15 Family Members Of WWE Wrestlers Who Look Nothing Like Them

In this day and age, the public knows everything about their favourite wrestlers. With social media, wrestlers are always sharing tidbits about their lives with their fans. However, there are wrestlers who tend to remain private, yet that hasn’t stopped fans from finding out details about their lives anyway.

One of the things fans want to know about wrestlers is what their family life is like. Of course there have been plenty of famous wrestling families such as The Foleys and The Hogans, who’ve showed the public glimpses of their lives via reality television. Yet, there are wrestlers with family members who aren’t in the business, yet have became well known thanks to their wrestling relative. John Cena’s non-wrestler siblings have become famous thanks to their brother’s star power.

When you look at the family members of these wrestlers, you see a strong resemblance. Yet, with others you wonder how they can be related since they don’t favour that much. Whether it’s a child, sibling, cousin, or parent; you’ll question how these family members don’t look like their famous wrestling relative. One example is Noelle Foley, who doesn’t look like her famous pops Mick. When fans first saw photos of Noelle, they had to do a double take because she’s doesn’t take after Mick at all. Even though they don’t look that much alike, the two are definitely related.

For this article, we've compiled a list of family members of wrestlers who look nothing like their famous relative. So let's see how far the family resemblance goes.

15 Brenda Martinez (Bayley's sister)

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Like a few of her co-workers, Bayley tends to keep her personal life private. The only things fans knew about the huggable wrestlers is that she’s a San Jose native and she’s engaged to independent wrestler Aaron Solow. Yet, fans wanted to know more and they began digging up tidbits about her life. One of the discoveries they made is that Bayley has a sister named Brenda. They managed to track down Brenda’s social media pages and before long photos of her surfaced online.

Looking at the pics, you can see a resemblance between Bayley and Brenda. Although, there personalities may differ a bit. Judging by Brenda’s photos, she seems to be a little less conservative than her famous sister. Plus, she seems to want to stay out of the spotlight, which is why she’s set her social media accounts to private.

14 Jenni And Kristen Neidhart (Natalya's sister)

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Everyone knows Natalya comes from a prestigious family. As a member of the famous Hart and Neidhart families, Natalya was destined to become a wrestler. However, her two other sisters Jenni and Kristen decided to forgo the wrestling business. Although, thanks to Natalya’s social media along with her show Total Divas, the sisters have become well known with fans.

Out of the two sisters, Jenni is the one featured mostly with Natalya on Total Divas. Viewers have come to love Jenni as she struggled to get her personal and professional life in order. As for Kristen, not much is known about her since she opts to keep her life private. Looking at photos of the sisters, it’s hard to believe they’re related because they look so different. Jenni and Natalya favour a little, but it’s Kristen who stands out the most from the sisters.

13 Noelle Foley (Mick's Daughter)

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Mick Foley is one of the most popular WWE stars. However, the legendary wrestler is about to be usurped as the most famous Foley by his daughter Noelle. When fans first caught a glimpse of Mick’s daughter, they couldn’t believe how stunning she was. The blonde beauty inherited her mother’s looks and just like her mom, Noelle has dabbled in modelling.

Noelle is active on social media and often posts pictures from her modeling shoots, which has garnered her a large fanbase. However, like any WWE kid, Noelle’s first love is wrestling. She tried out as a wrestler, but after criticism from other wrestlers, she decided to step away from the squared circle. These days Noelle attends WWE shows and joins her father at wrestling conventions, where she has her own line of fans waiting for her.

12 Roy And Zak Bevis (Paige's Brothers)

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Many fans never knew that Paige came from a wrestling member. Her mother is the famous Saraya Knight and her father is Ricky Knight. Her parents were professional wrestlers, who now run their own promotion. Paige also has two brothers Roy and Zak, who work in the wrestling business.

Looking at pictures of the family, Paige takes after her mother, while Roy and Zak look more like their father. Even though Paige is the more famous one out of the siblings, they’re very supportive of her. Roy and Zak immediately stepped up to help Paige during her turbulent relationship with Alberto Del Rio. Paige has spoken about how close she is with her family and their story is so remarkable that Dwayne Johnson is producing a movie about The Knights, which is scheduled to be released in the fall of 2018.

