Fans At Madison Square Garden Start "AEW" Chants After SmackDown [Video]

To say that this week's episode of SmackDown Live didn't go as planned for WWE would be a massive understatement.

The company brought back The Undertaker for this week's episode at Madison Square Garden in New York. But his announced return wasn't enough to enhance ticket sales, which is a surprise considering the venue took place in the world's most famous arena.

Well, things got even worse at the end of the night. Shane McMahon "fired" Kevin Owens after the former lost to Chad Gable, in which Owens served as the special guest referee.

Once SmackDown Live went off the air, fans at MSG began chanting "AEW," which only left eggs on the faces of WWE personnel. One fan in attendance recorded it and posted it on YouTube. You can watch it below.

Perhaps it was their way of expressing disappointment with the show, and if that's the case, then WWE will want to move past this week rather quickly. Things didn't exactly go according to plan on Monday Night Raw, either.

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Hall of Famer 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin was brought back for this week's episode of Raw, as WWE hoped he could help with ticket sales. Well, the ratings for Raw were quite low this week, although it should be noted that they had competition from the two Monday Night Football games.

WWE's war with AEW won't fully begin until Oct. 2, when the rival promotion begins its weekly television program on Wednesday Nights. AEW will be competing directly with NXT on the USA Network.

Why Were Fans Chanting AEW?

Fans were probably disgruntled with how this week's episode of SmackDown Live played out. There weren't many quality matches, and the fans at MSG didn't seem to enjoy the ending one bit. But all in all, WWE has to find ways to rebuild their product for the fans, because it's been a giant flop far too often here in 2019.

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