Fan Fiction Freaks: 15 Couples The WWE Universe Have Paired Together

The current generation of female wrestling fans have found a productive way to occupy their free time and share their thoughts with similar females. And that is by creating fan fiction.

Fan fiction is basically the internet version of many teenage girls diaries where they write stories about their favorite WWE stars and then decide who they should be in a relationship with.

If a fan likes a couple it is called "shipping" and then they make a cute name for the couple like AmbRollins is the name given to Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose. If someone thinks that two people are perfect together then they are called their "OTP" which means their one true pairing.

There are a number of strange couples that the WWE Universe have put together over the past few years based on their in-ring personas. Many other fans have then made these couples much more popular by sharing the stories or images created.

Here are 15 couples that the WWE Universe have put together in their own fiction world, that they would love to become a reality.

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15 Seth Rollins And Sasha Banks

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Sasha Banks and Seth Rollins have been "shipped" so much by the WWE Universe over the past few years that the duo have even begun making videos of them backstage where they actually talk about the fact that they have a name as a couple: Sesha Ballins.

Of course, Sasha is married to WWE costume designer Sarath Ton while Seth Rollins himself was recently linked with a woman named Sarah. This doesn't stop the couple from being pictured together and even tweeting each other sometimes, which only seems to fuel the fact that the WWE Universe really wants to see them as a couple. Most fan fiction websites have entire sections just dedicated to Seth and Sasha, which shows just how dedicated some fans are to pushing the two stars together.

14 Finn Balor And Becky Lynch

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Finn Balor and Becky Lynch are not even on the same roster in WWE right now. But because Finn trained Becky and she states that he played a huge role in saving her life and allowing her to put a little bit of her dark past behind her, many fans think that there could be a romantic link between them.

Of course, Becky Lynch is currently dating UFC fighter, Luke Saunders while Finn Balor has recently been linked with WWE Social Media Correspondent Cathy Kelley after a photo of the couple holding hands began to circulate on Social Media. The couple has neither denied or confirmed the rumors which lead many fans to still believe that Finn and Becky may have a small chance at being together someday. But for the time being the WWE Universe are happy to continue writing stories and fictionalizing their exploits.

13 Enzo Amore And Carmella

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Enzo Amore and Carmella always seemed to be on the same page when they were part of a trio alongside Big Cass down in NXT. So it came as a shock to many of the WWE Universe when it was revealed that Carmella was actually dating Big Cass. Meanwhile, Enzo Amore was thought to be in a relationship with Liv Morgan.

Enzo and Carmella seem to fit together quite well and it is easy to understand why the WWE Universe would "ship" a relationship between them. Especially since Carmella is like the female version of Enzo. When she was drafted to SmackDown Live and her boys were drafted to Raw, she decided to dress James Ellsworth up as her own cute version of Enzo, which once again has only fueled fans speculation that Carmella is with the wrong man.

12 Corey Graves And Renee Young

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Corey Graves and Renee Young are broadcast colleagues and rarely spend any time together on WWE TV, which leaves this pairing one of the most confusing on the list. Perhaps the WWE Universe sees just how good Renee and Corey are at their jobs and they think that they fit together based on their ability.

Renee is married to former WWE Champion Dean Ambrose while Corey  is also married to Amy Polinsky and the couple have three children together. Of course, in the world of fan fiction, it doesn't matter if couples are already married, the WWE Universe only thinks about the couples they seem to think fit together. And in this instance, they think Renee and Corey are a good match. So if Renee and Dean or Corey and Amy ever decide to go their separate ways, it seems the WWE Universe has it all figured out.

11 Braun Strowman And Nia Jax

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Nia Jax and Braun Strowman seem to be a couple that the WWE Universe has been trying to push together for a while. Braun Strowman was once revealed to have a Tinder account, so it appears that he is very much single. But Nia Jax is dating an independent wrestler, so it seems that she isn't actually available.

For some reason, the WWE Universe think that the couple would work out great together. By all accounts, Braun is good friends with many of the women backstage in WWE and is completely different to the character he portrays on-screen. Nia is completely the same and has been shown having a lot of fun backstage with her new best friend Alexa Bliss in many of her Instagram updates. Maybe if her current relationship doesn't work out, Nia knows who to call.

10 AJ Styles And Alexa Bliss

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AJ Styles and Alexa Bliss definitely sent a message to the WWE locker room when they were both members of SmackDown Live and were Women's Champion and WWE Champion at the same time. And now, the WWE Universe look at them as the ultimate power couple.

Even now AJ Styles is United States Champion and Alexa Bliss is Raw Women's Champion and the WWE Universe is trying to will them together. Sadly AJ is happily married to Wendy Jones and the couple have four children together. Alexa Bliss is dating  Buddy Murphy and the couple announced their engagement earlier this year. Still, the WWE Universe can always hope and continue to write fan fiction about them instead, it doesn't really hurt anybody.

9 Enzo Amore And Sasha Banks

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Enzo Amore and Sasha Banks are on the same roster of Monday Night Raw. WWE made the mistake of allowing the duo to work together almost a year ago, following the Brand Split and it was made obvious that Enzo's character was attracted to Sasha. Since then there has been no mention of her husband in WWE storylines.