11 David Flair (Charlotte's Brother)

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As the daughter of Ric Flair, Charlotte had a lot of stories to tell about growing up as The Nature Boy’s offspring. But Charlotte wasn’t the only child of Ric. Charlotte had a younger brother Reid, who sadly passed away in 2013. Her two oldest siblings David and Megan, were from Ric’s first marriage. Despite being half-sibling, the Flair children are close and spend time together when Charlotte is traveling on the road.

Wrestling fans will remember that David briefly worked as a wrestler during WCW, where he was involved in a feud with his father. After WCW came to an end, so did David’s wrestling career. These days he works as an electrician in his home of North Carolina. It appears David’s happy in his new life and is supportive of his younger sister’s wrestling career.

10 Billie Sue Danielson (Daniel Bryan's Sister)

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Daniel Bryan’s popularity in WWE rose to its peak in 2013 when the crowd supported the underdog wrestler as he fought The Authority for a shot to become WWE champion. When he won the championship at Wrestlemania 30, his family including his sister Billie Sue was there to cheer him on. Like many wrestling siblings, Billie Sue remains out of the spotlight, although she was featured in a few of WWE’s documentaries on Daniel. Not much is really known about Billie, but looking at photos of her, she doesn’t seem to share her brother’s bohemian and vegan lifestyle.

Given how some fans are, who could blame Billie Sue for maintaining a private life. Better to leave the spotlight to Daniel and his wife Brie Bella, who have no problem sharing glimpses into their personal life.

9 Michelle Ouellet (Maryse's Sister)

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Blonde beauty Maryse got everyone’s attention when she was Divas champion and her popularity continued to rise when she returned after a brief hiatus to become valet for her husband The Miz. Aside from The Miz, nobody knew much about Maryse’s family. Her mother made a few appearances alongside the couple on Total Divas. But there’s another member of Maryse’s family, who gets plenty of attention thanks to the former Divas champion’s social media.

Maryse’s sister Michelle has become known to fans thanks to Maryse’s Instagram account. Maryse is constantly posting pictures of Michelle and offering heartfelt words about how much her sister means to her. Michelle does favor Maryse a little, however there’s a big difference between the sisters.

8 Bill Dumas (Lita's Brother)


Four-time champion Lita maintains a private life, yet the redhead Diva occasionally shares photos of her family, which includes her younger brother Bill. Fans of Lita, knew about her brother since the wrestler wrote about him in her 2003 autobiography.

In her book, Lita revealed that growing up she and Bill never got along. The two siblings often got into arguments, which Bill instigated. But these days, things seem to be better with the two since Lita and Bill go on family vacations with their mother, and Bill was even on hand to support Lita when she was inducted into the 2014 Hall of Fame. Based on the pictures, Bill and Lita share the same red hair color. However, it appears that Bill may be less wild than his tattooed, punk rock wrestling sister.

7 Matt Cena (John's Brother)

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John Cena comes from a big family. The WWE star is just one of five boys born to Carol and John Cena Sr. The WWE champion has stated in interviews that his family is very important to him. His family is often seen cheering him on at wrestling shows near their home in Boston, Massachusetts. Cena has also confirmed that he helps to financially support his family.

Cena’s brothers remain out of the spotlight, although younger brother Matt is becoming a star in his own right. Like his brother, Matt is a workout buff. He’s a professional bodybuilder, who’s been in numerous competitions and graced the covers of fitness magazines. While John and Matt don’t favor much around the face, the brothers has similar physiques and Matt could very well become a bigger name than his wrestling superstar brother.

6 Mika Rotunda & Bo Dallas (Bray's Siblings)

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It’s well-known by now that Bray Wyatt hails from a wrestling family. His father Mike Rotunda wrestled for WWE as IRS. Now, Bray and his brother Bo Dallas are following in their famous father’s footsteps. Both Bray and Bo have set up nice careers for themselves in WWE. Bray is a former WWE champion, while Bo won the NXT champion. While the brothers are battling it out in the squared circle, their younger sister Mika has etched out a career as a radio host and lifestyle blogger.

