 Should Form: New Team Angle

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Kurt Angle could be returning to WWE in the coming months as an active superstar and if he's hoping to go after some of the biggest stars in the company then he will need backup. Angle has been teasing a reunion for Team Angle on Instagram but rather than bringing in Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas, it's more likely that WWE will create a new faction for the former World Champion.

Jason Jordan is Angle's son in kayfabe and he could easily team with former teammate Chad Gable to become the new Team Angle. However, Jordan has to be cleared from injury for that to happen. Still, a new Team Angle would definitely help Kurt throughout his upcoming return to the ring.

13 Never Should've Formed: The Oddities

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Factions or stables in WWE were very different during the Attitude Era, which could be why The Oddities became a reality back in 1998. The group consisted of all of the wrestlers who were considered to be freak shows when they decided that they should team together to help one another.

Unsurprisingly, it was a short lived stable since all four members of the group were released by the company the following year.

It was an interesting concept but like many of the factions on this list, the creative team let them down but the wrestlers were the ones who paid the price.

12 Should Form: The New Nexus

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There have been rumors circulating over the past few weeks that state that WWE could be thinking of staging another NXT invasion of the main roster which will include the likes of Aleister Black, Adam Cole, Tommaso Ciampa, Ricochet, EC3, and Kassius Ohno. Much like the original Nexus, these stars could be heading to the main roster to make a statement and could easily set up some interesting storylines.

NXT has come so far since the first Nexus invasion and if handled correctly, this could be an incredible storyline for many of the stars involved, but creative have to handle this one correctly.

11 Never Should've Formed: The Spirit Squad

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The Spirit Squad was a group of five male cheerleaders that came to WWE to aid Vince McMahon throughout his feud with Shawn Michaels.

When DX later reformed they became the main jobbers for Triple H and HBK before they were later sent back to OVW.

The Spirit Squad are credited as the group that gave WWE Dolph Ziggler, but even The Showoff himself recently stated how embarrassing it was to look back at his early years in WWE. The Spirit Squad was a strange concept at the time but they did the job and are former Tag Team Champions, the issue was that there was never a long-term plan for the five stars.

10 Should Form: The Bloodline

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This is another faction that has been hinted over the past few years and would see Roman Reigns team up with his cousins The Usos. Roman already has the backing of The Shield, but when/if Dean Ambrose does finally turn heel and he steps into a feud with Seth Rollins, Reigns will no longer have the backup.

The Usos are former Tag Team Champions and have worked with Reigns a number of times which proves that the chemistry is already there and WWE will have a fallback plan for the Universal Champion in the future when The Shield's current reunion comes to a close.

9 Never Should've Formed: X-Factor

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X-Factor consisted of X-Pac, Justin Credible and Albert which could be why the group was never taken seriously. There was no chemistry between the three members and there was nothing about the group that made the WWE Universe care about them being given what they deserved in WWE.

X-Pac had the most experience as a tag team wrestler following his time with DX, but this didn't give the team a boost and following their demise, it was Albert who went on to make a career for himself as A-Train and later as Tensai whilst Justin Credible stepped into another faction known as The Alliance.

8 Should Form: UK Invasion

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WWE recently created the NXT UK brand which has allowed many stars from the United Kingdom to take the step over to WWE and showcase their skills with the world.

The issue is, there aren't many UK stars on the main roster in WWE right now which could be why this would be the perfect time for an invasion.

Much like the above hinted NXT invasion, the likes of United Kingdom Champion Pete Dunne, Tyler Bate, Trent Seven, Mark Andrews, and Zack Gibson would be able to test their mettle against the best in the company whilst also representing the UK. It would be a fantastic way to lift the ratings for NXT UK and garner interest from the British shores.

7 Never Should've Formed: The Mexicools

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The Mexicools was seen as an offensive faction concept that saw Psicosis, Super Crazy and Juventud make their way to the ring on lawnmowers. It was an odd formation that obviously wanted to point out the heritage of these three stars, but it wasn't something that allowed them any level of success.

The reason behind their formation was because they had become tired of the satirical portrayal of their people in WWE, but in a surprise twist, they all became parodies of themselves throughout their time in the group. The idea of teaming them up was interesting, but this stable did nothing for any of their careers.

6 Should Form: The Indie Group

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This is what The Shield could have become before Roman Reigns was added, but right now there are a lot of WWE stars who have been signed to the company following successful stints on the independent circuit including Keith Lee, Kassius Ohno, Matt Riddle and The Undisputed Era all these stars are currently in NXT which is where they should come together and rival all the stars who have come through the Performance Center process.

It would be a case of homegrown vs indie talent and it would add a new edge to the NXT locker room because it would bring together a number of interesting rivalries.

5 Never Should've Formed: The Corre

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After creative made the decision to split up The Nexus, Wade Barrett moved over to SmackDown where he created the spin-off group that was known as The Corre.

This group consisted of Barrett, Heath Slater, Justin Gabriel, and Ezekiel Jackson and saw all members of the group pick up championship gold, but they were seen as a lame version of The Nexus from the beginning.

The group did wrestle at WrestleMania XXVII before they separated and it's interesting to note that the only wrestler who is still employed by WWE right now is Heath Slater, who is definitely no stranger to bad factions.

4 Should Form: The Alternatives

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Aleister Black has been a standout star in WWE over the past few years because he's different, his issues in recent weeks have come because he has no friends and it could finally be time for him to make some. Black, Baron Corbin, The Ascension, and manager Corey Graves could make a fantastic team that stands out for all of their differences.

The Ascension desperately needs something to do on the Raw brand and since Baron Corbin is the acting general manager right now he could bring Black to the main roster and align him with The Ascension before he's replaced. This would be a great use of all five men and would ensure that Black isn't overlooked when he's promoted.

3 Never Should've Formed: Right To Censor

via BleacherReport.com

Right To Censor was another fantastic idea that saw the likes of Stevie Richards, Ivory, The Godfather, and Val Venis trying to push for PG programming after years of wrestling having a scandalizedd reputation. Obviously, WWE did later become PG, but it wasn't because of Right To Censor.

The group just became an annoying addition to the roster with no chemistry and no time to push forward their real message. Surprisingly, they are one of the most memorable groups of that time period, but they didn't even last a year and the wrestlers and women of WWE went straight back to non-PG personas.

2 Should Form: The Rising Suns

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WWE thinks that the only women on the roster who could rival The Four Horsewomen of MMA are The Four Horsewomen of NXT but this obviously isn't the case.

There are four women who could easily team together and show the MMA crew the error of their ways.

Asuka has already proven her worth and it would be interesting to see her team with NXT Women's Champion Kairi Sane, Mae Young Classic finalist Io Shirai and fellow Japan star Hiroyo Matsumoto. Asuka has been looking for something to get her teeth into ever since the end of her streak back at WrestleMania and this would be perfect.

1 Never Should've Formed: The Social Outcasts

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This was another group that WWE created based on the fact that they had been overlooked, the likes of Curtis Axel, Bo Dallas, Adam Rose, and Heath Slater all came together with a common goal in mind, but after Rose was released from WWE in May 2016, the group seemingly opted to separate as well less than six months after they first formed.

Axel and Bo Dallas have since gone on to become The B-Team who are former Tag Team Champions, but Heath Slater continues to be overlooked by WWE, whilst Adam Rose has continued to wrestle on the independent circuit.

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