Fan Tries To Twerk On Shane McMahon During SmackDown Live

A WWE fan was caught twerking on camera during an intense moment involving Shane McMahon. If we were to use the words “twerking” and “WWE” in the same sentence your mind would probably jump right to thoughts of WWE Female Superstars (you could get lost for days checking out all of the WWE Diva/twerking compilation videos on YouTube). But alas no.

While today’s story does involve twerking and the WWE, the only WWE wrestler involved is Shane McMahon and, no, he isn’t the one doing the twerking! If you happened to catch the end of SmackDown Live this week—and given how slow and boring the show was, no one would blame you if you didn’t—you would have seen the confrontation between Kevin Owens and Shane McMahon—the final face-to-face prior to their big match at Hell In A Cell this Sunday night, Oct. 8, 2017.

Well, if you missed it, you missed seeing Owens putting Shane-O Mac through a merchandise table. After doing so, Owens headed back to the ring to cut a promo, but McMahon wasn’t completely disposed of.


McMahon got up from the busted table and made his way back to the ring through the crowd (thankfully, there were enough people in attendance to give him a crowd to walk through). And while most people were cheering and yelling at him and maybe even trying to get a high-five, one woman was, well, just watch:

That's right, with her keys hooked to her pants, a beer in one hand and, of course, a cell phone filming in the other, this woman decided to boost McMahon’s spirits with some good old-fashioned twerking.

The twerker sure looks to be having a good time, but it doesn’t appear that McMahon even saw the twerk. If he did, it would have been great to see if he would have been able to stay in his “hurt-and-struggling-back-to-the-ring” character.

Actually, looking at the video, it doesn’t look like anyone around her notices her sweet moves either. Which begs the question —if a woman twerks at a SmackDown Live show but no one sees it, do the keys attached to her pants make a sound? Or something like that.


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