There is a ton of speculation as to where, how and when The Undertaker is going to be involved in this year’s WrestleMania event. He’s confirmed to appear at the 25th Anniversary special for Raw and many are speculating that it’s going to lead to one more match for the WWE.

If true, who would that match be against? The Undertaker himself is a draw for the WWE. You can put him in the ring against virtually anyone and he’ll draw viewers. Would the WWE ask him to help make a new star by putting him against someone like Elias? Could they bring him in to take on another returning star like Batista or Goldberg? Perhaps he rekindles his feud with a guy like Roman Reigns.

While there are many choices, speculation seems to revolve around The Undertaker facing John Cena. This was a match that was supposed to happen before Cena was placed in a tag match with The Miz and proposed to Nikki Bella in the ring. If the WWE would like to revisit the idea, WrestleMania 34 seems like the place to do so.


With that mind, a fake poster for these two is making the rounds on the Internet and it has people buzzing.

Do you think that this is the big plan? Would you like to see this?Discussion time?FYI, the poster is not official and was created almost a year ago by Reddit user theonlycarrot

Posted by on Friday, December 29, 2017

The poster itself is extremely well done but it’s not an official WWE poster and it’s not an indication that WWE is going this route. Could it happen? Of course and many fans would like it. Will it? That is yet to be seen and the WWE Universe may have to wait until the Raw 25th Anniversary show on January 22, 2018.

For those interested, the poster was actually created by Reddit user theonlycarrot 11 months ago. But, with the talk that Cena and The Undertaker may be connected for WrestleMania this year, it has started to become a popular visual. Even if it doesn’t turn out to be a match, kudos should be given for the creativity behind the artwork.

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