Fans React To Woken Matt Hardy

Monday night saw the debut of Matt Hardy as "Woken" Matt Hardy. In full character from the "Broken" gimmick he made famous in TNA and Impact Wrestling, Hardy interrupted Bray Wyatt's video promo to not just introduce fans to his woken personality, but he got a tremendous response speaking in tongues and acting bizarre, perhaps more bizarre than Bray Wyatt himself.

It wasn't just the fans in attendance that were delighted to see the return of the enigmatic persona. Across social media and especially Twitter, fans were ecstatic.

Hardy's Twitter feed was flooded with responses to his segment with Wyatt and a poll conducted by the WWE asking if it would be worse to be "deleted" by Hardy or "burned" by Wyatt has shown results 88 percent in Hardy's favor.

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Fans left responses like, "I literally watched Raw for 5 minutes just to see this", and "what they saw was delightful!".

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The overwhelming response to Hardy "waking" has been nearly all positive. It's been something the WWE Universe has been waiting for since the Hardy's first arrived in WWE and showed up as Team Extreme. The battle that was Hardy vs Anthem Sports and the trademark rights to the character and names is the only thing that was slowing Hardy turning before now. With Anthem commenting that they'd like all Impact stars to have used of their previous gimmicks, it looks like the WWE is no longer infringing on any copyrights.


As Matt becomes more woken, you can expect reactions to range from a pure love of the fact this is finally happening to disappointment that the WWE may be too involved. There will be more and more comments like "Finally" and chants of "Delete, Delete" all across Twitter in the days and weeks to come.


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