The WWE Universe has used this as a basis to start another pairing of Sasha and Enzo and it's something that has caught on as many fans are editing pictures of the couple together. Some of the stories definitely need an open mind to get through. But they are a couple that the WWE Universe are backing, which can only be a good thing when it comes to their popularity as face Superstars.

8 Cody Rhodes And Kaitlyn

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Cody Rhodes and Kaitlyn may have both left WWE, but they are a couple that the WWE Universe would love to have been given screen time together. Of course, Cody went on to marry WWE ring announcer Eden Stiles who is now known as Brandi Rhodes, while Kaitlyn is currently going through a divorce.

It is unknown as to why the WWE Universe think that the former Intercontinental Champion and the former Divas Champion would be a great fit. But there are enough stories and images surrounding the couple to be able to convince the most stubborn fan. Perhaps one day both stars will finally make their return to WWE and the WWE Universe or the women of fanfiction.com will finally get their wish.

7 Dolph Ziggler And Summer Rae

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Dolph Ziggler and Summer Rae worked together on WWE TV for a while a few years ago while feuding with Lana and Rusev. The WWE Universe enjoyed seeing the two blonde haired stars working together.

Every since their time together on-screen, Summer and Dolph have filled many fan fiction pages with the WWE Universe once again willing the couple to be together. It is currently being reported that Dolph Ziggler is single after breaking up with Raw Superstar Dana Brooke earlier this year, but Summer Rae has picked up a new boyfriend during all of the time she has had away from WWE TV which means the WWE Universe could have to wait a little bit longer for this duo to become a reality.

6 Brock Lesnar and Nikki Bella

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The power couple feel is a huge thing for many of the WWE Universe and this could be the real reason why Nikki Bella and Brock Lesnar have found their way into fan fiction stories and also have many fans shipping them as a couple. This is slightly odd since Nikki is in a high-profile relationship with John Cena and Brock has been married to former WWE Divas Sable for more than a decade.

Nikki and Brock were both working for The Authority at the same time and they are both at the top of their game so it is easy to see why the couple would be seen as a WWE power couple of sorts. But it is still hard to see the couple ever actually working out. And given how different both of their personalities are, they would definitely clash.

5 Dean Ambrose And AJ Lee

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This is one of the couples that is completely understandable. WWE's creative team once had the idea that Ambrose would go off to an insane asylum and that was where he would meet AJ Lee and the duo would then make a perfect crazy couple.

WWE went in a different direction and decided to not have the duo work together on TV, but that hasn't stopped the WWE Universe from creating their own alternate reality for the former Divas Champion and former WWE Champion where they can live out their crazy lifestyle in a Joker/Harley Quinn-esque style. AJ and Dean seem to be one of the most popular WWE couples that the WWE Universe have thrown together and AJ is only second to what is considered to be Ambrose's OTP.

4 Seth Rollins And Nikki Bella

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Another one on the list of power couples. One that began a lot of rumors when Nikki was pictured wearing Seth Rollins merchandise a few weeks after it was revealed that she had joined The Authority.

Seth and Nikki have been pictured together a lot as well and Seth himself said in an interview that when it came to female wrestlers he thought that Nikki was the best. It is all of this that has led to fans putting the couple together in fan fictions and calling the "Neth Ballins" when they "ship" the couple. But as with Dean Ambrose above, Nikki isn't seen as Seth's one true partner. That couple is still to come on the list, but she is seen as one of the women who are perfect for the former Shield member.

3 Roman Reigns and Paige

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It is unknown why the WWE Universe think that Paige and Roman Reigns would make a fantastic couple. Especially considering Paige has been linked to Brad Maddox, Xavier Woods, and Alberto Del Rio over the past few months. Despite this, Roman Reigns was the one that the WWE Universe thought would be the best person for Paige.

There are many images and stories that have been written about the couple online on many different fan fiction websites and on Tumblr. The WWE Universe are unaware that sometimes wrestlers actually check these sites and are just as horrified as the rest of the world when they are able to read a number of these stories. Even more horrified that many of these fan fictions have actually been turned into real published books, with the names changed.

2 Finn Balor And Bayley

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Finn Balor and Bayley only have their selves to blame when it comes to the fact that the WWE Universe actually believed that they were in a relationship for a number of months. This was because of the way they acted when they were both champions on the NXT brand.

It's shocking that WWE hasn't put the couple together since they have been on Raw, but that will obviously be something that the company will decide to do in the future. Bayley is engaged to independent wrestler Aaron Solow, so the WWE Universe will have to continue to live in the fan fiction world with their relationship for the foreseeable future anyway. Finn himself is said to be in a relationship with Cathy Kelley but he was thought to have been single whilst he was part of NXT.

1 Seth Rollins And Dean Ambrose

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The number one fan fiction pairing online that has taken over every website has to be the pairing that the world has come to know as "AmbRollins." The fan fiction started when the duo were members of The Shield and close friends and it has continued over the past three years. Growing bigger and bigger and even more awkward to read.

Seth Rollins once commented about some of the fan fiction that was being written about him and much of it makes him feel a little sick too. That being said, the WWE Universe have decided that Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose are the perfect WWE couple and the company are only feeding this obsession by allowing the duo to begin teaming up again.

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