As evidenced by pictures, the siblings are very close. Fans have a hard time believing that the three of them are related. Mika and Bo resemble each other a lot, yet Bray is the sibling that stands out the most with his long hair and beard.

5 Lauren Good (Dean Ambrose's Sister)

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Dean Ambrose is a very private person. The only things fans know about his life is that he’s now married to Renee Young and he grew up in Cincinnati. Dean had a rough childhood, which he’s talked about in his wrestling promos. According to Dean, his parents worked long hours to provide for him and his sister Lauren.

Despite his difficult upbringing, Dean has created a good life for himself and his family. Like Ambrose, the family leads private lives, especially his sister Lauren. Fans didn’t even know about his sister until he mentioned it in an interview and a quick internet search found an old photo of the siblings. Judging by the photos, there is a bit of a resemblance between the two, although odds are Lauren isn’t as crazy as her lunatic brother.

4 Hadassah Perry (Lana's Sister)

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Ravishing beauty Lana is making an impact both in and out of WWE. The former valet is making strides in becoming a wrestler, while also becoming a mainstream success thanks to Total Divas. Although, she’s become a successful WWE star, Lana hasn’t forgotten about the importance of family. Lana is the oldest sibling in a family of four children. She is close with all her siblings, including her baby sister Hadassah.

Hadassah made brief appearances on Total Divas and served as maid of honor during Lana’s wedding to Rusev. Lana loves her sister so much that she shares photos of Hadassah on social media, which is how fans have come to know her. The sisters share similar facial features, however their hairstyles are different. Also, compared to Lana, Hadassah seems to be more shy than outrageous.

3 Brian Christopher (Jerry Lawler's Son)

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With a wrestler as a parent, odds are the child will follow in their footsteps. That’s what Brian Christopher, the son of Jerry Lawler did. Brian began his wrestling career back in the late 80s when he was just sixteen. After years of training along with help from his famous father, Brian signed on with WWE.

Going under the ring name of Grand Master Sexay, he teamed with Scotty 2 Hotty to form the tag team Too Cool. The duo became popular with their flashy attire and dance moves. However, by 2001 the duo had come to an end and so did Brian’s wrestling career. Since then Brian’s worked on the independent circuit, while his father continues to be employed as a commenter for WWE. It’s one of those cases, where the child doesn’t become as successful as their famous parent.

2 Nicolette Moinet (Summer Rae's Sister)

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Summer Rae’s wrestling career recently came to an end. While it’s a sad situation, it allowed the blonde beauty to explore a new career as a model and to spend some time with her family. Being on the road, Summer Rae never got to spend much time with her family, which includes her sister Nicolette.

Fans of the wrestling beauty never knew about her sister until they skimmed Summer’s Instagram and Twitter pages. Summer took every opportunity to post a shoutout to her sister. At first glance, the sisters don’t seem to favour since Nicolette has darker hair. Yet, looking closely you can see a little resemblance in the face. While Nicolette is just as beautiful as her sister, she doesn’t seem intent on stealing the spotlight away from Summer Rae. Nicolette prefers to lead a quiet life in North Carolina, where she devotes her time volunteering for charities.

1 Brooke Hogan (Hulk's Daughter)

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Hulk’s daughter Brooke shot to fame when she appeared alongside her father in the reality show Hogan Knows Best. While the show mostly centred on Hulk, the breakout star was his daughter Brooke. Her beauty along with her sweet personality made her a hit with fans.

According to Hulk, the reality show was used to help jumpstart Brooke’s singing career. While her music career never went anywhere, Brooke continued to maintain a career in Hollywood thanks to modelling and acting. She also joined her father in the wrestling business when she became the general manager for TNA’s women’s division. She would later become involved in a romance angle with Bully Ray. Although Hulk was the bigger star, these days Brooke appears to be the more famous Hogan. With her blonde hair and her mother’s good looks, her popularity will continue to rise causing her to be in high demand.

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