Fans Chanted AEW In Response To Hell In A Cell's Controversial Finish

Fans wondered how exactly Seth Rollins versus Bray Wyatt would pan out at Hell In A Cell, and most aren't happy with what WWE decided to do.

One of the best things about WWE in 2019 has been anything involving Bray Wyatt and his new alter ego, The Fiend. It's probably fair to say that in the time The Fiend has existed, WWE has done very little wrong when it comes to the booking of Wyatt's new gimmick. If you like Wyatt and The Fiend, chances are you've liked everything WWE has done with it so far.

That was until last night at Hell In A Cell. By creating this supernatural being and having him hardly ever wrestle, WWE must have known it was booking itself into a corner. Have Seth Rollins beat The Fiend and it destroys the aura. Have The Fiend become Universal Champion and, well, where do you go from there?

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WWE had to find a way out of the match without either of the above happening. They managed to do that, but the fans in-house let them know that they didn't like the way they went about it. After discovering there was probably nothing he could do to keep Wyatt down for a three-count, Rollins piled furniture on top of his opponent's head and then hit that pile of rubble with a sledgehammer.

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With that, the referee called off the match, raised the cell, and rushed medical personnel to the ring. It was at that point the crowd turned. Understandably so, as HIAC matches are supposed to be no disqualification and not come to an end until we have a winner. Wyatt springing back to his feet and attacking Rollins only seemed to rile the crowd up even more, and not in a good way.

Fans chanted any manner of things at Wyatt and Rollins as the closing moments played out after the match. Bullsh*t, refund, and AEW, among other things. Now that the controversial finish to the match and the PPV is in the books, there's nothing fans or WWE can do to change it. What's important is WWE's next move with The Fiend. It needs to be one that ensures the gimmick and its subsequent angles remain strong.

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