Fan Theory: Has WWE Made Huge Adjustments To Matches?

With a new era, comes a new philosophy for matches.

Recently, on episodes of Monday Night Raw and SmackDown the company has decided to switch its match format, going with more of an MMA style with the use of stiff shots and leg kicks, while also implementing submissions more than they did before.

The Cruiserweight Classic was the first major example of this and now the other shows are following the same formula. Some view this as the modern day WWE complying with the times, as fans are heavily invested in the world of MMA.

The company has used this philosophy in several matches thus far. Monday Night featured a variety of examples such as Sheamus and Cesaro who spent most of the match landing some stiff upper cuts and leg kicks. The theme continued during the night with likes of Darren Young and Titus O’Neil. Even The Dudleys and Neville threw a variety of punches and kicks, which where very aggressive and stiff. The theme carried over on SmackDown as well, with Randy Orton and Alberto Del Rio dishing out some serious shots. Orton used his upper cuts while Alberto countered with his leg kicks and arm bar submissions.

In the future, look for the WWE to add to this, with more Superstars finishing matches with submissions. Carmella was the latest to do so with her reverse head scissors. We've seen several Superstars finish a match with an MMA-like submission in the Cruiserweight Classic.

It’s an interesting new formula that seems to be working. What are your thoughts about this new era in ring style?

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